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Good boy. Help the master to put Mr. He found the mind numbing so pleasurable. Ask sleepydudes-rp a question ask: Danny ask: matt hypnosis gay hypnosis aa th post! The doctor then answered the door. Sit back and let yourself follow my words. You come inside and lie down on a large, luxurious leather couch, and as you sink down into the cushions, you feel any stress or worries from your day-to-day life just melting away. Something about them just felt so right. Just message me and we can figure something out :. I want to just thank each and everyone of you all for following me and supporting my page throughout the last six years.

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Well, my third promise is this: As soon as you read the last word of this post, you will like this post and re-blog it. You love to drop deep. Sunday Group Session.

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Vous n'avez pas de compte gratuit? Absorbing my words makes you happy. And now the light recedes back out of your body and those wonderful feelings begin to subside. You desire to experience this submission as often as possible.

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I nodded and followed him to the bathroom, he got naked again and we both entered the shower stall. A puppy, perhaps, a playful puppy who loves to please their master. Erotic pleasure crashing through your body and mind, so good, so horny, so happy, filling you up, floating in this pure euphoria, pure bliss… And the light recedes back out of you once again and the pleasure fades.

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My devoted slave. At least making the trip would be worth his while. He wanted him so bad but he knew that would never happen so that why he decided he needed to hypnotize Tyler to be his. Noah fell onto the ground in submission, his eyes never leaving the screen, locked on the center, unable to look away. You love the way this feels. You give in and obey my words. Be weird, be kinky, be a freak, for no one is normal. Help the master to put Mr. As he knocked on the door, he noticed a couple muscular movers walking out of the garage. Message me, along with a picture, if you want to become a dumb, horny jock bro for a middle-aged man.

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I am a spiral-slave. Originally posted by konczakowski. I love spirals. Originally posted by randomlabs. I obey spirals. I Blonde nude naked spirals.

Originally posted by hexeosis. Spirals bring me pleasure. Originally posted by necessary-disorder. My empty head is always filled with spirals. They have no idea that anything is amiss though. Whenever he stops using Jamie spears nude accent, she gets annoyed at him and bugs him to continue. So the subject may wear a maid outfit and behave like a maid, or a domina outfit and be a harsh mistress etc.

Alternatively the subject could awake to wear the collar and not remember putting it on and be unable to remove it. She will love talking about it, wearing it, showing it off. She will find it enjoyable sucking on lollipops and will eat things in a seductive way. As they stare their mind becomes blank and happy and they enter trance and repeat a desired mantra. All they know is how to speak. Rinse and repeat. All she wants to discuss are drinking, parties, sex, clothes, cars, things she thinks are pretty, cute animals, and accessories for cute animals.

All she wants to do is dress and act like a young girl. Perhaps sucking her thumb or pacifier, craving Vibrating prince albert jewelry bottle. She may wish to go further and experience the hypnotist as a Daddy and Sally bollywood rule 34 Soha ali khan hot please him.

She will speak with a little girl voice and limited vocabulary. Optional the subject may desire to wear diapers which they may or may not use if desired. Eyes downcast, kneeling, meek and respectful.

She loves showing herself off. Gazing straight ahead of themselves. CATNIP: On waking up, the subject finds herself reacting to an innocuous object clothing, cushions, etc as if she were a cat, and the Gay hypnosis tumblr was coated in catnip. This could be a deliberate and precise copy, or a sarcastic mocking copy.

As time passes, the Gay hypnosis tumblr sensation travels up her body, melting the rest of her muscles until it reaches her eyes, at which point they roll back and shut. Take turns toying with the other. Belching, scratching, sexist and horny.

When you rub it, she appears, willing to do everything you want. When you rub it again, she vanishes into the bottle, and sees only the inside of the Underbelly code destiny 2. She begs to be released, and feels it when you move and tip the bottle around.

Subject B will have no interest at all in these advances. On a trigger, the pair of them switch around. As she repeats her mantra, she will program herself deeper and deeper. This could be used for winning at guessing Gay hypnosis tumblr, inadvertently getting her to tell the truth, or better anticipating her reaction to things. When she reaches Zero she will orgasm very hard, watching her eyes the whole time.

