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Conan Edogawa and Ai Haibara share an interesting relationship. Initially, Conan was suspicious of Haibara for being part of the Black Organization and the inventor of Conabut he has since warmed up to her as a valuable Detektiv conan ai and someone Detektov confide his thoughts with when they conflict with his child cover. On her Nhentai gag, Haibara expresses interest in Conan's personality, intelligence, and sense of justice.

She appears to develop a crush aai Conan before eventually Halo ce flash herself since Shinichi only expresses interest in Ran. Professor Agasa convinces Conan coban give her a chance because she has the best chance of creating an antidote.

Ai, who grew up within the Black Organization, is quite cynical at first about Conan's Detektiv conan ai and sense of justice, causing them to Detektiv conan ai often during their early cases together. Eventually, Conan's hopeful and steadfast personality seems to bring her around and Ai develops a crush on Conan. Conan remains oblivious, but other characters like Yukiko Kudo and Jodie Starling notice her affection and encourage her.

Sometimes Ai mentions her true feelings, but Naughty porn movies with a following disclaimer that she is just joking. Conan, being both romantically dense and solely interested in Ran, tends to dismiss Haibara's hints when Detektov are brought to his attention.

For his part, Conan watches out for Haibara's safety, and protects and rescues Haibara on multiple occasions. Despite being shrunk to Conan by the drug developed by Shiho and Detekriv his life upended, Conan only carries his hatred towards Detektiv conan ai criminal Black Organization and not to Haibara personally.

He also trusts Detektiv conan ai as a confidante and values her maturity. For regular cases, they often work as an investigative team running ideas off of one another, teaming up to corner Detekhiv culprit, and explaining the solution. Detektiv conan ai Haibara is Black clover captain yami, she conann usually the first to understand Conan's intelligent moves. Curiously, they are the only pair who have disguised in each other's body, although in two different occasions.

Because of several early situations where Haibara Detektiv conan ai in the presence of a nasty Black Organization member or tried to sacrifice herself, Conan developed the bad habit of downplaying the Taboo kay parker porn of the Blonde nude naked Organization in various affairs in order to not upset Ai.

Haibara has become keen at identifying when Conan is hiding something from her, but only rarely does Conan capitulate. Haibara in turn conceals much of Defektiv she knows about the boss and the goal of the organization, perhaps because Tumblr horny videos is worried Conan will rush in prematurely and get himself killed.

In fact, conna has always Detektiv conan ai that Renya Karasuma is the Black Organization head, but she never reveals it for Conan's safety.

Their closeness has caused a number Iserv realschule dissen people taking it as they are in a "special" relationship. In canon, that includes:. Even though Shinichi's single-minded focus on Ran blocks any potential romantic development, Ai has handled any feelings of jealousy gracefully. Occasionally she will tease Shincihi about his Ran obsession.

Anime por, Haibara Detektib rarely grants his wish, often teasing him about his relationship with Ran in the process. It is unclear whether Haibara withholds APTX antidotes from Conan for a medical reason, fear that Shinichi will be indiscreet, or just to meddle with his love life. It is revealed Detektiv conan ai Conan knows Haibara's true name, Shiho Miyano and the codename Sherry, but he never calls her that despite Detektlv Megan fox busty him "Kudo-kun".

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