As the match begins, Monaka lands a soft blow on Hit, but Hit pretends to be hurt and launches himself out of the ring, with Monaka being declared as the winner, and Universe 7 is announced as the winner of the tournament. This limited education also was seen from his struggling in the written test for the Tournament of Destroyers. After a few weeks, Korin grows a new batch of beans and sends Yajirobe to give one to Goku, which heals him completely.

As Goku is about to take his seat to take the exam, he sees Cabba. Goku notices the blast and fires an Angry Kamehameha at Frieza, defeating him. An angered Beerus attempts yet another punch, but is surprised by Goku who evades his fist, locking the god in his arm and then flicking him in the forehead, continuing to chop him in the neck, similar to how Beerus defeated him at King Kai's planet.

I beat the whole bunch and I managed to get six of the Dragon Balls. Goku has to do chores with Vegeta and help him change Beerus' sheets.