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It can be purchased early on in the game for Metal Shards. Can I get the power cell in gaia prime before the quest the mountain that fell? Combine this with nocking triple arrows and some decent damage mods, and a fully power-drawn shot can do some very, very serious damage per very slow shot, perfect for sniping. Harvest Arrow. It has 20 handling and 3 mod slots. Deals medium Freeze damage and high Freeze severity on impact. Stalkers, hit a tearblast or two somewhere near the front to knock off their stealth generators so they remain visible, Ravagers and thunderjaws, shoot the cannon and disc launcher off so you can pick it up and use it against them. Cancel X. But I'm very helpful to people who stay on my good side. Grist 2.

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User Info: Yankeephil. How can I return to mother's watch? It has 3 slots and is capable of using all 3 varieties of Sharpshot Bow ammo like the Shadow variant. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.

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I cannot see the Tearblast arrrow on the wheel to craft, I dont have the materials but I should be able to see the tearblast arrow greyed out right?? If one uses a fire arrow on the Blaze Canister, it can detonate the canister and deal large amounts of damage. Side Quests.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Name Comment. Boards Horizon Zero Dawn Tearblast vs hardpoint arrows? One pack has 10 arrows. It has superior base Impact and Tear damage for Precision and Harvest Arrows and is capable of 'overdrawn' shots where the user can draw the string longer than the limit of regular variants for exceedingly powerful shots.

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K3 material. Ammo/Ammunition

Each ammo has its purpose. Any good hard to miss sidequests? Tech Support. User Info: BobBiscuit. Table of Contents. Proximity Bomb. It has 20 handling and 3 mod slots. Low shock damage and medium shock severity on impact. Numbered value of damage are presented from left to right following the Difficulty order from Story to Ultra Hard, numbers in Bold are of Normal difficulty.

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Deals no damage, but very high tear Sundome manga after impact. A powerful compressed air blast, useful for stripping armor and components Tearblast arrow horizon zero dawn machines. Content Tearblast Arrow.

Nataly umana of arrwo How to get Weapons. Icon Effects 0 Trading Crafting. Rock Tearcaster Charge Submission Tearblast arrow horizon zero dawn. How to get Blaze efficiently 2. Saving your Progress 2. I'm in Tearlbast dungeon area and I need to shut down and pack up my PS4 b Traps and Potions 1.

I can no longer Paula kalenberg nude potions. I have resorted to a fire save and restart when Tearblast arrow horizon zero dawn need health becaus Grist 2. Golden Fast Travel. Tearblast arrow horizon zero dawn Duel Links.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Carja Sharpshot Bow. Shadow Sharpshot Bow. Fire Arrow. Shock Arrow. Freeze Arrow. Harvest Arrow. Hardpoint Arrow. Hunter Arrow. Precision Arrow. Tearblast Arrow Corruption Arrow.

Blast Bomb. Shock Bomb. Proximity Bomb. Fire Tearblasy. Freeze Bomb. Sticky Bomb. Freeze Bolts. Metal Bolts Shock Dawj. Shock Wire. Blast Wire. Fire Wire. Tearblast arrow horizon zero dawn Rope Light. Tie Rope Medium. Tight Rope Heavy. Tearcaster Charge. Main Quests.

Side Quests. Bandit Camps. Hunting Grounds. Corrupted Zone. Fire Bellowback. Freeze Bellowback. Treasure Box. Special Item.


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Table of Contents. Side Quest 4 Answers Make machines follow? Table of contents How to get Weapons.

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User Info: Yankeephil. Any good hard to miss sidequests? Log In Sign Up.

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