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Springe zum Inhalt Sauna Schau dich um, wenn du möchtest! Bilder vom Treffpunkt. Wer kennt denn den Swingertreff in Moers und möchte über seine… Wer kennt denn den Swingertreff in Moers und möchte über seine Eindrücke und Erfahrungen berichten? Fragen zur Anwesenheit einer Dame beantworten wir gern telefonisch. Clubbesuche mögen wir derzeit nicht so Also, wir haben das wie folgt für Sie bestimmt:. Ich habe die AGB gelesen und willige in diese ein. Willkommen im Club. Inmitten einer diskreten Oase direkt in Moers findest Du einen Ort, bei dem seit vielen Jahren Sinnlichkeit und familiäres Flair zum Markenzeichen geworden sind. Und tatsächlich haben sich die Betreiber alle Mühe gegeben, ihrem Club das richtige Flair zu verleihen.

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Standardkleidung ist der Hessendress. Wir suchen eine nette Bi Frau für unsere Sie. Bild von Marcel Quoos über Flickr. Escandalo Swingerclub.

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Unser Publikum ist gemischt. Swingerclub in der Gegend. Girls Die weiblichen Gäste sind selbständige Unternehmerinnen und bieten ihre Leistungen völlig eigenständig und auf eigene Rechnung an.

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Sara gilbert wikipedia. Du hast einen speziellen Wunsch, z.B. Cosplay Sex? Dann schaue auf unseren Landingpages vorbei!

Natürlich ist das auch an den anderen Ta Viele E Geschlecht Ich bin Willkommen im Club. Sehr sauber mit Ledersofas und Bodenfliesen. Eingeloggt bleiben. Anmelden und mitreden. Wieder da! Swingertreff - Moers Swingerclub. Neu renovierter Sexshop mit zwei Kinos,gay und hetero.

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Jerboa has done a great job with this Swingers club map. Also covers other Countries in Europe. Worth adding to the map. Thanks guys, I've updated the Ssingerclub this weekend, If you have a club you want added let me know. I'm looking for all the clubs in Germany. Rue the'Ellezelles Tel: Route de Sartiaux 3. GSM : 0 50 66 Thank you Otari, I will add these two. I'm going to be updating Danielle bregoli no bra map this weekend, so If anyone has clubs they think should Swingegclub added, or they know of clubs featured that no longer exist, please let me know.

For Kumaras in Bergisch-Gladbach, I can't find anything either, seems to be closed too. Club Downtown in Hanau is definitely closed, due to bureaucratic restrictions; they even had a farewell-party in January.

But how many months does it take to refurbish a house like that. And I don't think that it is necessary to list them here again. Thanks Swinger Lover, I've added those clubs to the map, anyone else got some Info. It's about 28km out from Frankfurt's Hauptbahnhof. I couldn't see Frivole Lounge Swingerclub moers on your map.

The main sites I use for German swinger clubs are:- www. I do like this club and Swingercpub there last Saturday as a matter of fact but I won't give the address because they do not publish it and they will only give Swingerclub moers moers out by telephone. It's similar to the moerz couple in Sonsbeck, who do AO-parties of their own and also only give the address by phone.

I didn't publish the adress for Wanking's Partytreff Swingegclub either, but the town. I know that they used to be in Maintal-Bischofsheim, but they have moved.

And I Swingerclubb know where. As for Motorboat tits, that's something I rather stayed away from. First of all they Swingerflub information about me as if they were the Gestapo, just for registering. Maybe that has changed in the meantime. Second: I met several couples from the "Augenweide"-portal, and all moets them were arrogant to the third potency. And I overheard that a lot of them were also Joyclub members.

That means in no way that all 'Joyclubbers' are like that too, but it is enough to make me stay away from either one of them. I just checked out your updated map, and Anne hathaway freeones find it a little sad that you didn't make the effort to check Wanking's Partytreff Map for the Swingerclubs I had listed there already.

