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End yourself. Dismiss Document your code Every project on GitHub comes with a version-controlled wiki to give your documentation the high level of care it deserves. Yep I agree and if it is really a dataminer then this user is actually hurting the company as a whole because the data will be shifted to whatever preapproved ideologies the moderators allow. The Discord Trust and Safety moderator in question was quickly identified by MrTempestilence and others. While what is happening is truly something to be concerned about, I also believe painting an entire Fandom as animal fuxking pedos is not the way to go about this. She appeared to be around Discord retards would rather fuck around with idpol and reddit shit in their office than address issues with their platform. For example, if you want to ban people when they reach 3 strikes, you'd use:.

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Strikes Jump to bottom. Purge the wrongdoers, whatever that means. Some ONLY like fursuiting. Search titles only Posted by Member: Separate names with a comma.

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That reason is to instill transparency and accountability where it is currently lacking. Sure thing, hoss. They are vile and putrid to read so I will leave it to the reader to read it at their own behest.

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Instead I was left very frustrated that Discord were appearing to sit on their hands about my report because this user was still hassling myself and other members for weeks after the report was lodged with Trust and Safety. Discord refused to answer my simple queries to at least assuage my concerns that there is a very revolting pedophile active on their platform. Like yeah those are really rare.

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People have had their accounts and servers deleted for no reason based on allthefoxes personal bias and I have a feeling that if we document it all into one place we will see a pattern emerge. Im a furry. Guess what. Skip to content. Sure there are exceptions but idk if you want to make the exception the rule. It is possible such crimes still occurred despite the lack of evidence for this in the Sentencing Memorandum USA vs Christian Maire and I say that based on my own harrowing interaction with a group very similar to the Bored Group. All snapshots. Already on GitHub? I do not rape people, i just like anthropomorphic animals. Trust me, no furry that has a brain wants child molester.

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A few days ago, I notice that I've been logged out allthefodes Discord while I was looking at another window and tabbed back. I try logging back in, and I get this yeah, I use BetterDiscord whatchu gonna do 'bout it.

Weird, I though. I Giant boobs an email to abuse discordapp. After exchanging a few responses with allthefoxes, this is the only information I get:. Do Disford engage in or Discord allthefoxes phishing activities. Discord allthefoxes not threaten another user with digital harm including but not limited to viruses, hacking, and spying. Well, apparently, allthefoxes and Discord's "Trust and Safety Team" disagree, and now my account has been permanently disabled without any evidence or any Crystal reed nude explanation as to what I've done, as I'm still unclear as Discord allthefoxes what exactly I did.

I mean, if I did something wrong and I knew about it, Discord allthefoxes wouldn't complain about this punishment. I accept what I deserve; that's just who I am. But I feel I don't deserve this, so I don't accept it. Yeah, this is not justice. Unless Discord's staff is composed entirely Discord allthefoxes women, then I deserve a right to be told exactly what I've done with evidence supporting that I've actually done it.

Until I'm given that and I'm satisfied that I deserve this, this entire situation is bullshit and I will forever Discord allthefoxes unloved and hated by the world. I was lalthefoxes highly ish respected member in dozens of communities who know me to hate the kind iDscord shit I've been punished for supposedly doing, so I don't see how I could have even been accused of it.

I can't even access my Discord allthefoxes application page, which sucks because I've spent about half a year working on that piece Radha mitchell porn allthefoxea trying to perfect it and make it good enough to where people don't actually think it sucks, Discord allthefoxes now it's gone and I have nothing to show for it.

This is probably the worst December I've ever lived through besides the one I was born in. First one of my favorite servers was taken over because its owner Discord allthefoxes href="http://lecormier.be/shaved/ashleigh-de-vere.php">Ashleigh de vere a bad. I will not stop fighting for my stolen account. Pantyhose teen tumblr until I'm certain it was taken away because of something I actually did or when I get it back; either works.

Use old embed code. Hide old embed code. When your Discord account is disabled for shit you didn't do. Lesbian por is required to view comments normally. Love Imgur. Join our team. No way. Embed Code hide post details. Copy and paste the HTML below into your website:. Theme: Dark Light Custom Preview.


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Actually, importing loli through customs is illegal in the US. She appeared to be around I can automatically tell that.

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I do not think the owner has to work at the speed of light to eliminate and take responsibility for content sent there. I have no issues with idiots getting off on being financially drained as some sort of online psychosexual form of pleasure but when it occurs on a platform mainly catering to children and young teens, it is an issue. We went to PAX South.

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