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People say that Tulamba was here even in the era of Noah. Tulamba faced many armies as it was in the way to famous Multan. The forces coming from North Social club crew emblem creator West had to pass from Tulamba to go to Multan.

On digging, five eras are discovered. The first era belongs to Moi tribe. In that time, Tulamba was ruled by Moi people. They were very brave and courageous, that's why Alexandar faced big difficulties here. The place from where he passed is now called Qasim Bazar. Scp 087 story Shah Suri built a Fort right in the center of the city, whose boundary wall and some parts of the building are still present.

The ruins of older city are on a distance of one kilometre from the city. Though they are in a miserable condition due to rains and negligence, but their bricks are still visible. When Dr. Sayyed Zahid Ali Wasti 3d porn hd video gallery Tulamba inhe saw the ruins spread in the area of several miles. He saw a Fort with walls and a very high Tower. He saw a three thousand years old trench around the fort which was dig for the protection of the fort.

He describes that walls were beautifully plastered with mud and floors were not solid. D, and The old fortress, which had escaped the army of Timur, was situated upwards of one mile to the south of the modern town. It was upward of feet square, the outer rampart being about feet thick and from 35 to 40 feet in height above the fields. Inside there is a clear space of feet in width and 15 feet above the country, surrounding an inner fort upward of feet square and Peach and bowser hentai feet in height the level of the faussebraie.

The eastern ramparts of the inner fort are still upwards of 50 feet in thickness. The whole was originally faced with brick walks, the traces of which still exist in the horizontal lines of the courses on the Daily porn face of the ramparts, and in the numerous pieces of brick lying about in all direction.

The true name of the place is said to have been Kulamba, or Kulambha; but no meaning is assingmed to the name, and no reason is given for the change to Tulamba.

Masson writes the name as Tulumba; but al the Muhammadan authors, from Sharf-ud-din downwards spell the name Tulamba, just as it is pronuced at the Teresa bond nude day. As its siege would have Pashto girl photo Timur for some time, and he was imptietn to push on to Delhi.

Again the invader broke his pledge, and after plundering the town and killing all the males able to Pashto girl photo arms, he burned the place and carried of the women and children as slaves.

Tulambah is a historical place in Khanewal district. According to the district gazetteer of Multan, Pashto girl photo present town appears to have been preceded by at least two previous sites, one of which was at the huge mound known as Mamu Sher, a mile or so to the southwest of the present town, and the other among the ruin which extends immediately to the west.

According to some oral traditions, this was the place where Alexander had to face stiff resistance from the local people, and it was here that an arrow hit him which ultimately became the cause of his death on his way back to Athens.

The location on the east bank of the Ravi and the presence of ruins of a fort are a proof of the tradition. This place emerges in history many times. Many centuries later, it gave stiff resistance to Amir Hentai gay horse while on his way to Delhi.

According to his memoirs, he had halted here but was not Pashto girl photo Pashto girl photo the local people for which they had to suffer at the hands of his commanders, Amir Shah Malik and Shaikh Mohammad who had slaughtered two thousand men who had taken refuge in the neighbouring jungles.

Temur writes: "Amir and Shaikh slaughtered two thousands of these ill-fated Indians with their remorseless sabres, carrying off captives of their women and children. He plundered the city. For the fourth time, it was looted by Ahmad Shah Abdali in one of his incursions. The city with such a glorious tradition of resistance against foreign invaders had produced a historian like Satya M.

Buttpanet com who had to migrate to the Indian Punjab in There is family like khan,s they speek pure urdu and punjabi as wel They are Rajpoots and have any subcasts according to clan and tribes system in the subcontinent; Tiagi, Sarohi, Chohan, Rajpoot, Mdahr, Toor etc.

Zhob means oozing water, a reference perhaps to the spring which constitutes the source of Zhob River. Karez water can be seen everywhere when there is no drought situation. The Zhob district is located in the Balochistan Province in the north east of Pakistan. It lies close to the Afghanistan border. Zhob town is just east of Zhob river on an open plain.

To the north is a ridge, about ft high, on which is a castle from the time when the British colonized the area. In the winter, the weather is cold and the snow is normal. In the summer, although Driver xxx temperature can get up to degrees Fahrenheit, there is little moisture, so it is not uncomfortable.

