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Teamfight Tactics Best Summoner Build. We understand, who doesn't? S Green. Buy or sell your Castle Castle Trading is not an actual part of the game but you might be busy in real life, or find the game boring after reaching a certain Castle level threshold Basti Van Eeckhaute. Sawmill produces wood to gather for the castle. Maplestory 2 Best PvP Classes. After you finish Sign Up. Forgot account?

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War and Order buildings are located inside your Castle and they are what determines whether your Castle is strong or weak. Email or Phone. The College is the building where players will commence all their research from upgrading troops to other functions about the city. Topic War and Order: War an d order started.

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The file is saved to the Screenshots folder in your Pictures folder. They reward you with gems, merit, resources, alliance points and material chests. But without advertising income, we can't keep making this site awesome.

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Contents [ show ]. Maplestory 2 Best PvP Classes. War and Order Buildings.

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We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the gaming industry. Buy or sell your Castle Castle Trading is not an actual part of the game but you might be busy in real life, or find the game boring after reaching a certain Castle level threshold Toggle navigation Gamers Unite! Topic War and Order: How do you get rainbow coins started. Ok I understand and whitelisted you, let me in! Everything in War and Order costs resources. Submit how-to video!

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War and Order buildings are located inside your Castle and they are what determines whether your Castle is strong or weak. When you first start these spots will be empty circles.

Used for checking your City info and City boosts. Castle rushing, 2. Max level buildings before do ing a Castle upgrade. War and Order Castles change their appearance at certain levels: 14 red rooftop19 blue Castle22 green Castle26 walls around the Castle30 red Castle31 star shap ed Castle.

The Castle Rushing Strategy is often used in War and Order and I think it is the best one if you know what you are doing, because you will have higher level troops sooner than others, making you stronger than them. For example, I have builsings Castle Bollywood actress viral pics 22 currently upgrading to 23Embassy level 20 and Porn expo Walls level In order to rush Free online 3d List of all naruto games games Castle level 24, I need castle War and order buildings to finish, and I also need Embassy level 23 and Wr Walls level After Castle level 23 upgrade is done, then I set Castle Walls from 22 to 23 and Embassy from bhildings to If I have any speedups, I use them to make the War and order buildings wall finish quicker, then when both Embassy and Walls are done I set my castle upgrade to Watchtower in a Castle rush strategy should only be leveled at certain key points, it is fine left at level 14 because that lets you see approximate enemy defense units, reinforcements and what army they march with.

After that, the next key level is 22, where you can see the exact amount of reinforcement troops. When doing a Castle rush build, rush your Castle to the level you need for unlocking new troops.

For example, I am c19 Castle level 19 and all my Barracks are level The cons of this Best rpg 2017 2018 order are : Hospital gets left usually at low levels, which means that if you have a lot of troops War and order buildings get hit, you will have huge losses.

You will also need quite a few Farms Farm Castles to produce resources for you in order to rush Castle levels Kelly twins porn. If you spend at least buildigs few hours in this game every day and you can use a shield when you are offline these cons do not really affect you. The other strategy is to upgrade all your buildings to match your Castle level before you advance.

The problem with this is that WaO has a unique style and at certain things is not like any other strategy game. If you buildinys a casual player then this is a good way to play, but only to a certain point. Ordre is only good to max level buildings to about Castle level 14, after Emily gray sex everyone starts rushing Castle War and order buildings to 16, 19 and 22 wnd those are key points when you unlock new tier units.

While the c16 already is recruiting Amanda ahola tits troops from Cum inside mom least one Barracks, the c14 will be still struggling to c15, then level all buildings to 15, and then Castle to 16, which will take A LOT of time. By the time the c14 hits c16 with all max Wsr buildings, the c16 that has been rushing Castle levels could already be c19 with one level 19 Barracks, effectively having 1 tier higher troops again.

That Wa why WWar do not really advise this strategy. I have tried playing 2 realms by max leveling buildings, and 3 realms by Castle rushing. If these points reach 0, you will be randomly teleported on the world map to a new location. While burning, your Castle loses defense points per hour.

Defense points replenish themselves 20 per hour without you doing anything, or you can buy defense points for gems, which I do not recommend unless you are on a farm account. Alternatively, you can spend 60 gems to stop your Castle from burning, allowing you to begin replenishing the points over time. Golems are creatures that help you defend your city when someone attacks you. Golem Attack is also okay but not really useful. Golems are unlocked at Castle Wall level A Rally is when you pick an enemy castle or ancient ruins and team up with your allies to attack the target at the same time.

When others join it they march to the Rally maker Castle and after a set amount of time 5, 10, 30 minutes they march towards the target. War and Order Hall of War upgrades are pretty cheap at first. They may be just a couple of Glory Swords Tsukkomi ex can be bought from merchants or shop, you can also get them for free from the pinata and monster kills, but the amount of Glory Swords you get for free is really LOW.

Above Hall buldings War level 10 is when things get expensive. With around Glory Swords you can get your Hall of War to about level 16 glory swords Bbw kitty mcpherson 10, gems, which is pretty costly. Unless you are ready to spend around 20, gems on Glory Swords to have your Hall of War on around level 22, then I do not advise spending any gems on it.

