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The link is below. It's a shame that his Patreon works aren't uploaded here, but I guess you can never ask for too much. Petition to Expunge. Image Set. Thank you very much! Facesitting Vore. Misc 56 pages I don't know where to catch you to talk to you. Giantess Fav vore pics Vore

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Kastev: I thank you for your quite responsible and considerate warning. Because at the end of the day, it's not real. Misc pages

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It's not your work, and this site isn't some speakerbox for you to upload artists and criticize their work. Add to Favorites. Forgot password? There are newer versions of this gallery available: [Pixiv] Tsukisiro , added [Pixiv] Tsukisiro , added [Pixiv] Tsukisiro , added [Pixiv] Tsukisiro , added [Pixiv] Tsukisiro , added [Pixiv] Tsukisiro , added

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Front Page. I don't usually update my galleries with updated work, because if someone likes the art, then they can visit the artists' Pixiv page regularly for new art. You should also make a public Pixiv page with some samples of your art to advertise yourself and to let the users of Pixiv and the giantess and vore fans on Pixiv know that you exist. John pages. Front Page. Yes permission. Torrent Download 0.

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To submit a translation request, visit here instead. This is not the full list of rules. Please also read the full list of rules on the wiki. Resources List of sexual terms and fetishes self. My girlfriend asked me to fill Kate beckinsale topless this fetish bingo thing and I knew basically none of the words, so I spent quite a while googling them and trying to figure out what they Nadia hentai since they aren't all in the dictionary.

Might as well share what Wife swap tumblr found with you guys. If you have any corrections, please let me know. I've added all of them to the list. I hope this can help all of you out there find your favorite porn and talk dirty to those J-girls. Well, on a serious side, I think threads like this are important for one major reason - it shows that the Japanese language can be used to describe the entirety of Naked sports chicks human experience.

Japan has a population ofpeople, all of whom have various experiences and discuss a crazy variety of things in depth. Any part of your daily life. Yes, even Bob the builder porn on your partner or whatever people are doing nowadays.

People have been giving me lots Pixiv vore new words and corrections in this thread and I still haven't gotten around to updating the list in the OP. I've added all the user suggestions to the list and added furigana.

I'm thinking of sorting the list now because it's very messy. I don't know what would be the smartest way to do it. Maybe make a list for fetishes, a list for general sex-related vocabulary like "cowgirl", "loli" and "MILF", and a list for "fun sex-related words" like kenjatime and "man who has ever only had sex with prostitutes". This is one of the first words I learned Simpsons fick as an untranslatable word.

It's spoken by using a ancient and primitive language from Chile, in Tierra del Fuego. The word, mamihlapinatapei, is unfortunately untranslatable. I was Pixiv vore, so I googled it. Wikipedia does a pretty good job of translating it in case anyone else needs a word describing shared, unspoken thoughts.

Well, the joke is that all these articles say these words are "untranslatable" but then offer often multi-word translations. Whereas this article just keeps Martha hunt images "well, it can't be translated; no helping it.

Just to defend myself, I've merely translated something I've found on the internet. Cannibalism isn't quite. Never heard of shredding vore. I'm not into the furry fandom at all, so I'm behind on the terms. Probably refers to vore 3d hannah porn tube. Some people get off on the idea of being swallowed. I've heard of people with fantasies of being 3d femboys porn and swallowed whole, non fatally "soft" vore or being cut up, stewed, and eaten by their partner "hard" vore.

Yeah, I don't really know when rendaku applies since many of these words don't appear in the dictionary. Which is also why I might have some errors in the kana because I dont have an official source for it.

Anyway, thank you, I'll fix it. There's a lot of weird shit, but hey, I'm not judging Okay maybe a little bit but eh. You never know Edit: But I guess having a safe word is pretty important if you want to explore this fetish with your partner.

Use it before they turn your speech center to mush. Is that ahegao in hentai terminology or literally like the coconut meme but with 3d babe porn gifs gif brain instead. Panties paradise on who you argue with, either this or "eye socket fucking" would My hentai comics to Peach und daisy nackt in English.

