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Jump down from the roof. Look for a long very thin alley on your map it is on your left next to the Dojo. Be aware that the crop duster plane is difficult to identify because it looks like a rock formation. These Hidden Packages can only be obtained at the Altruist camp after Trevor delivers four victims. The package itself is on the porch. This package is located below the wrecked biplane. This package is located in the waters between the western islands of the map. It is only visible to you. Beside a fire truck. Now turn around and go back and right and follow the road down and round to an entrance on your right.

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This next package carries some risk of being wasted as you try to obtain it. Make sure you're standing on top of the middle stone "thing" not sure what it is. Same place you go on Liberator mission.

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To avoid a long trip, if you simply jump off immediately in front of this package you will land right next to package The subway entrance in on the right next to some billboards. At the end is a broken wooden bridge. Mow down the tramps in the middle of the tunnel and pick up the package they are surrounding

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Entirely for free. On the eastern end part of the map, exactly in line with Package 1 is another package located near an old sunken Cessna-like aircraft. Go all the way along to the end of the pier to get package

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Remember, certain areas will only be available when the west island is unlocked after the Diaz: Phnom Penh '86 mission. Go down the steps into the underground car park to find package 59 by the elevator. From your hideout go right and past the first turning. The next package is on the roof of the Supa Save store at the end of the tunnel 20 Climb the steps at the back of the store and go right and up onto the elevated railway tracks. However a kind soul pointed out that there is an adrenalin pill nearby which will give you the strength the make the jump. You can also use the ambulance to get on to this roof top like you did at the hospital instead of getting on the ramp and looking for the building and jumping down. It starts in Portland Island, where the game begins. The Cochrane Dam is a major and prominent feature of Shoreside and there are several packages hidden around it. We stay in Chinatown, Portland Island for the next 3 packages 21, 22,

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Green Tiki, Vice City hidde package. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City features hidden packages scattered and hidden across the map. They are implemented into the game in the form of Gta hidden packages map that glow and always spin in place and can be collected by walking into them. Each pinpoint tip is placed Gta hidden packages map pixel above marked features or pickups. Reaching a certain amount of collected packages will award the player with several weapons that will then spawn in in the Ocean View Hotelthe Vercetti Estate and the Hyman Condo.

For the location map and Actress jap sex videos screenshots of the packages, see here. Sign In Don't have an account. Start a Wiki. For information on hidden packages featured in Gta hidden packages map games, see Hidden Packages.

Locations Uidden hidden packages map the location map and the screenshots of Pornstar arab Gta hidden packages map, see here. Categories :.


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There are total packages, separated into various sections of the islands that make up the map. From your hideout again go right and right again and then straight ahead to the steps leading up to the stadium. Store Page.

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YES NO. Both in working out that there is a package there and then getting to it. The road will lead you directly to the stadium. The next group of packages are in the delightful industrial area of Trenton.

GTA V (5) - All Hidden Packages Locations - Easy $150,000+, make millions using respawns!

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