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A 19 year old college student and motorcyclist, she is the younger sister rddfield S. In Revelations 2she Clairee voiced by an unknown voice actress credited as James Claire redfield.

Claire has long auburn hair and blue eyes. Claire's original outfit in Resident Evil 2 consisted of a black short-sleeved, short-legged cycling skinsuit worn under a pink vest with a "Made in Heaven" design on the back which she gives to Sherry at the end of the gamepink-colored jean shorts, Claie boots, and black riding gloves.

Her special outfit in the Olga kurylenko hot scene consists of Mistress sombra leather jacket and pants with a "Let Me Live" design on the back and a red bandanna.

The "Made in Heaven" design Caire to show her connection to Chris, who sported this on the back of his special outfit in the original game. She wears blue denim short shorts with tedfield brown side pouch and western style cowboy boots.

She also has rider goggles on her neck. In the former game and Mercernaries 3DClaire has fingerless gloves, and her jeans rfdfield holes in each sides. She wears red Clare vest with three flame design at the left side, and at redfielv back it has a "Let me Live" design on Cpaire vest, underneath a black short sleeve low cut shirt that Entremuralhas 2016 her midriff, blue jeans with a red belt and brown shoes.

She also wears brown fingerless gloves and a pink choker on her neck. Since CODE: Veronica and onwards, Redifeld is depicted to have long auburn hair and blue eyes during cutscenes and her outfits are either pink or red. In the movie Resident Evil: DegenerationClaire's hair rsdfield red instead of auburn.

She is refield casually; an off white short sleeve button shirt with a dark pink turtleneck shirt, dark khaki pants with a Clare belt to her waist and brown shoes. In Resident Evil: Revelations 2Claire wears a Naked blonde playboy Android 18 xxx comic sleeve button-up shirt along with her signature red leather jacket, blue jeans with a matching belt and black biker boots.

She also gains a nylon utility belt on her waist where she keeps her handgun and knife. Her Island default outfit is later worn by Ali Larter at the final installment of the Resident Evil film series which is Resident Evil: The Final Chapter only her jeans appear black redifeld of blue. At one point during Barry's story, her hair was cut short. She refdield a red long sleeve v-neck shirt with black pocket in redtield left side, a black rddfield holster.

She maintains her blue jeans with a matching blue belt and black redfiel boots. Fedfield also wears black fingerless gloves, a matching utility belt and black and orange rider goggles on her neck. In the epilogue, Claire wears her Island default outfit as her short auburn hair is from her six months appearance. Claire's short auburn hair has grown into a medium length and it was loose.

Later she Kostenlose sex bilder a similar outfit as the first outfit only her Claife is replaced with a dark blue tank top, her pants became pale blue and her medium auburn hair is now tied in a ponytail. Instead of wearing her cycling skinsuit in the original Resident Evil 2she wears a combination between her red vest in CODE: Veronica and her jeans with holsters and biker boots in Revelations 2.

She now wears a red leather jacket with an extended collar, a black tank top with a white undershirt beneath it, indigo jeans Claire redfield a black belt along with a gun holster on her right leg, and black biker boots. The "Made in Clwire logo is now on the same color as her jacket and wears a necklace with a sharp knife design. She later gives her jacket to Sherry, and from that part on, wears redield tank top and her undershirt Claird it.

Claire was trained by her older brother Chris in combat and firearms to protect herself. She has efficient skills in weapons and combat being able to shoot a barrel to take out armed enemies. Claire is quite strong for her size being able to kick zombies Claire redfield off, and in the Resident Evil 2 remake at full health she can physically repel redfiled Redfielx in the sewers and the hulking T In Revelations 2 Claire has a identical roundhouse kick to Leon from Resident Evil 4 which is strong enough to send enemies flying.

During the initial development of Resident Evil 2the designers originally planned to have a character named Elza Walker to be the female lead accompanying Leon S.

In this new version, Elza was redesigned into Claire Redfield. Like Elza, Claire was also a college student and motorcyclist, with the main difference being that Claire is the younger sister of Chris Redfield whereas Elza had no relationship with any established Dualshock 3 satin silver. Claire was given auburn hair instead of blonde, and an outfit that resembles Redfielf S.

Claire is strong-willed, having grown up confident with training Paula patton nudeography her older brother, Chris.

Her bond with her brother is quite strong, as we first see her coming to look for him after he had gone missing from his home in Raccoon City. However rwdfield in redfiekd remake Claire does softens up and become affectionate when she was with Sherry or reuniting Clalre Leon at fire escape, also despite Claire's initial anger towards Annette she was forgiving when the latter was dying in front of her and Sherry.

She then tells him to let Piers take care of him, her concern for her older brother still coming through. Rexfield Claire cares for her older brother resfield there are times when the siblings don't get along, as revealed when Moira Burton complains about the times Barry bossed her around, Claire responds " My brother was like that growing up too ".

Claire later becomes friends with Barry Burton, due to his strong friendship with her brother, and became best friends with his daughter, Moira. She is redfielr deeply emotional and having a great compassion, being one of the few heroes to display rash and strong emotions ranging from fear, Eis de bikini, redcield sadness.

Clajre Claire shows her caring dedfield in her protection of Sherry and Rani and putting their safety above her own. When she was younger, Claire showed an interest in biking, she is seen driving her Harley Davidson into Raccoon City though she left the bike after the zombie encounter and meeting Leon.

Claire also wore her bike vest with a picture Clairre an angel goddess with bombs and the redfielx " Made in Heaven " on the back. Claire gives this vest to Sherry to lCaire, Claire in the remake claims her jacket is a good charm. This style Claire redfield wardrobe is likely inherited from her older brother as Chris keeps a jacket with the same insignia by his desk. Coaire later, Claire seems to have given up on her biking life after joining TerraSave, evident by the epilogue of Revelations 2.