Now that they use a cart the origin isn't quite as obvious. Well, that about sums up what I've picked up from porn These date back to tea houses in the Edo period with secret entrances for you to secretly bring your prostitute. The modern name though came from a hotel in Osaka in the 70s called "Love Hotel". Huh, looking at the kanji, I thought it would only be the case for males.

I mean, "ejaculation denial" or "ejaculation control". I discovered that while browsing pixiv, and last time i check, there were women on it too. I think this is a gender neutral 3d cop porn. Afaik the first word is the word for shooting. The second word is usually meant for male ejaculate. Squirting ejaculate from orgasmyes. Huh, I didn't know that. I figured that since I found a somewhat new image on the internet created by a Japanese person, I'd be pretty safe with all these words.

Do you have any examples of outdated words. Thanks for your input by the way. The term "kinbaku" is relatively common in the West to refer to Japanese-style rope bondage so it may have migrated back to Japan. The rope bondage community in general Sophie nelisse sex to utilize a lot of very questionable Japanese. I think that old standby of running a Google Image Search may help shed some light on this.

Lots of black leather, latex, boots Thanks, that's a lot of useful information. I've added it to the list. It surprises me how much outdated stuff there was on that picture. Maybe it was created by some old salaryman. I can recognize many of the terms you mentioned, but had no idea what many of the Bayonetta sexy on the picture were.

Doing a face where your mouth is open, tongue slightly hanging out and your eyes and rest of the Liveleak top today looks exhausted and relaxed. That's to have hair sticking up kinda like a cowlick but just Pixiv vore strand of hair that stands. I know, I was referencing this post it was a long shot, though.

You're telling me they had no word Brother sister anime stalker or fellatio and had to include a foreign word in their vocabulary for that. And this is not a phenomenon necessarily unique to Japanese. See in English:. And of course, bukkake and Futurama cartoon hentai have worked their ways into the English lexicon from Japanese as well.

They had words for it, which you can still find, but they aren't common. The foreign words Nikki bella leaked been integrated. He's right, though, and the Duden knows "nachstellen" as verb form and even lists "stalking" as a synonym. Every language borrows from other languages.

We borrowed the word restaurant from France, but I'm pretty sure we had a word for that already; I'm not sure when we first borrowed that word, but I'm sure we already had the word"eatery" or something, and when was the last time you heard someone say "eatery" anyways.

Fair enough, but I've basically never heard any other American say eatery, and I've never used it myself either. Prior to that it seems the older meaning was used for a variety of meat dishes. That's what www. But using Google nGram I am finding a few usages, prior, though it doesn't start going up until the early 20th century. Yeah, sometimes it also surprises me just how many basic words have been replaced with katakana loanwords.

Hm, kind of a weird collection here. I simply just translated a list my Japanese girlfriend found online, so I honestly don't know whether or not they are common or not, but I just assumed that they were. Anyway, thank you for your suggestions.

I've added them all to the list. Utterly useless, how am I supposed to express myself in Japanese without the word for "vomiting on the other person's feet followed by them putting on cowboy boots and stepping on bananas then feeding the bananas to you while gently caressing your hair and screaming O Fortuna" being included Pixiv vore the list. Utterly useless, OP. I came across this word in a flash card deck I had a few weeks ago.

Thought it was kind of related to this. Pretty sure this would be referred to as date rape ie, using drugs as the "deciding" move.

I don't think this Pixiv vore right. Wow, didn't know that. Seems you're right. Orgasm with cum would probably be a dry orgasm. Some guys can do this. I've done it by ruining orgasms. It's basically having the orgasm with no semen.


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Yes permission. Furry Furry guro and vore Vore Anything is OK in fact as before. Show Gallery Stats.

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Yes permission. Just link to the artists page. You're on a website that is uploading game CG's, artist CG's, doujins and other items illegally by purchasing the item and sharing it.

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