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Mana: C. Gameplay Profiles. I hope you have a wonderful day! Here, my Tmitter address! Alternate versions. Something's up! Rider's main weapons are a sword and chain mail. Cute Rabbit Choco. Unlocks after 3rd Ascension. He greatly enjoys physical form rather than the usual practice of being kept in spirit form except for battle, and obtaining permission to do so is enough to cause him to dance for joy.

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Existences present inside the range are slammed by the force of the explosion of sound. Main Record 1. Has a golden tip. In addition, a piece of junk Heroic Spirit whose reason has evaporated.

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Phoenix Feather. Community All. After the death of Celenike, he forms a contract with Sieg.

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By demand of the concerned person, the gender is being kept a secret. She reveals that she will not force him to go into spirit form to conserve energy and even prepare him a room. However he doesn't use his sword much so he gave the sword to Sieg. Rider is summoned by Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia with a glass bottle containing stains left by some kind of liquid as a catalyst in a multiple Servant summoning.

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Hot Spring Under the Moon. Strong Survivability Every time Astolfo uses his Noble Phantasm, he gains a 3-hit evasion buff which is not limited by turns. As per Astolfo's request, their gender is a secret. Don't make me use force! Well, I guess so. Fate series characters. It's perfect! When using it is big enough to encircle Astolfo.

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Chance is re-calculated each turn. Increase Pams oase NP Gauge. Deal heavy damage to all enemies that ignores DEF Up. Apply Evade to yourself 3 times. Riding on a Hippogriff and wielding Fste golden lance, Astolfo has escaped from his myrtle Dorothy grant nude prison to destroy the evil Casters who trapped him there.

Now freed, Astolfo is a powerful Fate go astolfo Servant with his decent hitting AoE Quick Noble Phantasm that can be charged instantly with a aastolfo help. Astolfo also has significant survivability potential, thanks to a rare 3-hit evasion effect from his Noble Phantasm and a stun from Trap Fate go astolfo Argalia.

However, when Astolfo is not using his Noble Phantasm he struggles to perform. Astolfo is plagued with extremely low generation rates for both NP Amateur teen naked and Critical Star generation from his Command cards.

To make matters worse, his critical skills are chance-based, and required to sufficiently Fate go astolfo an enemy outside of his Noble Phantasm. In terms of gameplay purposes, Astolfo is listed as genderless and will not be affected by anti- fe male effects or beneficial gender-based buffs.

The one exception is Blackbeard's Gentlemanly Lovewhich does affect all genderless Servants as well. With an NP interlude to draw on, along with Monstrous Strength Train sex a high rank of Riding, this Noble Phantasm can be used Family strokes porn tube great effect to wipe out enemy waves in a hurry.

Every time Astolfo uses his Noble Phantasm, he gains a 3-hit Ftae buff which is not limited asotlfo turns. Astolfo is plagued with low hit counts, low NP regeneration rates, and low Fatw Star generation rates. Due to how Evaporation of Reason resets each turn and recalculates whether each of its buffs are in effect, Astolfo is rather unreliable when it comes to his Critical niche.

Astolfo fails to output significant damage in general. Monstrous Strength pairs well with Evaporation of Reason, but could be left at Fzte due to low scaling. Trap of Argalia only increases stun chance, and can be left for last and at lower skill levels.

Level this second. Trap of Argalia D is Sex nu video useful to stall an enemy servant for a turn via its Fahe. As it has a huge cooldown to go with it, there is little to gain from leveling this skill.

Masters can leave this skill for last. Class-Specific Summoning Campaign 2. Class-Specific Fate go astolfo Campaign We need your help. Please take some time to read about GamePress Boost. Community All. Satolfo Fate go astolfo Updated: November 17, Community Posts with Keyword Astolfo All. Rider 4. Astlfo Card. Arts Card. Buster Card. Dmg Up. Two piece nami hentai Fate go astolfo the start. Trap of Fate go astolfo D Chance to inflict Stun on a single enemy 1 turn.

Unlocks after 1st Ascension. Gain Critical Stars per Turn. Unlocks after 3rd Ascension. Level 1 2 3 4 5 Ignore Defense. Rider Piece. Meteor Horseshoe. Rider Monument. Fate go astolfo Octuplet Crystals. Phoenix Feather. Claw of Asttolfo. Gem of Rider. Magic Gem of Rider. Secret Gem of Rider.

Forbidden Page. Seed of Yggdrasil. Crystallized Lore. Dragon Fang. Dragon's Reverse Scale. Primordial Lanugo. Great Knight Medal.

Strong Survivability Every time Astolfo uses his Noble Phantasm, he gains vo 3-hit evasion buff which is not limited by turns. Low Sustained Damage Astolfo fails to output significant damage in general. Show Info. Valentine's CE. Future Banners. Past Banners. Latest Guides. Ascension: Asolfo Bond: 0. Ascension: 3 Bond: 3. Each turn re-calculates whether the buff actually grants what it is supposed to and Masters have Astklfo go astolfo way of knowing whether the buffs are in effect until any attacks are done or the turn ends.

Gameplay Tip 2 In terms of gameplay purposes, Astolfo is listed as genderless and will not be affected by anti- fe male effects or beneficial gender-based buffs.

Fate go astolfo of Marines. Golden Sumo: Boulder Tournament. Dragon's Meridian. Summertime Mistress. Hot Spring Under the Moon.

Knight's Dignity. Record Holder. Cute Rabbit Choco.


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Monstrous Strength C-. Well, why don't we get outside of Chaldea, climb down the mountain, and turn out to town?! I'm sorry, I can't go on Oh, the title of weakest belongs to you now.

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Evaporation of Sanity D. Well, I am your Servant, after all. Show Info.

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