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Particles, much like sounds, follow a specific design that ends up being quite attractive even if there is a clear, rigid blueprint that both follow. Instead of the rifle opening a portal for Caitlyn to flee or suffering a malfunction she simply vanishes in thin air. Her skirt lights up with the mystic forces around, just like her visible eye, and invigorate the bland aspect of her skin. Dobyk says:. The new particles add cohesion and a fitting degree of eye-catching visuals; the red lasers and bladed designs are eloquent enough about the advanced and deadly weaponry in use. Her clean lines, bright colours and pose easily catch the eye. Post a Comment. However, the one skin that goes all out for sex appeal has her wearing low heeled boots. Zero says:. The rest of her body is nicely modelled which is quite good but also raises question about the overall quality.

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The price is rather hefty for a re-model with new particles, sounds and recall, though. The blurry happenings around her right arm add to the mystery despite looking unnecessarily drab. This reminds not just a tiny bit of Headhunter Caitlyn.

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That aside, the shading is soft for skin and swimsuit but sometimes it looks sketchy. Of course, such attention to form leaves several doubts about how plausible and practical it is to go about shooting with such gear. Lunar Wraith definitely has some need for extra work to polish and better develop its concept.

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If I were to buy a Caitlyn skin between Lunar Wraith and Headhunter, which one would you suggest me to buy! Blog Archive. Nguoi says:.

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They paint the time cop picture quite well, actually. This Week's Headlines. Her face has softer shading than other areas, like her boots or sunbathing zone, but as the shading is soft it transitions rather well from region to region. However, the one skin that goes all out for sex appeal has her wearing low heeled boots. August 11, at Post a Comment. Be aware that what you see below may be lacking context or other changes that didn't make it in or were implemented in an earlier patch this cycle!

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The Pulsefire colour theme of blue, silver and white remains consistent, and her abilities have been adapted to fit her new futuristic look. As with all Pulsefire skins, Caitlyn ended up this way after unlocking the secrets of time travel. They might Morgan lux reddit around now, Pulsefire caitlyn rp price one day Riot might add them to the Legacy fault.

Legacy skins are still obtainable thanks to our high end account store which features League of Legends accounts with Pulsefire Pulsefire caitlyn rp price rp price rarest skins at the best prices. Pulsefire Caitlyn is a Legendary skin currently available in the Riot store. BE Lunar Wraith Caitlyn. Pulsefire Caitlyn.

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Three champions share the spotlight. February 28, at The animations that the gun has is beyond amazing, looking at those animations in slow motion makes you appreciate how much work went into the skin although it can be very hard to notice during gameplay which I feel takes away some of its value. Her rifle follows suit with an unusual design yet its new animations display advanced technology as well as lethality.

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Surely, her weapon is iconic but as a legendary skin she should also have a clear and interesting identity. Pulsefire is supposed to feel like a futuristic extension of Cait rather than a completely different Cait, so the removal of the hat actually feels fresh. Overall, Arctic Warfare Caitlyn is a very good looking skin, perfect for those that would like a believably dressed sniper, sans high-heels, for a change.

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