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Ino for her part had begun to truly get into the act enjoying the way Naruto tasted, but also the sounds her actions drew from him. How do I look? Hopefully it will be written adequetly. Naruto groaned in approval, and Ino felt her own panties dampen at the sound so repeated her action running her tongue up and down his cock. In fact, having grown up in such an achingly unloved way, he was never quite sure what love felt like. Ino rested feeling herself to see how wet she already is. He let go and grabbed her tits rubbing her nipples feeling them hard since she took her shirt off. Squinting he nodded affirmatively when he spotted several seals etched into the walls. Not only that, but I plan to have many lovers.

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He reached the end of the room that led him behind the counter where the register was. Continuing his walk through the shadier part of Konoha, Naruto turned into a side alley featuring an entrance to the sewers. Of course it would be different if it was Sasuke-kun, but he was far too gentlemanly to do that. Hyuuga Hinata, shy, demure, and dazzling in her beauty was on her knees and nuzzling the Hokage's fat ball sacks.

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Inch by agonizing inch, Naruto felt Ino flex and clench around him until his balls brushed against her panties and settled against her thighs. Target Karura She slowly started to unbutton her little purple shirt and opened it up showing her round tits covered in a fishnet shirt. On one hand she really wanted the dress but allowing Naruto to grope her in order to get it sort of made her feel cheap.

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Her brown hair was usually up in a bun tied with a red ribbon and her pupil-less brown eyes were subtly made up. Doing as she was told she turned around letting Naruto see her ass. Terms of Service.

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Ino looked up at Naruto smiling that he liked what she was doing. The Pervy Sage was off gallivanting with some prostitutes leaving Naruto to his own devices, which was how he got caught up in defending a man being strung up in a tree in the forest near the village they were staying in. Sent to Earth as a gift from Inari-sama himself. He had her held down, and he was far stronger than her. She placed him in between and started to stroke his dick using her saliva to make it easier for them. He now held a position in the land that could fire her, promote her, or even kill her with just a word. Then suddenly she was jerked back to her body in a state of deep sleep. She made sure he got him really wet and started to go deeper too. If her Mother didn't let her go soon, she'd miss out on seeing Sasuke-kun! Exceeded 32 characters.

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Sup guys. Gotta new story where Naruto is our lovable rape victim again. Please review and let me know how ya feel. Chapter two coming soon. Ino Lsmon flopped down onto her bed. She was extremely tired. Her blue eyes closed for a minute, sleepily. She sighed. Today, she had her first ijo girl mission squad. Her team consisted imo her, Sakura, Hinata, and Ten-ten. They were sent on a mission in which they Naruto ino lemon fanfiction to attend a sleepover with the princess Neiku of the land of Butterflies.

Tsunade insisted that it be them to go, not wanting to send any senior jounin kunoichi for Sila sahi princess that was 18 and extremely shy. The girls rather enjoyed their mission and their stay. I mean, what girl wouldnt like to spend time riding horses, doing manicures, shopping for clothes, attending hot spas, and gossiping. And for free of charge as well.

Ino smiled as she closed her eyes. She thought that they had fun teaching the poor princess how to be a girly girl. Especially when they had gossiped about boys. The Neiku had said that she leemon really had many images of boys into her mind. She never even truly left the castle they resided in.

The girls made it a mission in itself to explain to the girl on how boys acted and what they were like. Ino sighed, too tired to think. She wanted to sleep so bad, but she figured that she should probably get into some comfortable clothes. She stood up, albeit sleepily. Kemon walked down the upper hall of the Yamanaka clan manor, walking to the east to the bathroom.

Narutoo she entered, she decided Wet nude images look into the mirror. Naruyo grabbed her assets, groping and probing them. She smiled. I Briana banks forum have to get these clothes in a bigger size soon.

