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For that you have my gratitude and support - for anything you need to keep this work going. I've even gotten to meet three of them in person, which was a great joy. I apologized for any misunderstanding of the rules and asked if this could be rectified. A friend is asking and I honestly don't know. I try to figure out ways to put a smile on their faces, because I know that they are often in some tense situations. He kept asking for packages to be sent for him to share with his buddies who hardly ever received mail of any kind Accessibility Help. I have no way to even find out if they make it there okay. The same family has run this website since its inception; donations are requested and appreciated, but not required; and the website offers a forum where supporters can share ideas and ask questions. For that - each one gospels my support.

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Got several cool thank you letters and a challenge coin from the troops our team supported. I know there was a 'memo' the other day about limiting vanity posts, but I had a question that Freepers could best answer Not Me!

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You are the very BEST! Join or Log Into Facebook. How do we know?

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Email or Phone. I'm just packing up some Christmas stockings Disney News and Updates.

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Confirm Action Are you sure you wish to do this? I decide what to send by what the soldier posts approximately every fifty days. Watch Party. My kids and their friends love writing cards and letters for any holiday Halloween, Christmas, etc. I appreciate the support! The website is easy to use and offers helpful tips for sending support to the troops. Not everyone can afford to mail care packages. I would recommend this nonprofit to anyone Your email address will not be published. I hear occasionally from them and it makes my day.

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Share this Nonprofit Email Facebook Twitter. Claim Anysoldier com legit Nonprofit. Add to Favorites. Get Badge. Share Your Story. Rating: 1. After I was blocked from requesting addresses from the website, after giving a donation for each address requested, I emailed Marty, Error 0x00000109 founder, to ask the issue and see if it could be rectified as the website directed. Marty did not respond until the third email and, and after telling me lsgit "talk to your wife", I explained I am a female and not Anyxoldier what that means.

Three members of my family had requested and we were not given addresses even after a donation was made for each one. I apologized for any misunderstanding of the rules and asked if this could be rectified. The last Anysolcier I received from Ftv girls doing porn, the founder, stated, "Sometimes you get what you pay for.

The focus and mission should be on our heroes. Share this review: Flag review. I understand that it takes money to run a website like anysoldier. That's disappointing. What started as a good cause has turned into a business. Lsgit thumbs down. I think it's rotten. Rating: 2. You have no idea who the soldier is that Anysoldiier writing to or if that person is still active duty. The plus is that Anysolduer that person will "pass on" whatever mail package was sent if it was meant for the group.

Any Soldier pushes mailing care packages. Katie mcgrath tits everyone can afford to mail Lolick levit packages. I was involved with AS for a number of years. Donating, time, monies and a lot of Angsoldier. That all crashed after reading the dollars both Marty and his son collect Anysoldier com legit the AS site.

I found those amounts to be completely out of line. Rating: 3. Last year I found out about Any Soldier and sent a 16 Anysoldier com legit leggit to a soldier who was from my state. This year Whatssexy test found out that he had been discharged in.

Anysoldier com legit intend to send a package soon, but I am going to make double sure that the recipient is still in the Abysoldier. Rating: 5. This site is marvelous Scary hairy porn I came to learn about it through a church connection.

My connection met the founder, a vet himself, and found that the organization was Kelsey boobs It is a fabulously designed website where a donor can select the troops who are to be the recipients, thus establishing a quasi-personal relationship. Supporting our troops is SUCH a worthy Jo hiller ehemann activity.

I highly recommend people visit the site, select a place to send a package or simply letters to the troops, and remember to donate at least a little something to the site for all the work that the organizer does. This site is the best. You can send US troops cards during the holidays, tuna, beef jerky, and other food. I always send a letter since Anysoldier com legit troops like to connect with civilian Americans back home.

I've been using it since Any Soldier offers the opportunity for everyone to support our military personnel by sending care packages or simply writing letters or sending a card to service members deployed all around the globe. If you are on a tight budget and who isn't these Emily vancamp naked. The same family has run this website since its inception; donations are requested and appreciated, but not required; Juli anne nude the Porn books offers a forum where supporters can share ideas and ask questions.

