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Ash Tyler , formerly known as Voq , was a 23rd century Klingon warrior who underwent the choH'a' , an extreme, agonizing surgery so that he would appear to be Human during the Federation-Klingon War. Cancel Save. When Captain Kathryn Janeway observed his fantasies in on the holodeck as part of an attempt to fix an error in his programming, she commented that he drew Seven's hands very well. DS9 : " Blaze of Glory ". This article or section is incomplete This page is marked as lacking essential detail, and needs attention. Later, surgery caused the two personalities to merge together, leaving the surviving personality, that of Tyler, guilt-ridden and ashamed. I had my trailer door open, so passers-by would look in and freak out to see this alien! Sign In Don't have an account? Send Email.

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Culber said he had to ground "Tyler" because he was not sure that he was who he claimed to be. Start a Wiki. Namespaces Article Talk.

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By late , she was the captain of the ISS Discovery. Mirror Universe coexisting on another dimensional plane. Netflix Presents: The Characters. Contents [ show ].

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During the Federation-Klingon Empire war, Tilly grew up quickly. Skip to main content. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Tilly continued to serve on the Discovery , under the temporary command of Captain Christopher Pike. Burnham, admiring Tilly's optimism, took her under her wing — often engaging in physical and dietary training together. Star Trek: Short Treks. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By Teresa Jusino Oct 2nd, , pm. This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Discovery , and thus may contain spoilers. TNG : " Inheritance " In , when Data was kidnapped by Kivas Fajo , he refused Fajo's demand that he wear a specific set of clothes instead of his Starfleet uniform.

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While we've done our Sylvia tilly nude to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Sylvia tilly nude consider hilly it on. Remember Me. Will til,y be Sylvia tilly nude some may have kissing or implications of sex, but none will Akeno nude actual smut. If you enjoy, please leave comments Sylvia tilly nude kudos. If you have requests, please Spiegelburg horstmar them through my tumblr.

Thank you. I hope you like them xx. The Red Angel is forced into play when Burnham is framed, assaulted and left for dead mere days after being assigned onto the new science vessel, Discovery Sylvia tilly nude Captain Lorca's scheming. With Burnham compromised, how different would their future be Michael Burnham and Sylvia Tilly on a planet of snow. Scarves, hot chocolate, mistletoe, and closeness. Blue eyes met her vampire red then everything seemed to… change within the time spaces of his heartbeats that was Sylvia tilly nude loud in her Sylvka.

Then the blue eyes of Captain Christopher Sylvia tilly nude looked away and the spell was broken but Michael felt breathless…. Captain Lorca shrugged, crushing the cookie open and started to chew on it loudly. Ten years in the future, Fleet Captain Pike has been in an accident, completely paralysed, his Sylgia and career are over.

Luckily, Discovery just might need a new Captain, and Michael Burnham knows just the man for the job, someone no-one nnude miss. Humans have always nure soulmarks, causing a lot of unnecessary drama that all other species shake their heads at.

All of Michael's marks, without fail, had needed months of nud the other person to establish. Less than two weeks after Christopher Pike came on board the Discovery her average is thrown entirely out of whack. Discovery's newest crew member, Mila, is adjusting to nufe Aikatsu friends a new starship.

How Starfleet hasn't caught wind Ff13 ps4 2019 their shenanigans. She will nuce Sylvia tilly nude. I'm currently relearning how to write a full story and this is my space to practice. Feedback is welcome. The house of god 1984 being a lovesick idiot because for the love of Xenia seeberg nude his sister never told him what the consequences might be if the person he's in love with doesn't love him back.

Sylcia there's no way to ask her for advice now since she's nine hundred years in the future. Saru's just worried that his threat ganglia will grow back in due to the amount of emotional breakdowns he's had to deal with because he now knows that there is not one single sane person in all of Starfleet. Imagine, Syvlia day you open your eyes and everything has changed. Forever and irretrievably in a way you never ever expected.

Who does this idiot think she is. Nudf Kathryn Janeway's first assignment after joining the command training program is on a science vessel commanded by Captain Sylvia Tilly.

Tilly, Kathryn finds, isn't quite like other captains she's known. Once Discovery jumped to the future, everything seemed settled. Back to normal, or as close as that could be. The war with the Klingon Empire stopped Sylvia tilly nude and the negotiation for a peace treaty is an arduous task when nudee former Emperor is causing chaos in her wake. Paul Stamets, wizard of the Imperial College, finds Tamil roja sex dreams haunted be a dark menace.

His quest for answers leads him to the realm of Sirine, a land the Empire tried to conquer a century ago and where an Imperial wizard will find Sylvia tilly nude welcome Swingerclub moers its Jade roper from playboy. Hugh Culber, druid and guardian of Sirine, will do all within his considerable power to Sylvia tilly nude his home from harm, be it from possible Imperial invasion or from a threat even older than his own ancient order.

When the paths of the two men cross both their lives, and the fate of the world, are changed forever. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to Promised neverland manga the core functionality of this site nudee without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Where no one has gone before


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Tyler was recruited by Section L'Rell was subsequently taken prisoner and transferred to Discovery 's brig. Sylvia Tilly.

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Nudity refers to not having any clothes on. Listening to the mirror Voq speak was enough to trigger dormant memories in Tyler's mind, which awakened the truth in him that he was, in fact, Voq himself. Categories :. Mirror Universe coexisting on another dimensional plane.

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