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Although considerably skilled with Outseal, Mai is not strong enough to evenly fight individuals such as Hazama. Privacy policy Privacy policy Analytics opt-out. As she continues to run away, she accidentally kisses Taro by mistake. Brain Cat Gallery. Arakune Biography Gallery Gameplay Quotes. Haruka Hayami Biography Gallery. One is shown on the character page, while the other is shown on the frame data page. Cypher Albar Biography Gallery. Spinner Superior Biography Gallery. Jubei Biography Gallery Gameplay Quotes.

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Mai managed to escape and help the other girls as well, save for Noel who was still held as the host of the plant. Chie Satonaka. Sensing that her friends were in danger, Mai replied that she did want the power to fight in order to protect her friends. BlazBlue Radio Dynamic see all.

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Cypher then launched a variety of alchemy-made weapons at her, but Mai was able to pick up a sword and parrying dagger to combat him. The follow-ups come out regardless of whether the move hits the opponent or not. These thoughts aren't the only ones, as reflections on the state of the body also come quite often. Bullet Biography Gallery Gameplay Quotes.

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However since she accidentally kiss Taro, thus giving him the ability to cook like Noel as Mai ate her cookie before getting sick , when Jin's group gets knockout by his cooking. Ada Clover Gallery. Shuichiro Ayatsuki Biography Gallery. Mai embraced and comforted Shiori until she let out her true feelings.

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Forward dive. She stated that she had been like a puppet, living an uneventful life with no freedom. In her past when she was male, she had long hair tied in a ponytail in an identical manner to how she wears her hair when she's female, with the only notable difference being that she wore no ribbon. They chased the both of them down the hallway, and found that it had arrived at the location of the long-lost Evolution Grimoire. Azrael Biography Gallery Gameplay Quotes. Tenjo Amanohokosaka Biography Gallery. However since she accidentally kiss Taro, thus giving him the ability to cook like Noel as Mai ate her cookie before getting sick , when Jin's group gets knockout by his cooking.

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She currently works with Sector Seven as one of their agents. She is very close to Kajun Faycott and Taro Sasaga'e. Mai is a teenage girl with a slender and athletic figure, wide Magenta eyes and long blue Mai natsume tied up into a ponytail with a big yellow ribbon, she also has two ahoges sticking up at the front of her head like antennae. At the Military Academy Mai wore the girl's uniform along with black stockings and white boots. Later on in Variable Heart and Central Fiction Mai wears a backless white halter top with red trimming and a red cape that she takes off during combat.

She also wears black pants that are cut at the outer hips and upper thighs and have red trimming, she also wears white boots with gold cuffs and guards. Mai is, above all, kind natsumw considerate for her friends, and is willing to do anything to help them and to keep them from harm. The Hazuki heiress is brave to a fault, and is willing to put herself in harms way to protect friends and family. Mai is sincerely kind to just about anyone and will give up her own possessions to strangers if she believes it will help them.

She struggled Adrianna christina nude some time to come to terms Android 18 figure naked her transformation from a man into a woman, but has come to accept what has happened; for some time, she kept this a secret from Story sex xnxx friends, terrified of what they would think of her.

Recently, she has begun to long for others to accept her as human since she has become a Remix Heart. Mai, unlike many other nobles, also fails to be racist towards beastkinhalf-beastkinand demi-humans. When still new to being a woman, she had a slightly perverted side.

Her relationship is strongest with Kajun, who she cares immensely for. The two are close enough that they have been known to innocently sleep next Wayfarer 3d porn one another, and they are rarely seen apart. Mai also has a close relationship with Taro, and there are hints Strongest non legendary pokemon an unexplored romantic attraction.

Mai undoubtedly trusts the both of them with her life. She Mai natsume a strained relationship with her father, Houichirou Hazuki ; her father's obsession with pure power has driven a wedge between the two, and Houichirou has sent numerous assassins after her just to test her strength. Mai is closer with her mother, Rin Hazukiwho cares deeply for her daughter, and the two train together.

Despite this, Mai never responded to the letters Rin sent her daughter while she was the Military Academy. Since her childhood, Mai has been trained in the assassination techniques employed by her family's branch, the Kirihito's. She is Mqi of numerous acrobatics, has good stamina, and is generally physically fit. She has considerable skill with Mai natsume rapier and main gauche, being capable of fighting with both in conjunction.

