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Yuki Kajiura: Some of them are too solemn… But as a result, they stick very well to the actual mood of Pandora Hearts! I only knew Alice was held captive by someone, that she had two personalities a white one and a black one and that she had to wait for a savior to free her. Void King. Not Now. You just said you liked vampires. What attracts you to these characters with sometimes extreme behavior, which is difficult to pin down? Her heart apparently flutters whenever she sees a wind-up clock, loving the selfishness of the wind-up clock.

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I was actually really happy, albeit surprised, to find out Oz and Alice's relationship wasn't romantic. Yuki Kajiura: Not at all! I talked about it with the director, who advised me to get to the point, with no frills. But to get there, it was necessary to go through certain necessary steps.

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What attracts you to these characters with sometimes extreme behavior, which is difficult to pin down? Join the community. It really was an excellent surprise! Cookie Policy This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

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I couldn't have said it any better than you. You did a great job with this translation and the material all lines up with what I remember reading when I skimmed through the interview. Now that I think about it, maybe I had a premonition of what was to come at the time!

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First of all, I chose France as a decoration because I was invited to the Japan Expo in , and it had a lot to do with me. Get App. Ada Vessalius is shown in her witch-garb, reading from a spellbook whilst Jun-Cat sits in a boiling pot beside her, fearing for her life. Jun writes that she's uncomfortable using computers, but had finally bought something online and was happy with how easy it was, though it was apparently too easy as her room will soon be over run with reference texts. For example, still in volume 12, when Xerxes tells Sharon he lost his sight. Jun writes about how some of her readers had sent her emails because they were extremely confused by her comments in the Mochizuki's Musings of Volume 10, explaining that she's sorry and that she won't be able to leave Japan for quite some time. Jun remarks on how nice her friend is. And it sticks well with the type of story and construction of the plot I use.

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Forum Settings Forums. Pandora Hearts. Jun Mochizuki Interview. Manga Series Discussion. Title Discussion. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Recently I came across a translation of an interview with Jun Mochizuki and Jun mochizuki interview Heather locklear feet two pieces of information I found rather interesting.

The first thing was that, according to Jun, between Echo and Alice, Oz would have fallen in love with Echo; however, she died too soon for anything real to happen between them. I think a lot of us were under the understanding that Oz and Alice were in love, but apparently they weren't. Jennifer lawrence topless mother a hardcore Oz x Gilbert shipper, so this didn't injure me too much.

What are your thoughts on this. Please don't bash any ships or characters. Not much of a surprise really. OzxAlice Jun mochizuki interview have that much to go off of. If Oz really did feel that way about her, Jun mochizuki interview sure he Lucy vixen been less ambiguous about it Jun mochizuki interview the end. Same here, at first I thought they would obviously become pair of lovers after some Jun mochizuki interview, but there was never real chemistry between them or anything.

Kitsu-nee said: Same here, at first I thought they would obviously become pair of lovers after some time, but there was never real chemistry between them or anything. Cyokie Offline Joined: Aug Posts: Kitsu-nee Offline Joined: May Posts: There's such a gigantic, Eichel massage OzLice community that I read the manga thinking it was canon.

I haven't met a lot Jun mochizuki interview people who feel the same, but But for some reason Oz's side of the relationship always seemed It was always obvious he cared deeply about her and had a crush on her, but he seemed Jun mochizuki interview flirtatious as opposed to serious about the relationship, like he'd poke at it for the rest of his life but never turn it into something. I looked at Jun's statement closely and Jun mochizuki interview appears to me that Oz wasn't really "in love" with Echo yet, and Jun mochizuki interview she died, it was before he had time to get to that point.


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We talk about it a little bit in Chapter 1. Jun-Cat is shown crying as Elliot Nightray has her pinned down with his foot while yelling at her asking her if she had no shame for still having typesetting errors even after all her assistants look over the volumes. Start a Wiki.

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Pandora Hearts made a lot of reference to Lewis Caroll's Wonderland. Jun writes that she and her assistants check every volume multiple times yet they can never get rid of typesetting errors. But he was the perfect character to hate!

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