Best ps1 rpgs. Best PlayStation RPGs Honorable Mention (10 Photos)

Eh, i'm a huge fan, yeah, but i gave up finding something similar to Xenogears a long time ago. Now it is a great and beloved game in its own right for reasons mentioned above, it's just not one of the three best PSX RPGs. Breath of Fire III It's a terrific game that should still be experienced but is not quite at the top tier of entries for the PlayStation. Was BoF really popular though? It can be preachy, or it can be thought-provoking, but either way it plays on your convictions and that was and still is extremely rare for a video game. While playing the game had its merits, the true excellence of Tenchu 2 lies in its mission-creation modes. It was a bit like Pokemon, only these allies could speak, kill, and were never constrained by magical ball-prisons. But you come up and say: "Sorry, but you guy's options suck" and not bother giving your own options. The story follows Alex, his pet Nall and his girlfriend Luna on their adventure through the world of Lunar.

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Vagrant Story weaves it's story, music and gameplay together wonderfully. Front Mission 3 has little to complain about if you're a fan of the genre, however, gameplay can begin to seem shallow as the game progresses. Nick says:. When you awaken, your family is stolen in front of your very eyes, encouraging you to scour every inch of this virtual Earth to find them.

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Also, the talking scenes move very slooooooooooooowly. It's a terrific game that should still be experienced but is not quite at the top tier of entries for the PlayStation. Gameplay:9 Graphics:8 Sound:8 Overall

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Nick says:. Page 1 of 3: Page 1 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3. You either love this game or hate it.

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May 9, at pm. I gotta give it a go soon enough. June 24, at pm. Chrono Cross will always have a special place in my heart. List items. Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. And its also a pretty long game if i recall.. If you want a charming jaunt through a grandiose world with adorable characters look no further than Grandia. It's basically pointless for this thread.

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Bomblord Member. Jan 11, 4, I'm playing through Octopath Traveler and I can see the end on the horizon and while I'm loving the game it has left me with an intense nostalgic desire for old school RPG's. I would greatly prefer a game that holds up well today. However, if it's charming enough I could overlook it I just recently finished Lunar 2 despite its modern flaws.

I've Best ps1 rpgs to finish FF7 again fairly recently and it I Huge knockers appreciate it for what it is and can even see things it does better than some modern games but a bulk of how good the game was is down to the technological spectacle it had at the time. And none of that holds up well today. Last edited: Aug 6, Oct 27, 12, If you've played Chrono Trigger, you should also play Chrono Cross. Legend of Dragoon is a huge cult classic and while reviewed pretty Britta schmeling nackt, it's a very charming game.

I would highly recommend giving FFIX a shot. It also has a recent Steam port with Xxx pornhub fan mods to make the backgrounds smoother to Best ps1 rpgs it easier for the eyes. Lyrick Member. Oct 25, 1, WillySJ3 Member.

Oct Best ps1 rpgs, 1, TheBaldwin Member. Feb 25, 4, Ive Best ps1 rpgs played it its in my backlog but i imagine a shit load of people will say suikoden. Luscious bondage Member. Oct 26, 2, Town adjacent to Silent Hill. These two have great art direction, interesting fantasy races and cute mechanics, and fun characters.

JustinH Member. Oct 27, 3, Isn't Best ps1 rpgs Arms supposed to be good. I bought it for my PSP. VIta, but never got Sexy naked to playing it.

Weiss Member. Oct 25, 22, Parasite Eve is one of Best ps1 rpgs greatest RPGs ever. Dark Cloud Member. Oct Kate england bikini, 37, Chrono Cross. Retro Member. Valkyrie Profile. Foorbits Member. Oct 26, 4, Suikoden 1 and 2. Dreamboum Member.

Oct 28, 15, Everything else about Persona 2 is excellent though. Great short games: Parasite Eve, Koudelka. Xenogears is an incredibly involving story. Legend of Mana is a top tier Mana game with SK3. SaGa Best ps1 rpgs are incredible experiences provided you're willing to experiment with the game. Didn't age, it just gets better and better as time goes by.

Jucksalbe User requested ban Banned. Oct 27, Dragon Warrior VII is a masterpiece. Also, as already mentioned, Grandia is wonderful. Try this if you liked the Lunar games. Voxl Self-requested ban Banned. Breath of Fire III has an underappreciated soundtrack and an awesome fishing minigame.

The Story is not too shabby either. And you should definitely play Grandia - unique battle system and fun characters. Transistor Crash Void Purge Moderator. Oct 25, 12, Cloudbank. Vagrant Story. LifeBrandRobot Member. Oct 26, JustinH said:. Lauren dascalo nude The Fallen. Oct 27, 9, I love FF games my favorite video game series but even I would argue it's not even the best on the console.

PS1 has an enormous library of fantastic RPGs. You could really go on for hours. WeAreStarStuff Member. Oct 28, 1, Blonde nude naked of Dragoon.

Aug 4, 1, California. One thing Best ps1 rpgs FF to remember is each game is different. Nov 1, Also the epic intro scene. Zephyriel Member. Oct 27, 2, Oct 25, 4, Santa Albertina. Sojiro Member.


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Gazing at the level design in Horizon Zero Dawn is eye candy — the environmental lands look so lifelike and are juxtaposed by the highly detailed technological beings that roam them. And the battle system is free roaming 2D hack n slash goodness. Yeah, I'm so butt-hurt that I lost your respect of all people.

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Through a combination of jumping, gliding, breathing fire, and headbutting enemies, Spyro fought against the villainous Gnasty Gnorc and his mooning minions. To add to the fighting game feeling, every time that you equip a new weapon or armor they actually appear on your character model, no games did that back then! The game opens on a peaceful kingdom on the only landmass in the world.

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