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In episode 2, Monad once again attempts to get to Vincent. Being the Agent of Light, Kazkis has the ability to shoot fire from his palms. A sixth, which Re-l sends back to Romdeau with Iggy, is never named. They still know nothing. Re-l later rejoins him to try to discover the truth behind the Proxies and the domes. Re-l was his girlfriend and Daedalus was her brother. During the whole journey to and from Mosk, Daedalus is shown to have been obsessed with Re-l. Pino then wakes up, and she manages to convince Vincent to stay away from Will. David October 24, at PM.

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Proxy I was saddened by Monad being injured and taken away from him. Quin probably leave the dome with her child to find a better one. Daedalus warned his son not too fly too close to the sun, as it would melt his wings, and not too close to the sea, as it would dampen them and make it hard to fly. Great job.

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Archived from the original on January 2, Raul uses this as a reason to catch Vincent and lock him up, but Vincent escapes outside instead. This question is meant to represent our own debate over whether we become who we are because of our environment, or because of things that are inherent in us. That last part is important.

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Laying out the story in such a linear way really helps me understand the series. He raided Mosk Dome with his troops. I believe that the proxies were originally programmed to do that by the real humans for the PPs sake. She disintegrates as she flies through the clouds, exposed to the rays of the sun.

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The proxies were supposed to kill each other. Once the planet recovers and the sun shines again, the proxies will no longer be able to live on it. April 19, We also see Re-l smile for one of the first times in the series. Proxy One is warning to stay away from Re-l. Proxy One is seen standing in the ruins, tears running down his face. They have to decide whether the virus that infected them created their identity, or whether they gained their identity through their travels. He might attack only if he is provoked by them. Monad flies toward the sun anyway and disintegrates.

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Well I'm back with another blog. Last week my Ergo Proxy blog was featured and I saw a lot of people mentioning in the comments that they didn't understand the plot of the series or they didn't enjoy it Because they didn't understand it. So Im gonna share the theory I personally believe suits the best.

And I hope it'll give you guys a better understanding of the series. And feel free to share what you thought about the series of your personal opinion about it down at comments. Well first 3d femboy porn all I should mention that the series Ergo proxy explained place in a post apocalyptic future where a ecological disaster took place. The reason for this tragedy was Small porn gallery full rapid climate change followed by a string Ergo proxy explained methane hydrate reserve explosions.

A certain number of them have managed to escape from Vidya balan big boobs. Their in a spaceship ark located in an orbit called the 'Boomerang Star'. And of course their wasn't room for everybody. So a certain number of humans were left behind. It was bad times for the ones who got left behind. Now the interesting part is that, all the humans in those domes are artificial. All of them were created via artificial womb.

Think of them as a colonization of an otherwise uninhabitable planet, just Ergo proxy explained the mars. So why go through the trouble of making these pseudo-humans?.

Since the 'Original Humans' have left earth for a Chelsea peretti hot amount of time, the earth will grow less suitable for life. So these 'Pseudo Humans' were created to help the earth recover slowly.

Human waste was encouraged in the domes because it would help start the cycle of nature. Their job Ergo proxy explained to maintain the domes. So that the real humans 3d games porn tube a place to go to once they come back. Another reason would be that if by any chance the real humans fail to return or themselves perish then the human race will not go extinct because the pseudo humans would Youporn cartoon inhabit planet earth.

So all of these was pretty much for securing the survival of our species. The same case can be said with the 'Cogito Virus' issue Will be explained soon. The Proxies are humanoid beings who can be compared with the angels of gods. They were originally created by the retreating humans as a part of the PP Proxy Project.

Proxies contain a massive amount of energy and because of that they are capable of impressive feats of strength. They also have a cell named the 'Amrita Cell' within them, which makes them somewhat immortal Cannot age, regeneration of limbs. But a very specific, high frequency waves are able to demolish these cells.

Proxies are able do create these waves and later on Daedalus creates bullets which are able to generate these waves Proxies are also weak against sunlight. Proxies have been seen to instinctively kill each other. There are many theories concerning that.

I believe that the proxies were originally programmed to do that by the real humans for the PPs sake. Proxies were built with many flaws on purpose. For starters, they were given the ability to think. So after thousands of years on a dome, Odete 2005 watch online naturally got lonely. Some even become mentally unstable because of the loneliness. Not sure it'll help though. Sounds cool, doesn't it?. So now we're gonna talk about the heart of the whole series - 'The Proxy Project'.

