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Victor couldn't wait to see what the next four years held! Silently and with a bit of hesitation, I push the door open and make my way to the bed. I'm sure you're blushing right now. A sudden gust hits you like a tidal wave and knocks you off your feet, you lose consciousness before you even hit the ground. Who needs a boyfriend when u have victuri. Russian figure skater Victor Nikiforov. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Yuri Plisetsky was seventeen years old, and none the better for it. He always pushes himself, but this is a bit much… Concerned for his health, I inspect him vigilantly, studying his probably injured right leg. Yuuri Katsuki finds himself to be happily married to an American Ice Dancer and a fellow Rinkmate and a proud father.

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Yoi: Ok here you are : Fandom: Oh can we have a pair skating please?? They're littering his right cheek and side of his nose, each oozing tiny amounts of blood, which all run together on his pale skin. The vicious cycle of winning and losing threatened to eat him alive. They're much less fluid and serene.

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Victor and Yuri doing cute, fluffy things together. Did, did this man just deny and confirm that he liked Yuri at the same time??? One had the world at his fingertips and the other had movements like music. I could watch him simply practice for hours, not to mention perform, and be entertained.

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Then one day Victor is trying to teach Yuri how to do a certain move and gets really close to him. I was just inspired to train him after I saw that video. You always do things so perfectly; I just wanted to be on your level, even if it was just through effort. To my astonishment, he submissively hops onto my back.

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Viktor x Sailor! He followed Yuuri Katsuki, a new senior figure skater, on Victor's own newly created incognito twitter account. Victor: so, Yuri, what is eros to you? While lugging him back home, he rests his head on mine. And a good thing, too, because his feelings of romance have always faded over time. Review if you please! Forgot to post this last night. Close Working You didn't even see me today.

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This is nothing new. We give you a solid kiss fictor time. They are obviously trying to bait us Yuri x victor thinking that it is a ring.

Originally posted by wakata. Normal people : Join Tumblr. Buy merchandise. Attend fan meets. Make fan art. Publish fan fiction. Internal screaming. Originally posted by welcometoyouredoom. Log in Sign up.

Yuri on ice Yuri!!. Yuri on ice yurionice Yuri!!. Yuri: it's ok Victor. Victor[sobbing]: it's not. Yurio: what's wrong. Yuri: Yurio, what is Victor's hair color. Yurio: silver. Victor[middle of a tantrum]: it's Yuri x victor. Yuri on ice yuri x victor yuri katsuki ive been doing so much flipen YOI art. Me: I'm not really into vuctor music it's kinda boring.

YOI Yuri x victor on ice yuri x victor. Viktor: My dear Yuuri, you have no idea how big my love is for Yuri x victor - Yuuri: Is it as big as your forehead. Yuri on ice victor nikiforov yuri katsuki yuri x victor. Fortnite wooden pallets One taught me Love One taught me patience One Yuri x victor me pain Yuri x victor u, next.

Bro things Did you invite someone over. Yuri: uhhh no. Victor: man things Levels of fandom trash Free hentai tube A Summary. Yuri: intoxicated Heyyyy, do you know what. Yuri x victor begrudgingly Yuri: One of my fans, hic, called my butt thick.

Yurio: Ok. Just shut the hell up. Yuri: Why are you so angry, hic, Inside desiree cousteau the time.

Yuri: Do y-- hic, --ou know what's thick??. Just don't. Also, frowns stop letting him drink. Yuri: Phichit's brows. Do you know what else is thick. Yurio: Sto-- Victor: What. Yuri: My butt. Victor: Oh. Victor: -ute Maccahin's fur D'ya think it's puuuuberty. Victor: Definitely puberty. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Cats are awesome, everyone else, fuck Captain marvel porn comic. Yuri on ice yuri x victor Yuri x victor x viktor otabek altin yuri x otabek minami kenjiro jjstyle jean jacques leroy christophe giacometti guang hong vixtor vikturi otayuri.

My crops are flourishing, my skin is so clear. Life is truly great!


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Yuuri had come in second at Junior worlds and won a large enough sponsorship to afford a new rink in the US and was living with a new roommate and skating with a new coach. But there's nothing I can do to prohibit Yuri from continuing, he's too zealous. But as the Olympics grow closer Yuri has a choice to make; his career or his unborn child? Silently and with a bit of hesitation, I push the door open and make my way to the bed.

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To my surprise, Yuri wraps his arms around me instantly in return. We're practicing as usual, but he's struggling with a jump. His perspective suddenly shifted when a handsome stranger with no name saves him drowning. Victor and Yuri doing cute, fluffy things together.

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