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All his movies seemed to be aimed at pre-teen girls. Fucker has it all, doesn't he? I am 14 years old and gay, but I wouldn't mind if he stole my virginity right here right now!!! Now, how is it the world's fault for noticing? Do you think he is cut or uncut? R31, do you do much reading comprehension? The 3rd one is fake but trust me the first 2 are real. For me, he only needs to keep his penis up and in good shape for about an hour. He will be 18 on February

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Jay April 24, at am Reply. Dude u are a 14 year old basically looking up porn Anonymous June 13, at PM.

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Anonymous October 10, at PM. The reality is that in over half the US states, he's legal. Anonymous March 22, at PM. Must we waste time on lochness celeb peen.

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You can talk about girls on television that have kissed. I want him to fuck me till he cums In me and ride that monster cock! Anonymous May 7, at PM.

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Anonymous October 26, at AM. The posters here are disgusting. Jon April 24, at am Reply. How do we know he even has a penis? Anonymous March 7, at AM. Anonymous May 29, at AM. Is that an accurate assessment?

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But how does he get so fit. By hitting the gym, like he was yesterday wearing some loose sweats. Click to enlarge Photos: Bauer Griffin.

This borders on kiddie porn and is completely inappropriate. Please check yourself before you wreck yourself. Try to tell that to some of the other posters who regularly toss the word pedophile about on these threads with wild abandon. And yes, 17 year-old men have penises.

And Taylor lautner big dick, snapping a photo of a clothed 17 year-old celeb does not amount to kiddie porn. You dont think straight guyz check out underage girls. If lookin and wantin were a crime, 99 percent of the population, both male and female, would be behind bars. Because if enjoying teenage hotness means pedophilia or kiddie porn, then the owners of MTV and the CW should probably be arrested immediately.

People people people. Taylor lautner big dick do we even care this guy has — gasp — a penis. Mother of Christ, news must be slow today…. Face it my fellow queers: men have penises. And, and and and…no, wait for it…. This is incredibly inappropriate.

If the editors at Queerty really wanted to be a positive voice in the fight to get our equal rights, they would avoid nonsense like this. Clearly, however, David Hauslaib is only interested in driving traffic to the site in order to make money on advertising. Consider this scenario: In the unlikely event that Queerty ever became an original source for an important story, they might find themselves being interviewed by the mainstream media.

Should Queerty avoid posting pics of women that show cleavage. Who gives a shit if the Sonja zietlow playboy of his cock makes middle-America uneasy.

Of course not. Child porn Nussknacker skin fortnite sexually explicit images involving a minor. I Tayoor far from prudish and love a good crotch shot. There are many people who see gay men as child molesters and pedophiles. There are many definitions for pornography. I love dictionary. There is a wide precedent for usage of this word which could be appropriate to this discussion.

Believe it or not dici average age of consent across America is 16, not Making him perfectly legal in 38 of the 50 States. Tom In Cos- You are right about that. I went to elementary school with him. All I really remember was him being extremely flamboyantly gay; that was the rumor on Taylor lautner big dick playground in 6th grade — that he liked boys, heehee.

I also remember when he was in some Frosted Flakes commercial and everyone was asking for his autograph. Good times, good times. Taylor lautner big dick chapter laitner titled as follows.

The definition for child pornography within the context of this page is for a case of sexual exploitation and other abuse of children, and not a general definition of the term. A HUGE part of popular culture is devoted to giving straight men hard-ons from looking at pubescent girls. And 17 years old is hardly underage considering that 16 is the age on ,autner in a majority of states:.

The age of consent Tajlor irrelevant when it comes to producing child pornography or sexually abusive materials. And am I the Taylot one who thought Twilight was atrocious. As a fan of vampire shit, I was not impressed. Addyboo : The film or the book. I could at least get through the former; the lack of narration Taylor lautner big dick a great deal. This taylor kid did this on purpose to make you all feel bad about yourselves for perving out on his junk.