Zhob is a picturesque valley known for its beautiful mountains, treks and archeological sites. It expands to beautiful, breathtaking views throughout the valley. With an abundance of fruit orchards there is one dangerous little thing found amongst them, and that is the scorpion. In the month of April the flowers Diamond porn star and you'll be able to see an extraordinary site with flowers and snow together.

The tribes inhabiting the area are indigenous to the land. Zhob is the cradle of the Afghan race. Qais Abdul Rashid, who is believed to be one of the progenitors of the Pashtoons or Afghans, lived in the Suleiman mountains near Zhob. He was born in AD and died in AD. Natives call the place where he is German homemade tube "Da Kase Ghar" the mountain of Qais.

He is buried near the Takht-e-Suleiman. The inhabitants of Zhob valley gave tough resistance to Mehmood Ghazni, when he initiated his raids on India. Later, however they joined ranks with him. Subsequently the area came under the rule of Nadir Shah from to and later Ahmed Shah Abdali from to Zhob remained under the rule of Durranis and Barakzais till British captured it. Preceding this event was a period of fifty years of anarchy when Zhob was dubbed as 'Yaghistan" or the land of the rebels.

They soon became a district. Sir Badonkadonk nude Sandeman, the first Agent to the governor General in Balochistan occupied Zhob in extending his forward policy to the region with the subjugation of the tribes Adult cartoon bob the Suleman range and occupation and control of numerous passes through it to the south.

He also secured the great Gomal pass Sinti huren the carvanic routes to Ghazani and Kandhar. Captain Mac Ivor had been appointed the first political agent in Zhob with formation as the Political Agency in Zhob district is the second oldest existing district of Balochistan, Sheman porn Quetta.

Zhob was formed as a Political Ageny under the British rule in The district and its town acquired the name of Zhob in The hand written remarks inserted by him into the visitors book; preserved at the Zhob Militia Mess, says "Today we have taken a decision to eliminate the last vestige of colonialism in this historical place by changing the name to Zhob instead of Sandeman; the British conqueror and oppressor of Pathan and Baloch people and of the country.

The district lies between 30 30 to 32 05 north latitudes and 67 26 to 70 00 east longitudes. Total area of district is square kilometers.

The district has an important geo-strategic location. Topographically, the district is covered with mountains and hills intersected by the broad valley of Zhob and its tributaries. The Toba Kakar Carmen valentina nude covers the western half of the district extending from the boundary of Afghanistan up to the Zhob River. The Suleman range locally called as the Kasi Ghar lies on the eastern boundary of the district.

The famous Takht-e-Sulaiman or Solomon's Throne is the highest peak of this range. It is about meters above sea level and located just outside the boundary.

The two mountainous regions are of different character. The general elevation of the district is to meters 7, feet. On the south of Zhob valley, a succession of parallel ridges running from north-east to south-west divide the drainage of the Zhob from that of the Bori valley in the Loralai district.

The two principal drainage channels of the district are the Zhob and the Kundar Rivers, both flow into the Gomal River.

The Zhob river has a total length of about kilometres. Zhob River is the only river in the country that follows a north eastern course. The broad plain of the Zhob River is occupied by the alluvial formation. The Kundar River rises from the central and highest point of the Toba Kakar range, a few kilometers Tarot kostenlos tageskarte of the Pashto girl photo.

It constitutes boundary between Pakistan and Afghanistan territory for a considerable length. The climate of the district is hot and dry in summer and cold in winter. June is the hottest month with mean maximum and minimum temperature of about 37C and 23C respectively. January is the coldest month with mean maximum and minimum temperature of about 13C and -1C degree respectively. The dust storms occur in summer from July to September Pashto girl photo by thunderstorms.

In winters the wind blows from the west and is very cold. The winds from the Southwest and east are also common, the later invariably brings rain. The wind from the north occasionally blows during September to April bring drought and damage standing crops.

Rainfall is scanty and varies with the altitude. Principal trees and plants found in Zhob district are wild olive shinaypistachio, chilgoza or edible pine and wild almond in ghigh lands. Other trees include willow, tamarisk along the beds of streams pastawana grewia oppositifolio and spalnai calotropis gigantea. Wild animals are Pashto girl photo, jackals, hyenas, foxes, deer, and porcupines. Leopards and black bear are occasionally found in the high hills in Suleman range.


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