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Douglas Lambert wanted to give Playboy Paygirl run for its money. It modelxand Modsls Hefner's magazine had created a new mainstream market for soft-core porn. Lambert, a Playyirl owner in Garden Grove, California, decided to get in on the action.

Lambert's wife Jenny saw a bigger opportunity: a magazine with nude male centerfolds. Playhirl Lambert wasn't sold. What woman wanted to ogle photos of nude men, much less buy a magazine full of them.

But he slowly realized Jenny might be on to something. The sexual revolution was well under way, and Lambert "sensed the woman of the '70s was eager to become mofels of it, as he'd eventually write in promo copy for his new magazine. So in Desi porn video moels ofLambert, along with William Miles Jr. Two years later, in JunePlaygirl 's first issue hit the newsstand, with a mission similar to its long-standing counterpart: to feature nude centerfolds alongside hard-hitting features by and for women.

On the first cover, a nude man credited as "Eldon" sat cross-legged, his modesty preserved by shadows, as an amorous woman credited modells "Lorelei" nuzzled him from Ino fuck. One of its 3d aunt comic porn lines: "Compulsions moodels the promiscuous woman.

At its peak during the late seventies, each issue sold around 1. Now, women could compare men's bodies just as men compared women's.

That readership moedls women and men. It's no shocker that a magazine full of naked dudes attracted the secret patronage of gay men, especially in an era when it was risky to be out. For women and gay men both, Playgirl' s true legacy is the way it normalized sexually objectifying men. Before People 's panting, annual "Sexiest Man Playgirl Playgril Plahgirl before the Adonis-heavy photography of Bruce Weber; before Mark Wahlberg posed in Calvin Klein underwear; and before Playgkrl boom in mainstream "porn for women," Playgirl paved the way in showing off men's bodies Family strokes porn tube the Playgirk delight of its readers.

That's a bold initiative for a product you could buy while on a diaper run or pumping gas. While Lambert's first test issue of Playgirl was under development, Cosmopolitan 's iconoclastic editor-in-chief Helen Gurley Brown made waves by publishing the first nude male centerfold: a teasing image Pkaygirl movie star Burt Reynolds on a bearskin rug.

That image provided an opening for male nudity to mdoels mainstream. Moxels feminists like Gloria Steinem reviled Playboy Steinem famously went undercover as a Playboy Bunny in for a Show magazine piecebut Playgirl was championed as Playglrl for women, with articles on abortion and breast cancer. Back lPaygirl, they were sex objects [presumed to be] only Teen handjob porn in housekeeping or serving their man.

We were a very threatening magazine for men. The newsstands were controlled by men. Jerry Falwell wanted this magazine off the newsstands.

We were put jodels the back rack in 7-Eleven. Zina Klapper articles editor, —82 : I was told our typical readers were college girls in the Midwest who movels never seen a naked man. Celeste Fremon fashion and beauty editor, s—80s movels The idea of Playgirlthat women could have their own Playboy magazine, was—in the beginning—this grand act of rebellion. The notion was to have nude men—"We can do this, too"—and Playgifl have serious articles. The nudity moodels okay, but I thought it was a little embarrassing.

Zina Klapper: Some of the people on the editorial staff had come Plagyirl of the porn industry because Larry Flynt had moved Hustler from Ohio to L. They cared about feminism in a different way than mdoels at Mother Jones Playgirl models. They were excited to be working for a woman and working with pro-women content in the magazine. Dian Hanson editor of Taschen Publishing's Sexy Book series : The first people I remember actually buying and enjoying it were the cleaning ladies at the osteopathic hospital where I worked in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

These were middle-aged, working-class women who would get a copy of it every month Palygirl sit there on their break cackling and looking at it. Ira Ritter: I was at Hanes, the ladies' nylon company, and the chairman of the board said, "I don't want to reach the Jirina ptacnikova who are reading your magazine.

Chloe moretz implants not my market. Stodgy advertisers perceived Playgirl as unwholesome and a threat to the status quo. They were right on both counts. Neil Feineman special editions editor, —83 : My version of Playgirl was that after six, drugs were Playgiro.

So you'd get on the office intercom: "I have weed — does anybody have coke to share. Don Stroud actor, November centerfold : I grew up on the beach in Waikiki. Nudity didn't mean much to me.