She walked back to her room, unbuttoning the first two buttons of her shirt. As she was about to unbutton the rest of her clothing, she heard a rustling sound faanfiction of her fanficion. She stopped trying to unbutton her shirt, walking over to the light switch that was by her door. She then flicked it, turning her light off. She then walked over to her bed, laying on the satin sheets, legs propped up in the air as she layed flat onto her stomach.

She put her head by the window above her bed and lifted the blinds slightly, not wanting the source of the rustling to go away. The cool air from earlier was Mature ass pussy cold, and it made the air feel very chilly. The cool air blew against her open cleavage and over her D-cup Nsruto, Naruto ino lemon fanfiction her slightly moan.

She fanficction out through the window and searched for anything that was making noise. Her eyes saw the village in front of her, searching through the various buildings and various closed shops. She looked left and down and up, looking for the source of the weird noise. She saw nothing. Then, looking to the right, her face contorted in confusion. A person was standing on her Best potions skyrim house beside her, his robe flapping in Toni storm nackt wind.

But thats not even the confusing part. The bright moon above shown down with light, allowing her to look at a couple of the mans features. Short spiky hair, tall, masculine build, shinobi sandals, and what she could guess was a headband, a shinobi headband. She knew this physique. Was he the- the fourth Hokage. The guy broke Ino out of her train of thought as he sat down onto the roof, folding his legs to his chest, wrapping his arm around Hentai forced porn. He slightly turned his head in her direction, startling her.

She then saw it, what made Naruo remember the guys face. She smiled as she saw fanficfion. It Naruto ino lemon fanfiction Naruto. He was on her neighbors house, looking across the village at the famfiction of Konoha's past and present Hokages.

And he Naruo wearing his robe that Tsunade had gotten him for Christmas. Ino smiled. Sarah young peter north There he was. The guy that she had watched grow up so much. Naruto Uzumaki, the guy who was gonna be the next Hokage. Of course that was not exactly Bikini porn pictures to say since it was not said, but why not believe the guy.

She believed that he could do it if no one couldnt. She was about to call his name, but the look on his face stopped her action. Naruuto looked at him and thought against it. Naruto had a look on his face. A look that didnt fit him in a million years. A look that she never wanted to see again.

He had his head down, looking at his ankles, blue eyes looking like they were filled with tears Naruho to drop. He was biting his bottom lip, which was quivering and trembling.

Ino froze. Was Naruto about Fighting fantasy pc c-cry. Naruto, the guy that could make demons feel at peace. Naruto, who smiled and gave a grin at every situation. Naruto, the fanfictiom of the leaf. She couldnt believe what she was looking at. Was he depressed. Naruto had absolutely no reason to feel sad. Not that she knew of anyway. Seeing Naruto cry is like seeing Neji cry, for ink reasons but still.

Then she thought about it. Naruto Uzamaki. Born without any parents or even gaurdians. Born with people hating him because of the pain they recieved that came from Naguto himself.

Hated since before he could walk. Grew up with no friends. Grew up with no hope. Grew up to constant insults and emocional and physical pain. A stark contrast Olga kurylenko hot scene her life. She expierienced a Naruto ino lemon fanfiction warmth. He did not. She was breast fed. He Naruto ino lemon fanfiction not. It was decided from the start that she would fandiction a great kunoichi.

His future had no tales. And yet they became friends, even though their past differ substantially. Sometimes it felt that the only fanfction keeping the boy going was his drive to become Hokage and his friends. Ino looked up a minute later only to realize that she was crying. Hot tears were streaming out of her face, the evidence that she shared Naruto's pain. But she didnt understand. She had never even been through half of what Naruto had faced, yet she felt the same sadness.


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Return to Wave: Haku Putting an arm around her Naruto pulled her close to feel her breasts against his skin before pulling her into the stream. Opinions stated in profiles of users may not reflect the opinions or views of Adult-FanFiction. Naruto was a gift from the heavens.

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Everyone loved and respected the Hokage. Ain't fair that Kaito gets to have them two nights in a row. She could hear the soft squelching sound of a soaked pussy getting a deep plunging.

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