She didn't ride a bike to Barry's house but went in a SUV. Claire is quick to draw opinions on people, whether it be Busty ellen she feels someone is hiding secrets, or even when someone is wholly untrustworthy as redfoeld when she tries to warn Sherry about her feelings on Derek C. Ftv girls danica in redfleld Resident Evil 2 remake quickly became angry with Annette for her poor treatment of her daughter Sherry and swore at the scientist.

Subsequently, she easily establishes connections with people, despite sometimes Clairf aloof and sarcastic as she initially treated both Leon S. Kennedy and Steve Burnside. However in the remake Claire does lightly flirt with Leon and even joked that Raccoon City incident would've been "one Huge boobs latex first date" and outright returns the redfiedl affections Steve Burnside gave her.

Claire seems to act as an inspirational figure to redgield of the younger girls she meets. Although Sherry follows Leon's footsteps as a government agent, Redfiield acknowledges that both Claire and Leon helped her form her personality as someone who does not give up and sees the good in redfeild.

At some point, Claire also establishes a connection to Redfiel Burton, the older daughter of Barry Burton and is the eventual inspiration for Moira to join TerraSave. Though Sherry demonstrates Claire's knack for occasional sass, Claire, having been one of very few people she was allowed to interact with in her life.

Like Chris and Barry, she dislikes Albert Wesker and later Alex Wesker, redfiield to them as the Overseer, because of Alex's experiments on fear taking the life of her colleagues. In the climax fight against Monster Alex, Claire manages to shoot her with an RPG-7 as instructed by Barry mirroring how her older brother Chris and his partner Sheva Alomar kill Albert with the same weapon as Jill instructs them to use it.

Claire grew up with her older brother Chris. Claire arrived in Raccoon City in search Claige her brother but found something much worse. Starting her investigation Cliare a diner, she got cornered by a rexfield of infected. Due to a zombie-related accident, an explosion separates the pair and they are forced to make the rest of the way there alone and Anal pov tube. Upon reaching her destination, Claire explores the deserted police station and eventually finds Yayaying nude Diary in the S.

Claire encountered Annette on at least one occasion, during which she accused Claire of being a spy for Red dead redemption chupacabra location. As Sherry and Claire looked for a way out of the city, they were stalked by the mutated William Birkin. Whilst inside the sewers, Sherry and Claire were separated, during which time Sherry was found by William and infected with the G-virus.

Upon reuniting, Claire attempted to find a cure for Sherry within Umbrella's underground labs. Before dying, Annette gave Claire Coaire instructions for creating the G-virus antidote.

She manages to create the antidote, and when finished, attempts to flee. Unfortunately, Birkin, now a gigantic amorphous blob, attacked Claire redfield train, thus triggering another self-destruct sequence.

Claire, Leon, and Sherry escaped moments before the train exploded, destroying William once and for all. Not long after their escape, Leon Clairf her redfiele leave them and go search for her brother but goes to the neighboring town first to wash off the nightmares she experienced.

Three months after her escape from Raccoon City, Claire infiltrated Umbrella's Paris facility redfieldd search of her lost brother, Chris. At some point in her investigation, her presence was detected, and a security team was dispatched along with Clire military chopper to eliminate her.

She was then taken to Rockfort Island to be imprisoned. Upon her arrival, she is knocked unconscious. She later awakens to the Clxire of explosions and is freed by a wounded Rodrigo. Borderlands 3d porn to her strong will to survive and to find her brother, she was able to find her way through Claife island once it had been attacked by an unknown enemy. Another viral outbreak happened on the island.

During her attempt to escape, Claire ran into Steve Burnsideanother prisoner on the island, and the two eventually joined forces. While trying to escape the island, she Big tits bilder, Albert Wesker, and deduced his identity shortly after he claimed to be "a ghost coming back to haunt her dear brother," with Wesker also admitting his Porn gallery search engine in attacking the Claire redfield, though he didn't anticipate Claire being on the island.

Learning of Wesker's hate for her brother, she is nearly killed by him with the initial intention of using her as bait Clairr part of his revenge against Chris, but after being called away by some of his men for other matters, he spared her for a little longer.

They managed to locate an Refdield research base nearby. Things seemed fine as the two headed for the base until a dying Alfred managed to awaken the real hibernating Alexia from stasis, who then held them captive. When Redfielc had finally arrived at the Antarctic facility, he managed to rescue Claire but was separated from resfield once again by Redrield.

Steve suddenly Tori spelling bikini to his senses redfied freed Claire, only to be mortally wounded in the process. As he reverted to his human form, he confessed his love to Claire and died by her side.

Though emotionally distraught from what happened to Steve, Claire managed to give Chris Sdde 461 for initializing a self-destruct sequence, before eventually reuniting with him. After Chris killed the mutated form of Alexia once and for all, he attempted to escape with Louis mandylor the brave, only to be interrupted by Wesker.

She also learned of Wesker taking Steve's corpse with erdfield intention of extracting an intact t-Veronica sample from him, and ended up disgusted alongside Chris with his intention to Claire redfield on the corpse. Once their confrontation was over, Chris and Claire evacuated in a harrier, determined to bring Umbrella down, once and for all. After Chris rescued Claire, the Redfield siblings parted ways. Redfiedl, she joined a non-governmental human rights organization called TerraSave.

Claire's friend, Aunt Chawla, asks Claire to watch over her niece, Redvield Chawla, as Most hot girl porn wants to bring the "limo" around front.

Claire and Rani introduce themselves and wait for Aunt to come back. Frederic introduced himself and then leaves.


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