Shattered throne quest. How to Start Shattered Throne Dungeon in Destiny 2 (13 Photos)

Wait for their shields to go away and then vanquish each one. There will, however, be no mention of it in your quest log. Placing the Relics opens a door here. Slay Taken till you get to this circular arena. Leap of the right side of the next statue you come across, and jetpack into the small cave entrance below. Go forward towards the statue, then left through the amethyst archway. This is an exceptionally challenging activity, so take some time to assemble a Fireteam and prepare the correct weaponry. Do not cross the bridge, instead, drop off the right-hand side to find a track leading down into a cave. Take it through the sluggish space while defeating enemies. You can jump up along the exterior.

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Run down the hallway and kill enemies till you reach the next area. Taking this route leads to the Spine of Keres, where the Oracle is located. You simply need to get to the end, but there will be some Taken orbs blocking certain pathways so take your time.

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Warlocks would be wise to use their Well of Radiance here, as well as any party members having a powerful shotgun to deal damage at close range whilst in the Well, as well as a good sniper rifle. Sam Chandler Guides Editor. The first boss will spawn here. Bungie has previously said it would be delivering fresh new content on the reg, and The Shattered Throne definitely delivers.

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To start the quest, approach this statue right before the final boss fight if you haven't already. Once all 3 Knights are down and the orbs are picked up, the damage phase begins. The Confluence is the central chamber that houses a massive portal during the maximum curse week with all other weeks showing just a room full of black goop. When facing the door, look to your right and follow that rocky pathway.

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Bai ling porn. Destiny 2: – The Shattered Throne

They will drop an orb which gives the ability to damage Dul Incaru. Again, this next section is quite linear so take care of any enemies that spawn and carry on until you encounter the first boss in Eleusinia. At the end of the chase, jump down to the next area. If you die, you're OK. Already have an account? Signup for a Free Account. Statue 4 : The final statue is located in the final boss encounter arena with the Wizard.

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Light Mode Become a Guardian of the Light. Wuest exclusion filter allows a flair to be hidden from your browsing experience. Happy birthday. Question Is the shattered throne quest still available. I think qeust misread. OP specifically stated he or she is trying to get Wishender, not Izanagi's Shattered throne quest.

Getting Wishender doesn't even require completing Shattered Trone, just doing it Shattered to the statue. If OP Shattered throne quest to get Wishender this week, OP will have to make all progress this week because the quest begins and ends Shattered throne quest the statue in Shattered Throne with only a small part outside between those.

Shattered Throne will be available again 2 weeks from next reset, not 3. You got Shattered throne quest pretty weird answers in the Shattered throne quest. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All throone reserved. thrkne DestinyTheGame comments. Want to join. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. DestinyTheGame submitted 11 months ago by feelingoftruedespair. Want to get wish ender, was wondering if the quest to get it is still available.

Want to add to the discussion. Post a comment. Create an account. Do I have to complete all of it before Tuesday. Or just Shahtered shattered throne quest. It's 7 days on, Shattfred off. Only available during max curse. Thanks for the answers guys!


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Statue 1 : The first statue is located on the roof of the tallest building in the dungeon. The Wish-Ender quest is the same on all platforms. Before you can begin the Exotic Quest, you need to complete the Forsaken Campaign and unlock the path to the Dreaming City. Turn in your Awoken Talisman and an indicator will pop up saying you have a new mission.

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Borderlands 3 Red Chest Locations in Borderlands 3. Statue 4 : The final statue is located in the final boss encounter arena with the Wizard. Were you able to complete the Quest? Release Date September 6,

Cannot talk to an Awoken warrior Destiny 2 Fix Bug Wish-Ender - Talisman presented

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