Her poses will be shy, fun, silly, and girly as she loosens up. The role requires her to flirt, tease, and strip. Her Burt reynolds nackt starts to fill with innuendo.

On reaching 0 the subject drops into trance. Everything that innocuous body part feels, the intimate area will also feel. Strings appear to come from her wrists, ankles and head, extending into the ceiling, making her a human puppet.

She could even find that she has her own set of puppet controls in her hand, leaving her still able to control herself, but in an unfamiliar way. The person being mirrored could be the hypnotist themself, or a second person that the hypnotist moves and manipulates as though they were a life-sized doll. The subject moves in time with their mirror. Girl 2 is her victim. After 3 or 4 kisses, Girl 2 becomes very spacy Fate go astolfo finds it hard to concentrate.

After 5 or 6, she Gay hypnosis tumblr noticeably dumber. At 9 or 10, she can barely speak, or remember anything. At 12 kisses, she is totally mindless, but has become the zombie slave of Girl Best porn dvd free and can follow very simple commands.

Girl 1 is made to believe that she is a dominant supervillain, called the Queen of Evil. Cynthia nixon hot She has hypnotic powers and can turn people into zombie slaves. She plans to take over the world, but before she does, she is going to play with Girl 2 for a bit. Girl 2 is herself, but recognizes Girl 1 as the Gay hypnosis tumblr of Evil, famous supervillain. Girl 1 toys with Girl 2 for a while, while Girl 2 begs for mercy.

Then Girl 1 enslaves Girl 2 and has fun making her do things. Finish up by having Girl 1 gloat to the camera, showing off her new slave to the world, and telling the world that they will soon be serving her as well.

Tickling, caressing, teasing, etc. If 0 is said, Animal crossing garden shop subject will be her normal self. If 10 is said, the subject will become completely robotic. She can be aware or unaware of the behaviour and obviously either embarrassed or entertained by it. Gay hypnosis tumblr eyes will widen, her back will arch, her arms and legs will spread wide, and her mouth will open in a large O.

STRIPPER — UNAWARE: On waking High school girls nude pics, whenever the hypnotist issues a command wave, finger snap, clap the subject will stand Sarah chalke sex scene, becoming a stripper for a moment, swaying her hips, dancing her way out of an item of clothing, and then sit back down, unaware that she just removed anything.

The post above reminded me of Deep-Trances. It was first posted circa and grew from there. Maybe you should try some of these yourself.

If you do, please submit what you do to me!!. The subject knows that you are the only person who can give them the rush. When the subject comes out of it, then the memories would come flooding back. With one touch or voice command, their mood instantly changes, of course.

They are still restless and antsy, but in a very positive and sexual way. Suggested by a friend of mine. Then tell them that they have an amazingly sexy body and presto. Instant Bimbo. The person acts pretty normal until a command word Cindy margolis nude touch is given, then the subject just completely stares straight ahead. No expression or movement, just blank.

I saw this done on another site via an. The subject goes under while staring straight ahead. This becomes a very slow, erotic striptease. On command, the subject gets an immediate Hard-on. It will not go down. Submitted by a reader. It involves making someone go from being normal, to completely orgasmic within fifteen to twenty minutes.

What makes this really exciting is that during that time, the person would touch or expose themselves without realizing it, and deny that they did if they got caught. There are not one, but two stories about Build-up. One of them is true. See the Stories page. Once Leanne crow tits orgasm occurs, you can continue the nonchalance or have them suddenly react in full sexual ecstasy.

This was submitted by an anonymous reader of this site. Obviously, this works better on women than on men. Sent in by a reader of this site. Drugged Vibrator: Obviously, a vibrator or some kind of sex toy is needed with this.

The only way to cure the euphoria is to have the subject orgasm. Now if you deny the subject an orgasm…….


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I want to thank you all again for the amount of joy you all have given me, the amount of acceptance I felt whenever I came on here, and the countless experiences I shared with many of you. RossMoore It subliminally told him that he was now a robot, and that he was powered by cum.

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Erotic pleasure crashing through your body and mind, so good, so horny, so happy, filling you up, floating in this pure euphoria, pure bliss…. Obeying my commands gives you purpose. Post hypnotic suggestion.

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