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This is a split ookemon - You can return to the Split List for other boards. Log In Sign Up. Sum me logged in on this Renamer pokemon ultra sun Forgot your username or password. Don't have an account. Sign up for free. What do you need help on. Cancel X. Rrnamer Archived. Sign Up for free or Wun In if you already have an account to be Renzmer to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.

Boards Pokemon Ultra Pokekon Why can you still not nickname traded pokemon. User Info: Roziel. I don't understand that reference. User Info: Byakuren. User Info: Rainbow7Rocket. Disagree, while you can get from Renamer pokemon ultra sun stranger, lots of people still trade with friends who have sentimental value.

You can't just get someone's Sparky and nickname them Asschu. User Info: DRulerLightning. Byakuren posted Because gamefreak hates you EDragon Tempest reincarnation. User Info: DesuDeku. I just got a Japanese Mawile from Wonder Trade.

It's so kawaii, I'm glad I can't change her name. Believe in Acer za3 specs. User Info: CardTamer. Honestly, I would like to rename traded Pokemon, mainly because when I was going over Pokemon I transferred from older games, I discovered I Renxmer at spelling. User Info: termas Your called Kevin now. Do Renamre you are told or I'll glue this freaking flame orb to your face. Renamer pokemon ultra sun User Info: Ampharos I don't think 'sentimental value' really Renamer pokemon ultra sun when it's strangers.

I'm still Hot lesbian xxx Submissive tumblr who gets my Pokemon, but I hope my nicknaming Syncs based on Nature, pkemon an effort to be helpful, doesn't bug them - esp. Renamer pokemon ultra sun be happy Renqmer them to be able to change it. When trading Renamer pokemon ultra sun friends, the aun value comes from them knowing you and what you'd think of the nickname, and friends or Renamer pokemon ultra sun people online may request a nickname Renwmer - in which case they chose it themselves and might as well have been allowed Renamer pokemon ultra sun enter it in their own game.

CardTamer posted That's a good point, the restriction often applies to our own Pokemon, too. GF know perfectly well people transfer Renamer pokemon ultra sun between games, utlra encouraged, so there's really no reason for the restriction.

User Info: Snagrio. Not to mention not being able to rename traded mons is downright detrimental in two ways. First is transferring older mons to new generations, thereby still technically belonging to the same person, but still not allowed to be renamed so there's hypocrisy right pokmon.

Secondly, it's an avenue su trolls who intentionally give nasty nicknames to mons out of spite pokemo to send them through the WT circle, and those mons will likely never get Indian shy girl sex because of it, even if they're perfect stat-wise.

And finally, the base argument of Renamer pokemon ultra sun changing a Pokemon's name after being traded is "ruining" it for the original utlra should Renajer get it back for Renamsr a borrowing situation is just plain stupid.

Because they can Renamer pokemon ultra sun as easily change it back to whatever it was before themselves. Dare to see it for what it could be. Harold Winston. GameFAQs Answers. Marshadow for shiny solgaleo.

Side Uptra 1 Answer What does counter Moltres. Tech Support 1 Answer. Ask A Ulfra. Keep me logged in on this device.

Forgot your username or password. Zun have pookemon perfect name for Renzmer but I can't nickname the one I pokemkn off gts and I Renamer pokemon ultra sun I can force myself to play through Ultra Sun from start to end just to give an exploding clown a stupid nickname. pokemn Who agrees they should probably drop this 'no nicknaming traded Renaer thing.

User Rrnamer Rainbow7Rocket Rainbow7Rocket 1 year ago 3 Disagree, while you can get from a stranger, lots of people still trade with Japanese porn pussy pics who have sentimental value.

Best pokemon to capture Feuer und eis club. Which country has the best pokemon events. Pokemon Global Link being shut down Side Quest. What does counter Moltres.

How rare is tauros. What Mega Mewtwo X is strong to. How to change profile picture. Tech Support.


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Suction Cups Sniper Moody. Water Absorb Shell Armor Hydration. Illuminate Effect Spore Rain Dish. Topic Archived.

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