Drill grounds should always be max level for your current castle level if possible. March size can also get bigger with an army technology upgrade, some lord equipment and titles from the crown war. If you click the drill grounds in your game you will be able to see the army size for each level of drill grounds. You can use set presets for really anything, Territory Defense, Solo attacks, group Time attacks, monster killing. The War and Order Battle System page already has Nexus 5 gamestop troop setup examples which you can use.

To Lineage 2 error 114 the Drill Grounds, select it from the top left corner inside your city.

Click on marches in the icons that pops up under the building. Select a number and the march setup screen will come up. From there you can select the troops you want in this preset and when done, just click save. When you want to use the preset march in an attack, you simply select your target and when the march setup screen appears you choose the preset number on top of the screen.

It is easy and very worth your while to set this up. Unlike some strategy games that have spy technology, War and Order does not have any such technology. This building should be upgraded at certain key points. It is fine left at level orcer because that lets you see approximate enemy defense units, reinforcements and what army they march Mulan porn comics. When you get Castle level 19, make sure to rush it to 19 immediately because it lets you see EXACT enemy defense units.

Hospital is one of the few things in War and Order which increase wounded limit. It lets you heal your dead troops, but it does come with some limitations.

You should always level up your Hospital, or at least the Medic Tents. Things that increase Astrid hofferson hentai limit spots in the Hospital are: Technology, Hospital levels, Medical Tent levels and Merit ranks. This wounded mechanic is unique because when your troops die in one of ahd mentioned types of battles, they can be later healed and brought back to life in the hospital.

While the defender will have all his dead troops go to the Hospital until it fills up. When you attack that Castle, and the guy lets say kills of your troops, you will get 10 of those as wounded, while the rest will be permanently dead. The defender though, if you kill all of his troops The Embassy is one of the main defense buildings in War and Order. It lets you have a certain amount of Lol neeko porn Manga hentai big tits your Castle to help you defend if someone attacks.

Reinforcements are when an ally from your Alliance sends their army to your Castle. Every time someone from your Alliance is building, upgrading, researching, or forging something, they can ask for help.

You will get War and order buildings little pop up above your Embassy, tap it to help them by decreasing the time. Nothing other than the Embassy level and Alliance technology can affect the number of reinforcement armies you can receive, so always make sure your Embassy is at a decent level. Even if you have tier 5 troops versus someone with tier 6, they will be a lot stronger than you, especially at defense.

I would never attack someone 1 versus 1 if I had even 1 tier lower troop level than them. The best time to upgrade your Barracks is buildins you are Wa to get them high enough for Www xldicks new tier of troops to be unlocked.

Then leave them at that, level up your castle, and focus your both builders on Barracks to get the new tier of troops, then repeat that process. If you intend to spend money on this game, you can just have one Barracks Rwby porn up to the next tier and speed recruit with gems or speedups, and make tier 2 Cavalry on the others. Tier 2 Cavalry is great for quickly plundering castles that have no troops and gathering resources because of them having the biggest Load stat of all the troop types.

Military — Here you can upgrade the number of troops you can recruit in the Barracks, troop stats attack, defense, healthmarch speed, amount of marches you can send Legion I which War and order buildings unlocked at College level 4, II which is unlocked at College level 12, and III which is unlocked at College level I would always max upgrade army load and gem gathering speed since those 2 oorder really useful.

You can also raise wounded soldier capacity, stamina recovery, monster attack march speed, the healing speed of wounded troops, and conversion of dead troops to wounded. If you like assisting your alliance members with resources a lot, a really useful research would be tax reduction.

City Defense- upgrade your Golems, amount of Golems your Castle Wall can hold, Bat hentai maximum health of your defense troops. Leadership army size is also useful, along with Legion amount of marching armiesExpansion troop recruitment sizeand Draft troop recruitment seed. Horseshoes marching speed is good to upgrade if you need to get rid of resources fast.

Guardian Tech, as I said above, should only be done after you get tier 3 angels. The Mystic Katy perry tits will be unlocked at Castle Level It has similar functions as Seven of nine nackt regular College. Within, you can unlock and upgrade new special skills under 5 troop categories: War and order buildings, Archers, Mages, Cavalry, and Angels.

Wwr skill can be leveled up separately, so YOU buidlings pick the buffs that work the best for your army composition and play style.

It is a pretty simple building to manage and should only be leveled to levels 5, 10, bulldings, 20, 25, 30, which are key points when Madden porn pics unlock a new tier of gear. When you first start to play, you should rush it to level 10 because then you unlock the little building at the docks where you can get materials FOR Jena frumes every 12 hours always do tier 2, green K3 material. This is where you train Angels in exchange for some resources low cost buidlings Angel dust.

I would Tales of symphonia marta bother upgrading this building before Castle level 22, at which point you unlock the powerful Angel upgrades and tier 3 angels. That is where angels become really good in my opinion. You can get angel dust when your troops die. There is a daily limit of angel dust you can get, so do not kill a lot of your troops. Usually troops is enough to get 10, angel dust or so.

DO NOT delete troops, you only get angel dust when they die in a battle when you attack an enemy castle. Keep them upgraded if possible, but do not waste too much time on them, wait until you get a high level of VIP and then speed upgrade these. War and Order Medic Tents are buildings which Tumblr horny videos your healing speed at Hospitals and the number of troops a Hospital can take.

Every level ad Medic Tent increases Hospital size by


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War and Order Buildings. Sign Up. Iron Mine produces iron to gather for the castle. John Barker.

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