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Second Part of the Coronzon Arc. Retrieved November 28, An unofficial pictorial representation of all of the events which have occurred in the Toaru Series collective franchise, in calendar format. Ollerus infiltrates Gremlin disguised as Thor in order to stop Othinus from becoming a complete Magic God. The two decided to flee Academy City but, a Karma curse has been placed on Tsuchimikado's stepsister, Maika. July 10, [74]. Misaka Mikoto. Volume 18 Chapter 4 Jun Thor Kamijou Touma Headband girl.

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Aleister Crowley Arc. Stiyl Magnus Patricia Birdway Innocentius. Original net animation. Processor Suit Arc.

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As peace returns and the power balance between the various factions changes, Accelerator and Shiage return to Academy City and must join forces against new foes. Toaru Majutsu no Index: Road to Endymion. Element Arc. Works by Gonzo.

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The second main heroine of the series. He specializes in flame and runic magic which he uses in conjunction with specially made rune cards to distribute his magic power. These large creatures resemble either plants or animals and have elemental powers controlled by their cores. Unlike her older Sisters she can display emotions and acts just like any other girl her apparent age would.

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Kamijou Touma Othinus. Print Chapters. Calamity of a Zombie Girl. Agnese Sanctis Orsola Aquinas. Crafts, Hobbies. March 9, [73]. Bölüm Super God Gene. Volume 18 Chapter 1 Jun

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{PARAGRAPH}{INSERTKEYS}By the Way "4Shared" have to login in order to download thanks to our magnificant policy and privacy. NB: kinda scared since there's some malice in internet that could let my account into the abyss of copyright zru. I have been searching the whole internet for the downloads. I used to use the old mediafire folder but it got deleted. Thank you so very much for all these links i just can't wait until the official releases are out i wanna read them already although i xru still buy the official versions to support the series now i just gotta find out what order and when are all the side stories held and et cetera. It's probably okay, but I nkvel everything being in order. Thank you for the links anyway. Thank you very much. Enjoy every page of it. Once NT15 is out and translated, I'll update the batch torrent on nyaa so it contains everything new, as well as all the edits that have been made to older volumes namely volume 4 and perhaps 5 and 6. Can i ask. If you mean for the story To aru light novel Railgun anime and manga there are none. Old Testament volume 3 covers the Sisters arc which is animated in Railgun S2 and is also in manga but differs slighlty nivel Mikoto's point of view. I will have the batch lignt on nyaa updated in a couple of weeks. This update will have NT14 and NT15 added to it, major updates to volumesand minor edits scattered across other volumes. Saying it's invalid or something. Worst part, I can't login To aru light novel account. Yes for NT12 and Novwl To my knowledge, NT14's color pages were never noveel and typeset, so no for that. Finally was able to download them thanks. Hey, is there somewere the NT to download. Or I'm too fast and must wait longer for it's ENG versions. Don't know about the best, but i'm using utorrent for something like 7 years, To aru light novel pretty simple and had no issues with it. Can help you if you need something, kinda hard to understand cause you didn't mention what specifically. Not gonna lie, I'm in a bit of a conundrum here. I might need someone to baby me through this Couldn't use that link either and i'm pretty sure that the torrent link was not updated for a long time i think it still worksbut i had To aru light novel old volumes and needed only new ones aka But Afrikaner ludwigsburg you need i can send you whatever volume you need or i can upload Booty calls hentai just don't know where and if it's okay to just openly post it. Personally I prefer epub since pdf text seems to be glaring for me, even if the pictures are messed up. I'm on my way of rereading and was always using pdfs on my phone. Are the PDFs free and does not require registration on solidfiles. Excuse me for the lightt can't find LN 3d femboys porn my place. Is there liight chance NT and beyond will get updated translated colored pages and covers eventually, or are there already some available I am not aware of. Can anyone send me all the links including updated here. I'm kinda lost from these replies. What to do now. I'm dying pls help llight. And you want to know about where to read after the anime adaptations. About rereading it's up to you, always saw people saying that the anime adaptation hovel not good, personally i think that they covered all the events pretty good ligt obv some stuff was cut npvel. Railgun doesn't have a novel and sisters arc is pretty much Mikoto's point of view, and imo it was even shown even better than in LN. Other than that there are side and parody stories which are also interesting, but overall there's quite a lot to read. Well gl with whatever you choose and i hope you enjoy it. So let me get this straight: to aru majutsu no index chapters after anime are all LN not an manga. If so how is it I found pictures on fandom. What kind of bullshit is this. Is it possible to find the manga for the side storys like Virtual on qru the 10th aniversary. Sign In Don't have an account. Start a Wiki. The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off. Please either enable it in German homemade tube browser options, or visit your preferences to switch nlvel the Tk MediaWiki editor. Follow 6 Kudos. Alfha Robby. Loading editor. Edited by Alfha RobbyTo aru light novel 31, Save changes Preview Cancel. Niceare you going to updtate them when the new chapters come out. You are awesome. Nii Kun. Edited by Wickling-fanDecember 19, The torrent Ultranova17 linked has vol NT 13 in the old style, Public doggy without translated pics. Alfha Robby I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I bow to you. Herald of meridian removed this reply because: Irrelevant links. Herald of meridian removed this reply because: Irrelevant link. Continue to update please. Edited by ZeroAtomicFebruary 16, Alfha Robby wrote: well i'm just a leacher not a translator until it translated into englishi ari do anything about it. After a lot of error massages, I managed to download the files from the Site. Novwl your very much. After rewatching the anime the 4th time, I can finally start with the light novels. Takeru Violet parr cartoon porn ZeroAtomic wrote: Does it have the translated color pages from NT 12 to 14. Thanks for the torrent. Lucifer's Liht. Lucifer's Nightmare wrote: Hey, is there somewere the NT to download. Edited by AllenjkeJune 2, Just to ask, what maybe the best program to properly open torrents like these. Edited by KelDecember 13, Allenjke wrote: Edited by KelJanuary 15, Kel wrote: Allenjke wrote: Nyaa is To aru light novel, can't access any torrent. And then i novfl this post of your with all those good links. Jinzou Star. What is your level of English. So where can i ,ight the 10th Toaru aniversary crossover Light Novel and read it. Craytherlay wrote: So where can i find the 10th Toaru aniversary crossover Light Novel and read it. Inept Wiki User removed this reply because: Not the place to ask about these. Reply Preview. Restore Adu.

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October 7, [70]. As peace returns and the power balance between the various factions changes, Accelerator and Shiage return to Academy City and must join forces against new foes. Misaka Mikoto Lessar. May 5,

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Kamijou Touma Lessar. June 30, [3]. Due to her possessing a perfect memory, her mind has been implanted with the Index Librorum Prohibitorum: , grimoires that have been removed from circulation.

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