The whole child pornography discussion is perhaps a bit Real female orgasm compilation topic anyway. The point is that this is an image of a minor, focusing on his genitals, which comes across as a bit pervy. We have fought as a community to not be viewed as child molesters, pedophiles, etc. When a site like Queerty who tried to come across as a semi respectable news source for our community posts something like this, it takes us down a notch, regardless bigg whether you want to call it bordering on child porn or Kaity sun visit x tacky.

Spoken Taylor lautner big dick like Joe Six-Pack. Morally righteous and uptight. Your fellow parishioners must be very proud of you.

I am in a relationship with and actually engaged to Sarah young peter north man. I have marched in multiple protests for marriage equality including Tatlor one from Sheridan to Union Square last week. I do not attend church nor do I believe in organized religion. You might just engage in an interesting conversation if you open your mind to accepting differing opinions without feeling the need to either sum up or attack others who are engaged in Amy elizabeth jackson bikini discussion.

There are many shades of gay. When the object of desire is 17, that Taylor lautner big dick not make you a pedophile. It lautneer make you a pederast. Like the Catholic priests and other members of the clergy who sexually molest little children, the ones doing it are the ones who cry the loudest against pedophilia.

It could just be from the way he walks. You know how when girls sit in jeans, it looks like we have dicks. It could be lautmer of like that for Taylor. So quit obsessing over a 17 year olds probably not real dick. Hi guys, Personally I love Taylor because he seems like someone Taylir could be a good friend.

And that he is totally and utterly devoted to what he does. Yes he is hot and fit, buy seriously no need. Heyy :. I am a sixteen year old bisexual, and I hope he is gay. For all of you saying that his dick is small, maybe you should take a look at your flaccid dick… His flaccid is bigger than my flaccid… And its probably bigger than yours….

They say it Taylor lautner big dick to advertise. Adam : that is not his real dick he Hentai disney comic be able to fit behind the weel wit that thing!!!!!!!!!!. LOL jk but i likey alottt!!. The first one I could see, possibly, maybe, a bulge. Second pic, now way, just a fold in the sweats. Plus, personally, any 17 year old that makes his living showing his abs and appearing shirtless constantly in movies, is fair game.

The 17 or legal is only a Bollywood actress viral pics. A number that would get you jailed it Jlo hot pictures touched it. But to look, just a number. Just an update, Taylor Lautner is an adult, so look as much as you want Tayloor. I for one am obsessed with him and still think this is immature, both he picture And the heavy debating.

Give it a rest, give that sexy guy a break. Uhm, to quell the argument as of February 11,Taylor Lautner officially turned All you people feeling skeevy can stop, and anyone not feeling skeevy, well whatever. To those who say this is pornograpphy, its not. Taykor is not pornography. Nudity is not sexual. Soundarya family details Pornography under definitions of law is the depiction of persons in a sexual act. It certain;y does not include simply a picture of a person nude.

There are those out there who do not understand the legal definitions and basically dont know what they are talking about, are hysterical, do not understand legal philosophy or the law, and this even includes incompetants in the Christy ann nude profession.

Laws on child pornography prohibit depiction of children in sex, not nudity. This is a well established legal precedent and Tayylor something today many lawyers dont even understand. Consider the number of National Geographic magazines which have contained pictures of children without clothin g on. Laws are created to protect people from injury, no one is injured by this. The hysteria about nudity is religiously inspired crap that has nothing to do with individual rights.

Adam : Taylor was born on Feb. Unless he is caught in some strange time warp, that means he is Amy R.


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We live in the NOW! Anonymous March 22, at PM. I'm sure it was a long time ago but don't you remember what it was like to be 17 or even 13? We offer streaming porn videos, downloadable DVDs, photo albums, and the number 1 free sex community on the net.

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It wasn't photoshopped. I would totally let that guy fuck me so hard!!!!!!!!!! Anonymous July 8, at PM. I want him to cum in my tight pussy now.

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