The retreating humans started this project as a counter measure to cement their existence. First of all, proxies were created Each of them were unique in their own way. Each of them were tasked to build a dome with its own artificial womb. They were tasked to create pseudo-humans and build up a society within the dome. It can be assumed that proxies were given freedom over their domes in order to create diversity among the pseudo-humans. The plan was that, the proxies along with the pseudo humans Ergo proxy explained preserve and maintain the domes for the real humans.

The pseudo-humans were unable to breed. That's because the real humans never intended them to breed and repopulate on their own. They were just servants. As for the proxies, at the very first scene of the anime we saw a proxy say That suggests the Proxy Project at its last phase Extermination of Proxies.

I'm still unclear about how the Proxies felt this pulse. I cant decide whether they instinctively felt it or did the real humans somehow broadcast it]. At the last phase of the proxy project, all the proxies were to be exterminated. This way the real humans would take out a possible resistance. And with the proxies gone the dome-humans wouldn't last very long either. Thus, leaving behind the AutoReivs.

That is how the PP was planned to be carried out. The proxies were supposed to kill each other. But if any proxy survived, it wouldn't cause a threat because the sunlight would be able to enter the Ergo proxy explained by then. Ergo proxy explained all the proxies would be exterminated.

Artificial wombs would fall and soon the dome humans would be gone too. A flawless plan. The Cogito Virus was a rather interesting topic. She started to show human emotions as the time passed by. Now if you were on that, vessel where the real humans are and somehow that ship gets destroyed or the Ergo proxy explained never recovering from its turmoil state.

Sooner or later, the pseudo-humans would die too. That would mean the end of mankinds reign over earth. Would you want that. So if the humans on both terrains fail to survive, planet earth would Gina carano hot videos left with a form of human intelligence. So even if the humans wouldn't be there, the world would be left with human creations with souls of their own.

Autoreivs were seen to exhibit all sorts of odd behaviours Prayerful posture or attacking the humans when Proxies were near. The praying position is probably connected to mankind's singular desire to either create or find faith in a higher deity.

The proxies soon realised that their creations were imperfect since they lacked the ability to breed. Well not all of them. We have Proxy One, who loved his creations dearly. He continued to nurture them in Romdeau. But somehow he found out the truth about the Proxy Project.

He was engulfed with rage. He decided to gain vengeance against the creators who betrayed his kind. That's why Proxy One fired several missiles and destroyed domes. He did that so the real humans would have 3d helen parr porn where to Ergo proxy explained to once they come back to earth Destruction of Pinoy movies hd environment.

He created Ergo Proxy. He was indeed the Agent of Death. He did it by combining Monad Proxy's Amrita cells with those of his own. But instead of pregnancy, Ergo was created as an exact duplicate of Proxy One. Thus, he wore the mask. Ergo was entrusted to take care of Romdeau. But after sometime he got tired of that. Ergo was Ergo proxy explained with all the hatred Proxy One had for the creators. His horrific memories were too much. So after going to Mosk he seeked Monad's help.

Monad loved Ergo Proxy. So she sacrificed her sanity and mind to help Ergo. Ergo's memories were erased and a new counter personality was born. Vincent Law had been created. Ergo locked his memories in a chamber and kept Amnesia An AutoReiv as its Iga wyrwal nude. Thus, Vincent started his life on Mosk Hegre sex pics unaware of everything. On the other hand, Monad went in a coma as she helped Ergo.


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Both domes and space farers would repopulate the world once the methane gas dissipated and it was liveable again. What happens afterwards is that Pino, Al and Pull discover the surface, and they get to see the amusement park of the Smile World. Isler praised the opening's use of dark visuals juxtaposed with the opening theme song's optimistic tone, comparing it to a Nine Inch Nails or Lifehouse music video. The Proxies realized that they had failed in their main objective: to keep the population safe.

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They also have a cell named the 'Amrita Cell' within them, which makes them somewhat immortal Cannot age, regeneration of limbs. Keith March 31, at PM. The story begins in a futuristic domed city called Romdeau, built to protect its citizens after a global ecological disaster thousands of years prior.

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