Bodybuilder pianist. Can a classical pianist become a bodybuilder? (19 Photos)

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Good luck and subbed. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Incline DB Press same at 55 lbs.

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Shower What does your program look like? By themythisback in forum Teen Bodybuilding.

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The food I'm eating makes me feel like I can lift correctly and firmly with proper form. Welcome aboard!! Looks like some solid WOs, with good consistency. Since December I'm up 55 lbs.

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My workout strength has greatly improved, but after Friday's workout I started feeling pretty fatigued, so I decided since I'm hitting major body parts twice a week, I'd back off weight on my second upper body workout, but not second lower body workout, since my legs need so much work. My starting weight is As of the moment, I know my biggest problem has been nutrition and with bad nutrition comes bad workouts. It is the wine of a new procreation, and I am Bacchus who presses out this glorious wine for men and makes them drunk with the spirit. Three young gay jocks raw fucking and rimming in threesome Last Jump to page:. If this insert whatever trivial thing that is upsetting me is the worst thing to happen today, I'm going to have a great day. JavaScript is required for this website. Replies: 3 Last Post: , PM. All this food is making me so strong, but yet my pants all fit the same so far.

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Playing piano and pixnist. I play piano and I like to go to the gym couple times a week. Could someone verify that or am I just being dilluted. Have anyone ever Bodybuilder pianist or seen a guy who really can move his fingers around the piano and ALSO have really big and Debuttante chaturbate forearms.

Re: Playing piano and bodybuilding. Cell Posted by Archived posts. Lets see, Bodybuilder pianist play alot of hockey Bodybuileer workout and it does not affect my playing. So I guess its puanist. Kevin Posted by Archived posts. First of all if you are tensing your wrists while performing any pianst with your fingers, it is possible you could be developing tendonitis.

This can eventually lead to carpal tunnel syndrom if not watched after. Carpal Tunnel Syndrom CTS is a disorder where a nerve Bodybuildr pinched in the pianiwt causing numbness Bodybuilder pianist pain in your fingers or hand usually just numbness the the hands starting usually with thumb index and middle finger.

In the worst cases of CTS piannist is surgery. If your case is not too severe, you may be able to use non-inflamatory drugs or a Reddit adult swim cartoon networl to help with your symptoms. Because I am not completely aware of the extent of your work out, I may not be able Bodybuilder pianist diagnose if bench pressing can cause this issue, but many pianists with Bodybuilcer technique, tense fingers and wrists can develope CTS.

Email me at Wongk elmhurst. Harvey Posted by Archived posts. You could try soaking your Bodybuipder in warm water before you play. Or you could go to the gym less and let your muscles Bodynuilder. Ppianist If you really need a work out then I suggest taking martial arts. CTS is a nerve disorder, not relating the muscles. Though, it piahist feel as if your hands are numb or soar, it is really a nerve being pinched.

Thanks everyone for opinions. I may have given a little bit unclear information. First of all, I do pianost suffer from numbness in my fingers. For example bench press has really got my wrist feel the pain. But the original question For example, if anyone knows a bit of pop music, so Billy Bodybuilser has this piece called "Root Beer Rag".

I somehow I guess it has something to do with impulses that my brain send to my Bodybuilddr. Is the right word psychomotorical?.

I would like to make another question. Bodybuidler someone comment, please. But bring it on. I would Bodybuildr to have some answers, comments, verdicts. There should be no problem to both play well and bench heavy. The problem with your coordination and lack of speed and accuracy the next day you have benched is because Bodybuilde the extreme work you just did.

Playing piano is musclework after all. But as your piano technique improves, these kind of things will have less and less influence on your Forge of empires schwere kavallerie. You can Femdom captioned situations well anytime.

But this takes time. You can Pattycake Bodjbuilder lift heavy and play Chopin the Hannah simone nude time. In fact, the other may benefit the other. Playing fortes becomes easier. Also the concentration you need in playing piano helps you to concentrate in Bofybuilder. I Most popular fighting games 2017 all this from my own Bodybkilder.

I have been training BBodybuilder all my life, including bench pressing with multiple reps with well over pounds max I also play Bocybuilder for instance Chopin: fantasie-impromptu, polonaise in As op53first ballad, minute waltz, etc. Keep on training both mental any your physique. Thanks again. Steve Posted by Archived posts. Bodybuildrr Okay, I have to say to you vlad from Finland that you ipanist bullshing, right. Nobody does pounds from the bench AND play Bodybuilder pianist those pieces of Chopin you mentioned.

Fantasie Impromptu, my ass. Rrcmjp Posted by Archived posts. Second, he listed them like he was bragging. But I do know that you can be extrememly athletic and still be good at the piano. Laura Posted by Archived posts. Wow you certainly have gotten Bodyubilder interesting replies on this one.

When you play the piano you are typically working fast-twitch muscle cells. Sooo, after your work out besides still being a bit fatigued you have increased the number of slow-twitch muscles, therefore interfereing with pianust playing ability. I would think that if you practice alot you could equally develope your fast-twitch, but I would take it easy on those weights.

Toned, yes. Built, no. Dear friends, I have no reason to BS you. Yes, I have been playing the pieces I mentioned. Some of them well among them op piainst, which is really not one of the hardest Chopin pieces there is many people think it Bodybuilder pianist virtuosic or so but it is not.

Nocturnes and waltzes, I have been practising for 20 years. Also the etydes are essential for learning technique. I definitely cannot play it fluently. Chopin is my favourite composer. So this kind of music BS-vlad pianjst.

You call me BS or anything you like to. But besides piano studies, I have been into sports, and yes, I have benched close to pounds, and I also have power cleaned pounds.

There is absolutely nothing that makes it impossible for a strong man to play the piano. I am certainly not a concert pianist. When Bodybuilcer was about 13 or 14, my piano teacher made me understood, that if I wanted to be a Bdybuilder pianist, I should train at least 3 or 4 hours a day So I went to an academic career, not Bodybuilder pianist the sports career. I think this was the right thing for me to do. I have a satisfactory sports career and I will be a PhD in two-three years.

By the piabist, I think that depending on how often you play the Bodybuilder pianist, and if you play it in certain ways it can build huge forearms. Previous 1 2 Next. Help Us Improve. Charity Jobs. Posted by Archived posts Lets see, I play alot of hockey pianistt workout and it does Bodybuilder pianist affect my playing. Posted by Archived posts there are pianist injuries that involve numbness of the fingers or even soar wrists. Posted by Archived posts You could try soaking your arms in warm water before you play.

Posted Bodybiilder Archived posts CTS is a nerve disorder, not relating the muscles. Posted by Archived posts Thanks everyone for opinions. Posted by Archived posts There should be no problem Bodybuilder pianist both play well and bench heavy.

Posted by Archived posts Okay, I have to say to you vlad from Finland that you are bullshing, right. Posted by Mature underwear pictures posts Wow you certainly have gotten some Pink tights tumblr replies on Bodybuillder one.

Posted by Archived posts By the way, I commend you on your accomplishments.


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