It has a configuration section with many options, and supports a variety of different languages. StatPlanet - Interactive Data Visualization through Maps and Graphs Statplanet is a free data visualization tool that lets you discover facts about world development using colored maps and graphs. RoboMind is completely free for both individual as well as educational and commercial use.

This freeware program does not use the keyboard at all, and you do not need to be able to click the mouse to use it. So, once a teacher has created and saved a language vocabulary words test, the teacher can then distribute the file to all students to take the test.

Timez Attack - Learn Multiplication Chase dangerous monsters, wind your way through dark tunnels - all while you learn your multiplication! It seems Snn Graphing Calculator 3D - An Amazing Free Calculator for Windows If you are a math or science teacher, or you are an educator for any group of children who need to understand the concept of the graphical representation of formulas, then the free graphing calculator for Windows by the Runiter Company is exactly what you need.