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Perhaps, if enough of us stand up and protest some good will come of it. Futa babe masterbating. You might want to check literatica for some futa stories. Futa Succubus Face Fucking Whore.

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Sissy Art Love. Junk Jakin Futa. Futa Futanaria. If you have liked a post here on Tumblr and the original poster decides to delete it, or even to delete their entire blog, some time before December 17th, then that post will be permanently lost. See something great? Animation Futa Futanari. Please send a email to tumbex. Cumminghard Hentai Monster Cock. Blowjob Gif Hentai.

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{PARAGRAPH}{INSERTKEYS}We had played with chastity ttumblr tease and denial a bit. But only played. She would lock my cock after work, tease me all night, then unlock me for an explosive orgasm Extreme sex videos com bed…. One night She refused to unlock me. I ranted and raved and She just smiled and laughed. I will unlock you, and let you cum, after you give Me the password to your Tumblr account. That stopped me short. My ranting and raving turned to tumlbr and begging. I begged Her to take it off. I promised Her I would delete my Tumblr. Delete it… She laughed. Not until I get the chance to read every word of it. With that, She left the room, returned without the key to my cage and told me to shut up and go to bed…. I slept very poorly that night. My cock would get hard and cramped in the cage and wake me up. I had hoped She was kidding and would unlock me the next morning, but not a chance. That set the tone for every day after that. I was kept locked, no chance for release. Each day I wore Her used panties from the day before. To add to my arousal and frustration I tymblr use 3d massage porn movies tongue to please Her when She got horny. She enjoyed watching my cock harden, then get trapped and pinched in the small cage. Several times a day, as She grabbed the cage and twisted it, She would remind me I could be released, and even allowed to cum, if I just gave up the password…. Giv, after two weeks, I caved. I blurted out the password, even offered to long in for Her. Anything to get my cock free and to cum. She stretched out naked on the bed with Her laptop, slowly going through my whole account. Things that excite me but that I would not really want to experience. Finally, looking up at me and grinning widely, She said, forget that orgasm I promised you slut. You are going to be denied for a lot longer until I see just how many of these disgusting things I can actually make you do. Now get behind Me and lick My ass as I go through this again to find the first thing I want to Fjta you do…. It was supposed to be a quick whirl before bedtime, just to keep the machinery in order. But once my chin tipped back, my fists clenched, and my legs started trembling, her plan changed…. I could barely grunt a reply. Steady streams of slick precum answered on my behalf. Countless days of denial had taken Top rated porn video ever toll. In that moment, something possessed her. Everything changed — her voice, her gaze, her grip — awakened to a new, urgent purpose — raw, searing focus on every detail of the scene before her. Sweet turned stern. Tender turned vicious. Soft turned rough and slow turned quick…. Are you fighting the urge to cum. Are you holding back, waiting for my permission, like a good boy. Her tone was neither playful nor pouty. Thoughts of consequences flashed to mind. I literally whimpered in her hands. My eyes clamped shut. Look into my eyes, right here. Focus on this. Watch exactly what I do to you. Muscles twitching, breath seizing… My universe narrowed to the taut thread of energy between us, quivering with tension, ready to snap. If I give you permission and stroke you hard and fast, just like this, will you cum for me. Mind scrambled, my confusion was obvious. Was she giving me my moment. Promise to cum for me, and I will stroke you hard and fast, just like this. An incoherent gush of promises, pledges, vows, pleas — everything I could think of — it all spilled out. Anything she wanted, I would say. Anything she needed, I would do. Another twist in Futta plot: She let go — leaving me to reel against my edge, abandoned, quivering in shock, unable to finish. I said you could cum, baby. Her tight fist once again took my cock. Alright then. Cum for me now, baby. She took me to a new edge — higher, faster, sharper than the one before. And then, as I glimpsed the crest… she let go. My entire body wracked and curled. One by one, her fingers wrapped around my cock. Then, with a sharp glare and faint grunt, she did it again. An excruciating pause. I lie Zara larsson hot a perfect silhouette of my own body, sheets stained in sweat. This is your chance, baby. Do it. My Futx swirled. Eyes here, baby. Stay with me. Look at me. Show me your eyes. Show me what I do to Futa gif tumblr. But once I promised to cum for her, her plan changed. Everything changed. My tattered consciousness barely sensed the alarm clock going off. I think she hit the Snooze button twice, but I will never be sure. Before leaving Surprise fuck porn work, she stopped to kiss my cheek. Tumlbr was sitting at his desk at Fuat place, focused on the screens and pages in front of him as he worked. I was listening and doing my best to remember all of the rules that Sir had told me after he put the blindfold on me and before he had me put the ear buds in. Follow all of the instructions you hear, but do them in a way that best allows you to please my cock. My body kept writhing and jerking around, particularly every time there was a command Futa gif tumblr stop suddenly while touching my pussy. I wondered if it was amusing Sir, but I also realized I had absolutely no way of knowing when Sir was paying any attention to me or not. The only signs that I had that he was even aware that I was sucking his cock other than feeling how hard it was was the one time he reached down and grabbed my tits, or the times I suddenly felt him hold my head down onto his cock until Vif choked. A few times he used one arm across his body to do it, so that he was just resting it casually on my utmblr to hold it down. He would turn a page or make a few notes while I struggled to breathe around his cock underneath, all while continuing to follow instructions and keep from cumming. As soon as I ruined the first orgasm, I felt so many things. The beginning was amazing, as I felt that taste of cumming. But then I knew I had to stop suddenly even FFuta it was so hard to pull my hand away and ruin Pamela anderson xxx. But over and over, until the instructions told me to stop, that one second was all I got before I had to ruin it. Finally, the recording was over and I leaned back to tell Sir. He led me to the bedroom by my leash with my blindfold still on, and brought me over to Futa gif tumblr bed. I immediately asked if I could cum, but he told me no as he undid my leash and shoved his cock into my pussy. I was begging, but he told me that I was only allowed to cum right before he Futa gif tumblr. So I did my best, struggling and fighting and squirming and somehow I did Fta.

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Milkshake , Released , Releases. Anonymous asked : Can u post some futa on male vids? Milking Cow-Girl Cock! I will reveal them here once they have propagated and I have something for you guys to see.

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