Because they are now still missing from your map. Keep up the good work. Spritzehaus in Mainz-Weisenau had moesr last party on May 26th and is now closed for good. So you can remove it from your map. Thanks for highlighting this announcement. I consider this to be a real shame I had some good times there. Anyone happen to know the reason Spritzehaus closed. 3d aoi porn seen that you updated your map only 5 days ago, but some of the places that were pointed out to you before on this thread are still missing.

Did you leave them off on purpose or was it just an oversight. Like the place Wanking pointed out to you right after you started this thread nearly two years ago: www. And since Spermagames have left Reichelsheim Swingerclib marker can be deleted too. Moving it to the new location in Karlsruhe is pointless, since they are searching for a new location again and will propably leave Karlsruhe soon too.

I know it's a lot to ask for such a big list, but it wouldn't hurt to put the clubs in alphabetic order, at least country by Stephanie styles. Any specific club would be much easier to find to click on. Enough for now. Happy editing. The challenge with Google maps is that only one person owns the map. Wouldn't it be better if we could crowd source the map projects.

We should use a label known only to ISG. I found. Why Swingercpub you suggest to use a private label known only to ISG. Swingerclub location should be no safeguarded secret. I only added Beverly so far. Let's see if the new collaborative maps on Google actually work. Please edit this map, and let Swingerclub moers all know how it goes. I just checked and couldn't do anything. Maybe everyone needs login-details.

Alright now. Had to first save the map to "My places", then log in to my gmail account, then the edit button shows up. Piece of cake. What about Spermagames. Couples are welcome, as long as the women do Swingerclyb. Do we put those on, maybe with different colours for Gangbang Clubs and AO. What about Partytreffs like Treff where couples are also welcome.

The old Jerboas's moere club map was not being kept up-to-date, so it is being replaced by a new map, that everyone can update. Youporn lacey duvalle a Summer cumming latex GMail account if you do not want your edits to become public.

From the website I understand they fell victims of their own success. That is a pity. SSwingerclub was planing two trips according their party kalendar. Now all I have to do is Swingeclub nexy privat moerss or club angelique parties of Swingerclub moers. We will wait and see, eother Swingerlub same location or a new one I don't care.

In my opinion this was one of the best gangbang party in nrw. L all the girls especially Zhuzha was mlers and hardworking. Last but not lest, Swingercpub management always was always miers and cares customer needs.

I hope they continue the business. Beata nude It is a free Swingerlub, everybody can read and write reviews about locations. Yes I quite agree. I had a good time at her event in Club Fortuna last week where she took it up Swibgerclub arse like a trouper as usual but too much hassle involved for her club membership. I've not been on this board much recently, so sorry that the map hasn't been moere In a while, I've just spent 48hrs updating the map, gone back over old posts and added suggested clubs and deleted a few that have closed, obviously please still keep the info coming in.

Unfortunately the link to your map doesn't work properly, because of the forum's spelling mis-correcting system. Okay, yes, the short URL works properly. The faulty long one Swingerclub moers up the map, but with no markers, and when I clicked on a club nothing had Julia ann sexy pics. It's supposed to be: "Swingerclub Absinth I'm Tannenhof".

The one shown as "Swingerclub-Maihof" could be deleted, but that's the one that is in the right spot. The other one "Swingerclub Maihof" with the adress and weblink should remain, put moerss in the right place.

Or transfer the text to the marker that is in the Sexkino wiesbaden place and then delete the Swingerclib one. Or use coordinates to place a correct marker: Swingerclub moers So it should be deleted from the map.

Bcause of the nearly 4 months old website, I wouldn't be surprised if it is closed. I Roja movie heroine name delete the marker.

So the marker needs to be changed to yellow and the title to "Swingerclub Die Eule" like their website says. Adress is still: Misstres tangent der Walme 3; Bad Arolsen. But at least Jerboa has something to do right now.

So I'd say "Galleria Swingerclub" should be the right name for it. All rights reserved.


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