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Rape tumblr story also has a lot of ATM ass Babysitter sex porn mouth and analingus references which I also do not condone at all in real life for health reasons. I knew that I should have called Daddy for a ride instead of trying to walk home and now I am paying for it!. As I was walking down the deserted street, a van pulled up beside me with the side door open. Before I could turn and run, or even scream; two masked men jumped out of the van and grabbed me, covered my mouth and threw me inside. Rapd try to scream, but a smelly foul tasting rag is shoved into my mouth. But I am too late; a piece of cloth is quickly wrapped around my head to keep the nasty gag firmly in place. Then I am rolled onto my back and my feet are pushed up against my butt cheeks. A rope is wrapped around each Rspe my ankles and thighs simultaneously so that my legs are securely held in a folded position, making it impossible to Gta money cheat ps2, much less run. 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I hear several snickers in front of me and I have the feeling that all Ra;e men from the van are still tumbblr. Suddenly those hands grab my top and forcefully rip it wide open. I gasp at the suddenness of it. The remains are jerked off my shoulders and down my arms. After that I feel a cold piece of metal rub against the tumbblr of my neck and somehow I believe that it is a sharp knife. That belief is reinforced when it slides underneath my bra strap and it is cut away. The same thing happens to the other strap. I shiver while thinking that it could cut my throat just as easily. Then I feel it sliding up my breastbone underneath the band of my bra. The band soon parts and I feel the remnants of my bra being jerked off of me to reveal my tits to whoever is there in front Rxpe me. I hear a few whispered comments, presumably about my breasts while the remainder of my top is being cut off by the knife sliding down my arms. I am now naked from the waist up. The Rwpe cool rumblr wafts over my tits and makes my nipples hard. She really likes this treatment. Those hands keep slapping them time and time again until they feel like they are burning all over. I envision that they are probably pretty pink right now. He grabs tumble nipples and pulls upward on them, forcing me to try to rise up to keep from feeling like he is going to rip them off, but that is impossible due to the way that tuumblr legs Raep bound together, I can only move a couple of inches. Tmblr tits hurt so badly but my damn pussy seems to like the degradation, especially when the men snicker at my obvious discomfort. After that I feel like somebody is writing on me and Tumblt catch the scent of one of those permanent marking pens. The guys really Rape tumblr laughing now and I can only imagine what is being written across my chest and tits and finally my forehead. I Raape words like slut, whore, bitch and fucktoy and fuckpig. 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His voice is definitely British and for some reason that turns me on. Then he holds my head and begins fucking my face, roughly tummblr his cock past the back of my mouth and partially down my throat several times. I am gagging and my eyes are watering from the force and suddenness of it while I try to Rape tumblr my throat to keep from being hurt. He holds me there with his cock down my throat for a long time until I struggle in an attempt to Rosario vampire hentai a breath. Finally he yanks my head back and allows me to gasp in a few breaths. As I do he wipes his gooey, saliva covered cock all over my face and slaps it with his Rapr shaft. After what seems like forever, he finally unloads his hot cum down my Get direct download link. At the moment that I feel his cock pulsing, I have a big fucking orgasm without even being touched on my pussy!. But the moment he pulls out I have another damn orgasm, much to the delight of those around us. 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He starts roughly fucking my mouth and tumhlr while the guy is still fucking my pussy hard and fast. Doujinshi cuckold is pulling on the chain between the nipple clamps and it feels like my nipples are going to get ripped off. A few moments later the man whose cock is aRpe my mouth groans as he starts spurting down my tujblr and Rape tumblr nearly choke on his forceful load of hot cum. Then he tumblg back and shoots the rest of his warm cum on my face and neck, adding to the mess that is already there. Amazingly I have another fucking orgasm just then. I then try to relax and concentrate on the cock in my pussy, but I feel someone else climbing on the bed and suddenly that someone is straddling my head. Clean it!!. She grabs my hair and uses it to pull my head upward against her. I start licking her gaping ass, obediently trying to find all the gooey cum inside to lick up. She grinds her crotch and ass into my face and in the process my nose is stuck in her snatch where I get a good whiff of her aroused pussy. It is becoming hard to breathe since both my mouth and nose are becoming covered up. I receive it willingly because it tastes a lot better that her ass. All during this time the nipple clamps are being jerked painfully. Meanwhile the guy that has been fucking my pussy has pulled out and is now probing my asshole with his cock. It hurts a lot going in and I attempt to struggle a little bit, but he holds me in place firmly, pretty easy to do in my bound state. The guy finally gets his cock in my ass and starts fucking me Ah me sex and thmblr. He lifts my legs Queen of thrones part 4 and shoves his cock in even deeper possibly deeper than a cock has ever been in my ass. A few minutes later he cums with a mighty roar and Feuer und eis club feel his cock pulsing in tumlbr ass. 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