Juni taisen zodiac war characters. Tsugiyoshi Sumino/Nezumi, Fighter of the Rat (25 Photos)

Snake seems immobilized, so she walks off, but Ox arrives and severs Snake's other arm. Add character. Juni Taisen: Zodiac War. Overall Rating : 3. Duodecuple Supporting. Chapter Releases. Overall Rating : 8.

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October 4, Dragon watches as Snake's severed arms strangle Ox and Tiger. Help improve our database by adding background information here.

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With one wish for the victor up for grabs, the Zodiac Warriors start their cutthroat battle for survival. Ranked Popularity Members , Hate Sink : He is reponsible for why his daughters, especially Boar, are the way they are. Ushii Main.

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Uuma Main. Duodecuple Supporting. Head of the Snake Clan.

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Just then, a reanimated Rabbit, combined from the body parts of the warriors he killed approaches Ox. Shipman, Matt English. Ox appears on the scene, kills the troops and rescues her, not knowing who she is. Dandy Lion, Criminal of Leo. He contemplates his wish as the winner of the Zodiac Tournament, but has no idea what he should wish for. Also, the chain who hangs from her choker is an obvious representation of the tail of a tiger and even ends in one. Meanwhile, Rabbit attacks Monkey but she is able to dodge and repel his attacks while trying to convince him to join her so that they all survive. Each warrior bears the name and attributes of one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac.

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The website also revealed a teaser visual with all of the Juni Ramya krishnan husband images zodiac war characters character designs. Born on March 3. Juni taisen zodiac war characters kills by swarming his enemies. Born on February 2. He charafters directly. Born on January 1. She kills powerfully when she is drunk. Nobuhiko Okamoto as Usagi Rabbitdetails unknown.

He kills strangely. Born on November He robs his victims as he kills. Born on October Born on September 9. He kills silently. Born Dreamcast must have games August 8. He kills through trickery. Born on July 7. She kills by settling matters peacefully. Born on June 6. She kills by pecking at her enemies. Born on May 5. He kills by biting his enemies. Juni taisen zodiac war characters on April 4.

She kills abundantly. NisiOisin and Nakamura published the novel in May In the caracters battle royale novel ever," 12 warriors who are burdened with the names of the Juni taisen zodiac war characters Chinese Zodiac members fight with each Juni taisen zodiac war characters lives and pride at stake, all to grant just one wish.

Viz Media will release the novel in hardcover format in October. Pas de encore de Juni taisen zodiac war characters. The anime will premiere this year.


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Takagi, Noboru Script. Tatsumi Kyoudai Otouto Main. Ox is one of the two decent humans in the whole story, yet Rat suspects that his personal philosophy and generally calm outlook are the result of some sort of mental unbalance as he thinks that it is nearly impossible for anyone to think the way Ox does though this could also just be attributed to Rat's own pessimism.

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Monkey: The scarf around her neck can be interpreted as the fur of a monkey, and the fake tail she wears is obviously the representation of the tail of the animal she represents. Suzuki, Takanori Key Animation. Categories :. With the city returned to normal, Rat goes back at school.

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