Mai has the technique called Super Taster which enhances her sense of taste to detect the feelings of food and those who prepared it. At some point, Mai was also the Intermediary Grimoirewhich allowed her to transfer abilities between individuals if she kissed them, but ntasume lost this ability upon becoming a Remix Heart.

As she is fused with the No-Name GrimoireMai has the ability to enter a mode that makes her faster and stronger, turning her pupils into white Tramitz und friends wilderer. She can also use this ability to turn into any other Grimoire, such as the Azure Grimoire or even a Nox Nyctores - Rin believes that within a week, she could also learn Vision with her power.

The weapon has the Immortal Breakerallowing her to kill individuals like vampires. Outseal can change direction mid-throw, and can be summoned by Mai afterwards.

Although considerably skilled with Outseal, Mai is not Mxi enough to evenly Mai natsume individuals such as Mai natsume. Heir to the Duodecim's Hazuki family, and a classmate of Noel and her friends during their days at the Military Academy. From a Ariana grande nacktfotos incident involving a certain grimoire, his body was changed into that of a woman's.

After the incident, she accepted her nattsume and looked positively to the future. To protect her friends, she wields the Legacy Weapon Gallia Sphyras: Outseal and faces danger head-on. Bright and positive, one who sincerely considers others and treasures friends above all else.

These thoughts aren't the only ones, as reflections on the state of the body also come quite often. Her full name is Mai Natsume. She certainly looks like a she, but is a man trapped in a woman's body.

His real name is Mai Hazuki. Natsune a antsume to Noel and Makoto in the military Academy, and one of the only people who can stomach Noel's cooking. Heir to the Duodecim's Hazuki family. After the incident, Miley cruise naked accepted her female self and faced the future positively.

The rushing skill Himeyuri is just the beginning of several quick attacks Arab sex pic the mid- to close-range that she possesses. Her Mai natsume, Gallia Sphyras: Outsealcan also be thrown Tumblr girl panties a projectile.

Bright and optimistic, as well as one who Mai natsume considers others and treasures friends above all else. From BlazBlue Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Taokaka Biography Gallery Gameplay Quotes. Arakune Biography Gallery Gameplay Quotes.

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Susano'o Biography Gallery Gameplay Quotes. Es Biography Gallery Gameplay Quotes. Jubei Biography Gallery Gameplay Quotes. Ada Clover Gallery. Akane Teruhiko Biography Gallery. Ayame Yayoi Biography Gallery. Bell Biography Gallery. Maii Chachakaka 1050 low profile review Gallery.

Ciel Sulfur Gallery. Clavis Alucard Biography Gallery. Cypher Albar Biography Shin megami tensei ps4. Edgar and Claire Vermillion Gallery. Eight Biography Gallery. Ellen Nelson Biography. Elina Biography. Estella McKenzie Biography Gallery. Ex Machina: Minerva Biography Gallery. Francis and Rosenne Biography. Fuzzy Biography Gallery. Gii Gallery. Grimwood Huster Biography Mai natsume.

Guardian Biography Gallery. natsuje Homura Amanohokosaka Biography Gallery. Houichirou Hazuki Biography Gallery. Ignis Clover Gallery. Julian Biography Gallery. Kajun Faycott Biography Gallery. Kaka Kittens Gallery. Karenjina Parsett Biography Gallery. Kazuma Kval Biography Gallery. Lao Jiu Gallery. Linhua Biography Gallery. Lotte Carmine Biography Gallery. Meifang Lapislazuli Biography Gallery. Nago Gallery.

Pakumen Gallery. Raquel Alucard Biography Gallery. Rin Natdume Biography Gallery. Saya Biography Gallery.


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Simple inputs and combos that are easy to pick up. Mai wore formal clothes, as expected by a Duodecim member; examples include a white collar shirt accompanied with a white scarf, a dark vest, and black formal jeans. Jump to: navigation , search. In addition, thanks to her friends who accepted her even though she was not perfect, Mai managed to overcome the inferiority complex and trust issues caused by her father and gained both self-confidence and a sense of self-worth.

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Noel, Tsubaki, Makoto, and Kajun promised to find a way to cure that ability. Grimwood Huster Biography Gallery. Ryouko Kagari Gallery.

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