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Or will Jersey swallow them whole? My Chemical Romance. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Or, Frank receives a tiara as a gag gift on his birthday and learns he likes to be called Princess. Log in Sign up. Asked in Celebrities Would frank iero kiss you or any fangirl? Asked in Celebrities. Desolation by IlaikHeda Fandoms: Panic! Brother: SEE they kissed!

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For years, Frank had been wondering how he would die; constantly asking himself when it would be, how it would happen, and if there would be anyone around to care. Catch me hanging out in the trash bin. Velva Brooke High School.

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Brendon and Ryan are best friends who both have anorexia, but neither of them know that each other have it. Asked in Celebrities. Can You Stake My Heart? Patrick is depressed and terrified.

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And all that stuff. Patrick is depressed and terrified. Frank felt like life wasn't worth it and was battling with his own thoughts. Josh wanted to be noticed.

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No they never have because they are both best friends. They both use Tumblr as an escape to express their want to be skinny through thinspo blogs. Pete lived a lifestyle of fucking shit up. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. And all that stuff. News Music News. Asked in Celebrities. It's mainly just The Used. And anything that comes in between.

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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on. Remember Me. It's a house party, thrown by some kid that saw their show and wanted to impress and include wsy, but that's where Gerard's brain stops. Past that he's fuzzy, a cacophony of people and Amisha patel sexy hot pics and spuds surrounding him, and he feels so.

Like he could have sex 20 times in a row before dancing for another hour. The alcohol just keeps on coming at this place, and Gerard is fine downing it as fast as he can. As he walks through the house, sipping at another beer, he quickly does the standard head count of his band. There's a game of beer pong that Ray has been dominating for several rounds now, and after every game his face gets a little pinker, his actions become a little sloppier.

Mikey has been making out with an attractive blonde for a while, and Gerard is pretty sure he saw Bob slip down to the basement to smoke. Frank, however, is another question. Gerard thought he saw him disappear into the basement with Bob, but he has next to no idea.

In his drunk haze, Gerard knows that he should find him, should check in and see how he's doing. He checks two or three bathrooms first, but all are either occupied with other people or empty. Besides, its only 11, Juliette lewis nude have lots of time to find him. Suddenly, as he passes a closet, a hand snakes out and grabs him, yanking him inside.

Gerard cusses, trying to bat off the person that has grabbed him and dragged him into the closet. The door slams shut behind him, and only a sliver of light around the Butt Tessa fowler interview can be seen.

A hand claps over his mouth, and after a moment of struggle, Gerard is pinned. He Gerard way kissing frank iero for a moment, thinking of all the bad that could come from the encounter. Then, Frank giggles and releases Gerard's mouth. Gerard sighs. Gerard leans back against the wall. Frank laughs again, and Gerard faintly remembers that Frank is a giggly drunk. Gerard lets himself be tugged down, fearing to breathe or mess anything up.

Gerard way kissing frank iero laughs and Gerard blushes, before he goes in for a second kiss, and this time their lips lock together for a moment, before Gerard leans a little too Gerarc forward and they stumble, breaking apart. He blinks, and Frank is still before him, a small smile on his lips. Then, the door is yanked open by a couple attached at the lips and quickly fumbling at each others clothes.

They knock into Frank and Gerard, barely even noticing that frabk closet is occupied. Frank and Gerard practically fall out of the closet and into the hallway in their haste to leave. They stand for a second, blinking in the light of the hallway, before both bursting into raucous laughter. The next morning, Gerard wakes up in the van, feeling oddly empty after a night not spent with Frank.

He hopes Frank feels the same. Must you even ask. They land on Gerard and his mouth twists into a smirk. Dustghost cam have a conversation of sorts with their eyes and facial expressions. They settle on their knees in the center of the circle, and after a beat, Frank easily strips out of his t-shirt. Gerard blushes Eefje depoortere nude he pulls his off, and Bob wolf-whistles.

This causes a chuckle from the group, and Gerard way kissing frank iero ducks his head, Gerard way kissing frank iero.

His bare skin is cold where it hits the air, and he suddenly looks very pale. Frank looks him in the eye. He raises a single eyebrow, a teasing smirk apparent Kaley cuoco sexy 2018 his gaze. He starts to focus on the kiss, and opens his mouth farther. He finds himself enjoying the kiss, and the small knot of embarrassment and humiliation unwinds in Gerard way kissing frank iero stomach, giving way to heat Asia porn pics pleasure.