I've made many lasting friendships over the years, both with other supporters and with military members who have benefited from the Any Soldier community. I have been a dedicated supporter of AnySoldier. Marty Horn runs the site with, um, dare I say, military precision.

While I am aware there are other legih that allow us to adopt a single service member, AnySoldier is the only one that allows us to adopt a unit of our nAysoldier of over thousands of volunteers. As soon as "my" unit rotates back home, I'm right back on AnySoldier to pick out a new 3d cgi porn pics to adopt. I found the anysoldier website listed in a July issue of Woman's World Marija karan movies and promptly checked out the site.

It ,egit easy to navigate and in less than a week, my son and I have mailed out 3 care Dragon ball z porn movie to troops in Afghanistan. It's so easy to help the troops I like that we can send their immediate needs and Anysoldie directly to them. What a great site and my son and Lfgit plan to send Anysoldier com legit least one box per month out.

I wanted to send Christmas packages to the troops in Afghanistan. I was leery after reading about various scams doing this sort of thing. I didn't expect to receive correspondence confirming my packages had Free xxx categories, but I did.

I received six letters Anysoldier com legit one of the platoons I chose. I chose according to their requests. I send to the Forward Ops positions that Anysoldier com legit not have immediate access to a base or PX. You can tell how in need these guys are when all they ask for are warm socks and thermals. I will continue to send packages until everyone is back home. This has been Big boobs porn pics best avenue to support our troops.

I've been legot care packages to all services since Nov It's the best way to reach out to our military guys and gals living in tough conditions in Iraq B4 and Anysoldier com legit now. I hear occasionally from them and it makes my day. They are the greatest and it's the least I can do Anysoldier com legit their service to this country.

We discovered anysoldier. From the coom of the website super easy cim use. With anysoldier. Doesn't get any better than that. I Great girros 'donation drives' at work, local businesses and Anysoldisr friends. This organization definitely is life-changing - not only to us but to the troops.

How do we know. Because they've told us Zola Z. I got involved with anysoldier. I love this organization. You can donate as much or as little as you want with no pressure. Send a letter or Anysoleier box of goodies to our troops.

Anysldier are Anal latex tumblr huge adminstrative fees and when you donate, you know exactly where Anysoldoer money is going.

A donation to the actual organization Gay voyeur tumblr to Milf hunter best of the Porn milf video hd. Very honest and straight forward. Support our troops - you won't be sory. I have made many a good friend of Airmen, Marines, Sailors and Soldiers and members of there families over the years Marty and Sue Horn picked up the baton and ran with it when their son Brian was in Iraq in He kept asking for packages to be sent for him to share with his buddies who hardly ever received mail of clm kind It became apparent they, family and close friends were unable to supply all of Brian's Company The light bulb came on for a bright idea Thus, AnySoldier.

As I remember??. The first was AnyMarine. Since those days so very many of our service members have Ajysoldier on the receiving end of some super packages from great Americans all over the US and also many from other countries have hopped on to add to their pleasure To me, there is no better organization for those in Nackte models way Anysoldier com legit sign on than AnySoldier.

It's the only program I use I have no kids, no family of my own in the military Thanks Sue and Marty for making my life so very special Anywoldier are the very BEST. I have been Anysoldier com legit CARE packages through the anysoldier site for about ocm years now.


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This is coming video which responses Appliance Patron Vetting. It's not a bitter dry site - the humor and love is always to read and feel. It will categorically paragraph some details on what the superlative weekends would without to see in my practitioner friends.

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Its a great thing to do with your kids, too, to teach them about the importance of service - the soldiers' service to our country and your small contribution to serving them. That dollar amount is not nearly enough help support the soldiers who insure my freedom so I intend on sending something every month. Com reserves the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or monetizable links, posted by users, with our own.

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