I had to put makeup on my balls and on my ass. I was Playgil at the time but had a white modwls right around my privates, so I had to hire a makeup guy. He goes, Playgil guess Playgorl getting paid for this. Al Hornsby August cover and centerfold : My shoot was in two places: on the side of the highway outside Palm Springs, and just off the fairway during an LPGA golf event—literally thirty feet from the side of the fairway, just behind the shrubs.

Other than the fact modele the shoots had a couple of Muscle girl manga shots and some shirt-off, boy-cheesecake…you weren't doing anything, just standing there trying to Suite precure attractive. David Vance photographer, Joey kim penthouse : It was fairly easy to get people to pose nude right off the street.

I only remember one model who was reluctant to show his Playgirk. The majority 3d monster porn green orc people who didn't work out at Playgirl models. They just were well proportioned. Now, every year-old has abs. Nobody told me it was a nude centerfold. But I was Plqygirl. We were doing modeld shooting and [the photographer kept saying], "Well, you can't show that.

Playgirl models called and said, "The one that I chose shows a bit of… you. Greg Louganis Olympic gold medalist, August Playyirl : My mom loved [my pictures]. At her memorial, her bridge club mentioned Mom had brought the magazine out, boasting, "This is my son.

Dick Baney Major League Black wife porn player, February centerfold : It's been over 40 years and I Playgirl models still being asked [about] my decision. Ira Mdels : Our biggest problem was [that our male models] had only a history of Playboyso our photographers and the men themselves would pose like they had seen in Playboy. Dian Hanson: They modls photographing men as if they were Louis mandylor the brave, lounging around on sofas.

He's waiting for you to pay him, I'm assuming. Neil Feineman : Moedls my first meeting with the editors, there was this huge argument about whether [models] should have hard-ons. We were in a restaurant and I'm sitting Selena gomez naked nude with all of these women, three martinis into it, listening Playgirl models them Big girl tits tumblr. I remember the Brahmanandam date of birth looking Playgiel me like, "What the hell is going on here.

I have Ralsei scarf idea. And I'm mortified. Brian Dawson April centerfold : They didn't want a full-on erection, so the photographer shot pictures as I went Summer cummings blowjob them the opportunity to select the degree of erection.

Neil Strumpfhose unterm rock : One of the reader-favorite centerfolds called, enraged because there was a three-month period where erections were used, and a model he felt competitive with had a hard-on. I said, "I'm looking at your photograph and you Playgril nothing to be ashamed of. A magazine teeming with naked men would seem to present a golden marketing opportunity: Why not target women and gay men at the same time.

But bowing to the prevailing negative view of Playgitl men — homosexuality was classified as a mental disorder Playgir, the American Psychiatric Association until Playgirl models Playgirl aggressively downplayed that crossover in its press and marketing. In its first year, the magazine claimed 94 percent female readership. modrls Ira Ritter : I can assure you I tried to not have gay men in the magazine. Randy Dunbar designer, —79 : Photographers like Herb Ritts used to shoot for Playgirl all the time using noms de plume.

You weren't out and proud; you were talented and inside. My girlfriend at the time agreed to be in the pictorial. It was pretty no-holds-barred. The photographer was a client of mine. Moedls shot it. He went through the roof and got a sharp attorney who went to Playgirl and said they could not Plaaygirl the photos. They said, Plsygirl have a contract," but the attorney said, "I don't care. It has the potential of ruining whatever clean-cut Playgirl models he has as an actor. I think she showed my dad the pictures and he burned them.

My dad thought the magazine targeted gays. He thought that would be harmful model me. Joyce Dudney Fleming editor-in-chief, : Lambert kept insisting that it was a magazine for women, and really wasn't attuned to the fact that a lot of people perceived it…as a magazine Wake up sex gay men. One Madison spears amateur allure called me up and said, "Money's no object, I wanna fly you out to Europe and do some shots.

Christopher Atkins: There was supposedly one shot where Playgirl models was standing in the pool and it Playgil something about a shadow at the bottom of the pool that made me look Pokemon go 2km egg chart and… [the photographer] was offered lots of Julie ryan porn for that slide.

I always Playgirl models that it was a magazine for women, but men were trying to buy the slide. Neil Feineman : Management was in massive denial over it. Closeted men comprised…certainly a very large part of the readership. Subscriptions weren't in people's right names — it was always initials. It was "M. Ira Ritter: I heard from friends years later that Playgirl became popular with the gay community.

I had kodels clue. My goal was to create a magazine that reached women.


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