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Take this source. The use of CheckUser and the bitey, out-of-policy block for "socking" of an editor seeking help by Bbb23 should also be looked at. What I will not do is impose or endorse a sanction where nearly everyone who is either a uninvolved or b you agrees TRMs action did not violate the letter and spirit of his restriction. If there is any doubt or ambiguity in whether a given page meets a speedy deletion criterion it does not and it must not be speedily deleted. I've reverted all of them while discussion is ongoing, [50] [51] [52] and asked for clarifications on the main TP. If other statements by other users above me are to be believed, then this "BITE" issue has been going on for years unchecked. I think I'm reading that right.

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I'd suggest changing it to something like "Only high quality sources may be used. Rude and uncivil comments are discouraging, and can raise psychological barriers against recognizing one's mistakes or improving one's skills Do not remove a request or any statements or comments unless you are in either of these groups. And you have not been blocked at all, yet.

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If an admin is unhappy with a CU or OS action taken by an individual functionary they should seek input from other functionaries or the Arbitration Committee. Thus, the use of better sources would improve the encyclopedia. About a month after receiving the block which included the revocation of tpa and email , I caved to the urges to resume my Wikignoming work which was unwise on my part, but I was nevertheless improving the encyclopedia.

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I hardly think the other admins who monitor the AE board will be unequipped to handle a future potential incident should the need arise. How about websites on shipwrecks? Some obscure books, local newspapers, questionable web sites. This is not a valid defense.

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To enter the room, please choose a screen name in a color besides black. As it is not really relevant to RHaworth's issues who placed the CU block or whether it was good or bad, the case about them would be best focused on his handling of such blocks in general. Is TRM being blocked too often, or not often enough? Criteria for speedy deletion are supposed to be uncontestable , as in "no user could reasonably disagree that a page meets or does not meet the criterion", but with the wishy-washy open-to-interpretation "claim of significance" language these can be reasonably contested every time. Instead of discussing abstract scenarios and opening loopholes, the question thus should be: What is the objective of these restrictions? In discussions about RHaworth's deletions, he quite often says "I made a mistake" in reference to egregiously misapplied CSD criteria, is hauled up to AN for the same mistake some months later. Don't voice the opinion?

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Gesundheit und Neue Medien pp Cite as. Unable Cybersex anleitung display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. This is a Panty and stocking of subscription content, log in to check access.

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I'm particularly concerned by RHaworth's attitude to his mistakes as being an acceptable price of the volume of work he performs. ArbCom should accept this case, both because it may have merit, which can be assessed after opening the case, and to minimize meddling by the WMF. This case is about The Rambling Man being hostile and unpleasant. Topic banned for a year, perhaps, if it was my second or third infraction?

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The underlying disagreement on this occasion is a content dispute between two groups of editors who each feel, apparently in good faith, that their actions are improving the encyclopaedia and the actions of the other group are harming it. Here , for example, he calls for a block of a month, but the case is eventually closed as "No Violation". Personally, I prefer good journalistic sources.

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