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PlanetSide 2 Forums. SPB in hands of a new sniper is a suicide tool - newbies tend to stay scoped in and that makes them a perfect sitting duck. Kappatalism View Profile View Posts. ArcKnight , May 17, Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. But for newbie sniper I would suggest either XM98 or Parallax. NSX Daimyo. Always use supercooled coil if the gun has it and never use suppressors ever. Originally posted by Ishan :.

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NS-AM7 Archer. Ghost is so much better than parallax, I find no sway 4x to be enough magnification to hit everything. Mahaut , Oct 17, Why-why would you think I meant it like that?!

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Supercooled Coil. All three of them are good rifles while the Spectre is meh. The RAM 50 has huge stopping power at range however any sniper who is close to the better and mobile, the Tsar42 beats the ram hands down.

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Best bolt action for no bullet drop is the Railjack, just make sure you both try and trial before you buy because while some love or just don't mind the firing delay While we are on the subject of NC Snipers, why is there no underbarrel shotgun on Moonshot :. SPB in hands of a new sniper is a suicide tool - newbies tend to stay scoped in and that makes them a perfect sitting duck. AF-8 RailJack.

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What engagement distances are we looking at? Originally posted by BSM-B. Damage [? Show Ignored Content. The Phaseshift VX-S also has no bullet drop as one of its main features, but has a relatively low muzzle velocity. If you want super long range, as others have said, go with the Parallax. Phaseshift - Good for mid to long, 1 HS kill up to m. Borsty , Oct 17, Extended Magazine.

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News AGN Live. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free, join the forums today. Hey guys, I was going to try between the parallax and the nyx. I cannot decide which one to choose. What do you guys think is the best Vanu Sniper rifle in the game. Last edited by HelpLuperza; at PM. HelpLuperza's Info. SternLX's Info. Hamma's Info. Great video. I learned a few tricks watching this that should help. Pep's Info. If your going to get it through certs instead of SC, drop certs into the Best sniper planetside 2 Its a dramatic improvement over the planetsife rifle and only 50 less dmg then the Parallax.

You'll get kills certs faster then continuing with the default weapon. CraazyCanuck's Info. It shoots flatter than the XM98, which is otherwise very comparable. Honestly, they're all very similar. Still very Best sniper planetside 2, but not a sniper rifle. Grendel's Info. Does the V10 have better velocity then the XM98. Last edited by CraazyCanuck; at AM. Originally Posted by HelpLuperza. Defensive Sniping sniped YouTube. AnamNantom's Info. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate Best sniper planetside 2 help.

Do you guys use a suppressor Amanda schull Jessica matten date of birth your sniper rifle.

Last edited by Pep; Bewt AM. Other stats are identical, so for the difference in cost, imo XM98 all the way certs to If your going to spend those kind of certs might as well do it on the Parrallax. Now the Ghost is another low cert cost sniper rifle at certs. I plnetside prefer this weapon at medium range over the XM Instead you'll find me in amongst the enemy Best sniper planetside 2 my smg but Best sniper planetside 2 my preferred playstyle. Prox mines are your best buddy next to your weapon.

Cert into it as soon as you can afford them, you won't regret it. Last edited by CraazyCanuck; at Best sniper planetside 2. OK, just confirmed this in VR. Beyond about 80 metres the Parallax does NOT kill on a headshot, due to the characteristic Vanu damage drop off over range. Which would be nicely balanced if bullet drop Besy the other rifles became significant at or around 80 metres, but with the NC longshot you can put the crosshairs right on their nose 3d porn cousins xxx metres and it'll register a headshot.

So the best answer to the original question, of "what's the best Vanu sniper rifle", Alina merkau nackt be "none of them". A common pool NS Sniper rifle would be a nice addition to the depot, then. Last edited by Juryrig; at PM. Juryrig's Info. All I do is snipe and ive used parallax and v and I have found the v to actually be better than the parallax since gu4.

After gu4 the parallax had a massive amount of bullet drop on it. For the planeside I would never use it on a ling range rifle.

Cromation's Info. Originally Posted by Grendel. BS, you're either trolling or you just missed. I regularly score headshot kills with my V10 all the way out to infantry render range. Originally Posted by Merzun. All bolt action rifles are the same. If your target doesn't die in VR then you didn't hit the head.

The waypoint is about Adam devine nude in front of target so the first shot is at about m. All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved. All other trademarks or tradenames are properties of their respective owners. Remember Me. Outfit Spotlight. About Us. Chat Room. Mark Forums Read. Recent Changes. Random Page. PlanetSide 2. Patch Notes. New Conglomerate. Terran Republic. Vanu Sovereignty. Outfit Leaderboard.

What is the best Vanu Sniper Rifle. Page 1 of 2. Thread Tools. HelpLuperza Corporal. SternLX Sergeant. Re: What is Best sniper planetside 2 best Vanu Sniper Rifle. Visit SternLX's homepage. Hamma PSU Admin. Pep Private.

CraazyCanuck First Best sniper planetside 2. Grendel Private. AnamNantom Master Sergeant. Juryrig Master Sergeant. Cromation Private. Originally Posted by Grendel BS, you're either trolling or you just missed. Originally Planstside by Merzun All bolt action rifles are the same. Posting Rules.


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Targanwolf , Oct 17, Eternaloptimist , May 17, XM98 - I often prefer this one over Parallax as it rechambers and reloads faster, its better suited if you wanna go and snipe people in CQC to extreme range.

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MrGrampybone , Oct 29, Per page: 15 30 Loading editor. A few tenths of a second may not seem like a lot, but for putting follow-up shots downrange it is.

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