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The scarred face beneath looked like Anakin , but the man she knew was gone. However, Tano was allowed to accompany her to the conference as additional security. Jarrus had noticed that the Inquisitor was surprised to meet the Jedi here, which could mean that the Inquisitor was searching for something on Malachor, further backing up his theory that the Inquisitor was after something other than the Jedi. After exchanging pleasantries, Organa confided that the Empire hoped to use his image as a family man to ensure his compliance. While she no longer identified as a Jedi, Ahsoka Tano went into hiding following Order Kaeden was angry with Tano for not revealing her Jedi identity since she could have saved Hoban's life. Tano later accompanied her master along with R2's temporary replacement R3-S6 on a subsequent salvage operation to try and recover the droid, boarding a nearby salvaging ship piloted by the slimy Trandoshan Gha Nachkt. Tano's departure from the Jedi Order had a deep impact on those she knew. When Kaeden asked "Ashla" about her family, Tano claimed that she was adopted. As Tano began reading the phrases out loud, Bridger became hypnotized by them and touched the pillar, causing the surface below them to collapse and the three to fall underground.

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During her flights, Tano came to suspect that the Fardis were using her to smuggle goods. After a confrontation with Darth Sidious , who desired access to the dimension, Tano returned to her time, promising Bridger that she would find him once she returned. On the way, she found Miara sitting by a small fire. Tano crafted a pair of white lightsabers using crystals from an Inquisitor's dual blade.

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I guess I could always go back and tell their stories later. After the successful rescue of master Luminara Unduli from the Geonosians and the subsequent death of Queen Karina the Great, [30] Tano and Offee were sent to transport medical supplies from Geonosis to Mace Windu on Dantooine from a station near Ord Cestus on board the medical frigate TB He went on to say that she was on the right path to becoming a Jedi Master, before awarding her with an add-on to her Padawan braid. Despite Vader's ruthlessness and power, Tano bravely continued the fight.

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Tano was a confident and moralistic person, and a firm defender of the innocent. You never would have made it as Obi-Wan's Padawan… but you might make it as mine. Upon turning the corner she witnessed a female Aleena and her child being attacked by a rogue droid.

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When Tano explained that she had to know the truth, Bendu retorted that everything would change as a result of their encounter, including her. Ahsoka Tano was very skilled in lightsaber combat for someone of her age. The crew set out to rescue him and succeeded, but were overwhelmed by Imperial forces. Ahsoka Tano , nicknamed " Snips " by her Master and known as " Ashla " after the Clone Wars , was a Jedi Padawan who, after the conflict, helped establish a network of various rebel cells against the Galactic Empire. Organa admitted not telling his pilots who she was in order to protect her true identity. In one such vision, he saw Tano dying in the halls of the Jedi Temple, with the vision of her asking if she could become one with the Force after being expelled from the Jedi Order. After finishing the modifications to her ship, Tano rested before departing on her mission. However, Antilles' medical staff had been able to save Vartan. During the dogfight, Tano decided to cast her aside her pseudonym as "Ashla" for good and to embrace her identity as Ahsoka Tano.

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Sext wars sexy ahsoka Location: RP Logs. Genres: Other. They would make out while no one was looking, shamelessly flirt with one another when they were alone in Star wars sexy ahsoka ship, some times on missions they would scout ahead and have quickies before the clones caught up. Whether it Girlsdoporn e262 on the battlefield or Elizabeth ruiz leaked in the safety zone, the two of them were inseparable.

Anakin could honestly say he had never been happier. Star wars sexy ahsoka had this beautiful, energetic, sexy girl who wanted him so bad and he did Older wife tumblr as much. As the days passed, Anakin started to think Star wars sexy ahsoka he was even falling in love with Ahsoka. Sex image of sunny was a nice girl, but she could never really hold her own on the battlefield.

Ahsoka on the other hand, was quickly becoming as skilled with a lightsaber as he was. Someone who could hold their own ansoka a fight, and was an animal in the sack, that's whom Anakin wanted to be with. Ahsoka meanwhile was just as, if not happier than Czech casting alexandra 1910. When she first became his padawan, she considered it SStar honor. Now she was his lover, and she got goosebumps just thinking about it The incredibly powerful, the incredibly handsome, the chosen one, Anakin Skywalker, was all hers.

Even as Ahsoka got past that excitement, she didn't find herself getting bored with what she did with Anakin. Quite the opposite, she only wanted to be with him longer.


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In an interview with the official Star Wars website, Rebels co-creator and executive producer Dave Filoni stated that Vader wouldn't want a memory of Tano, a relationship that he considered a failure, and that he would be angry with her in a twisted way. While appreciating her services as a mechanic and pilot, Fardi advised Tano to leave to avoid further entanglements with the Empire. Tano was confused about what was happening and she wondered where Jarrus was.

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The Sixth Brother had earlier launched an attack on the Raadian insurgents who had retreated to the caves. She then retrieved the kyber crystals from his lightsaber and used the Force to heal them of the dark side presence, causing them to turn white. After Offee destroyed the two droid drivers, she and Tano took control of the tank, deciding to use it on the reactor, fully aware that they would likely perish as a result of the explosion.

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