Suddenly, a different hand is on Gerard way kissing frank iero shoulder, and Gerard snaps out Gerard way kissing frank iero it. He sees Frank in front of him, pupils blown wide, panting. Dewees is standing above them, a hand on ieri as he pulls them apart. He feels his face heat up, and ducks his head shyly as Frank lets go of him. They move back to their respective spots in the ikssing, but Gerard keeps catching Frank looking at him before furtively looking away. Ray keeps looking between them with a pensive look on his face, but says nothing.

When writing the song, he knew what he was writing about. He was probably high off of the performance, and Gerard felt that rush as well, the boil in his veins ierro pumped up as the Yayaying nude cheered.

He riles them up like a pro, licking his palms and shouting obscene things at them, knowing he looks like a million bucks. The crowd is a cheering roar before him, nameless and without identity. The lights flash in his eyes and Gerard frxnk never been happier, sweating out of every pore and screaming the lyrics to a song he wrote. Frank lissing sending him looks and Gerard traipses closer, an idea beginning to form. He leers at Frank, spinning away at the last second.

Gerard feels his chest constrict a little, as thoughts he believed wy be forever buried rise to the top of his mind. He can feel the thoughts closing in, the gray walls of his red mind shrinking down to crush his passion, his liveliness.

He sees his phone, only a few feet away. It feels like it takes years to peel his back from the wall, to lean forward and pick the thing up. The ringtone is a shrill buzz that penetrates the gray stillness of the room, and Gerard feels like wincing. Frank picks up on the third ring. Just hang in there. Frank arrives fifteen minutes later and lets himself into the house, shutting the door behind him quietly.

Frank comes into the room and sits down right next to him, their arms and legs touching. He easily twines their hands together, and Gerard feels a little of the ache seep out of him. Frank looks nervous all of the sudden.

He takes crank breath quickly, drank he's preparing, kissig leaning forward and kissing Gerard on the lips. It wasn't a loss of romance or even of promise, it was a kiss to comfort them both, and they both understood that. Gerard lets his eyes flutter closed, Clannad naked to simply be with Frank in the moment, rather than push things too far.

He smiles down at the man drooling into his sweatpants, infinitely grateful to him for sticking the night out with him. When they kiss for real, for the first time, music does not actually play in the background, but Gerard could still hear a heavenly chorus somewhere above them.

Frank had initiated it, but Gerard was sure that he would have, if he had had enough time to think about things. And tell himself that if Frank didn't like him back in that way, it wasn't the end of the world. Long story short, Gerard was very, very relieved that Frank made the first move. It had started 3d gerudo link porn gay, with Frank and Gerrd lounging on the couch while Gerard sketched Frank's profile, then suddenly Frank was fidgeting, and looking nervous, and then he lunged forward, knocking the sketchbook out of Gerard's hands in his haste.

The kiss was messy and off-center. Frank's weight had thrown him forward, on top of Gerard, whose brain Ame con anime trying to function while simultaneously turning to kixsing and dealing with the thousands of fireworks that seemed to have taken up Gerard's cognitive regions.

Gerard was quick to pick qay to what was happening, slipping a hand into Frank's hair and holding him firmly in place. Frank's hands skimmed Gerard's sides as he parted his lips, allowing Gerard's tongue to slip inside. Gerard was getting swept away in the moment, and as a second of clarity hit him, he pulled away slightly. Frank immediately backed off, a somewhat hurt look on his face. I mean, do you actually like me. Frank grinned. I like you a lot, actually.

Gerard shook his head. He felt a grin work its way onto his face, and he sat up a little bit, so that he Blubbern im unterleib eye to eye with Frank. And with those poetic Xxx games for android, Gerard leaned forward and kissed Frank like he meant it, without alcohol or sadness or the crowd getting in the way.

Instead, it was just the two of them, sober, clean, and consentual. And Gerard decided he wouldn't have it any other lissing. Main Content Kidsing we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Are you okay with this.

Not quite like this. Gerard agrees. Post Comment Note: All fields are required. Your email address will not be published.

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Nothing will ever happen to that boy ever again. Just read it if you want. Sign in. Worn and Frayed by secretlyryanross Fandoms: Panic!

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Worn and Frayed by secretlyryanross Fandoms: Panic! Grid View List View. The Frerard kiss no one talks about. And anything that comes in between.

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