In his previous role, Eijah was a portfolio director and software security expert in the financial service industry. While in these positions, Nir was not only consulting, but also performing hands-on activities in various fields, i. What constitutes a good bug bounty program that makes it worth your time?

It's the place to go to learn about the many facets of Con and to begin your Defconian Adventure. The rules and regulations are available online , and our operators are standing by.

He's had jobs ranging from tech writer, mainframe operator, product engineer, product marketing manager, and is currently Sr Director in charge of the Global IT Group for Sony PlayStation Worldwide Studios. This modern class of radar eavesdropping technology has never been demonstrated in public before today. This talk will cover the fundamental processes used to identify the RF within the environment, identify the vulnerabilities specific to that environment, and offer attack methodology to exploit those vulnerabilities.