That loss resulted in the bankruptcy of the Spanish crown and an extended period of economic depression in Spain. Wilhelm II wanted to reassert his ruling prerogatives at a time when other monarchs in Europe were being transformed into constitutional figureheads. A study in public opinion and foreign policy ; online at Questia also online review ; pp; written for advanced students.

Thousand Oaks, CA: Reunification New federal states. Unlike in the Caribbean where the indigenous populations rapidly disappeared, the indigenous populations continued to be robust in the Philippines.

It had conquered Melilla in , and further expansionism policy in North Africa was developed during the regency of Ferdinand the Catholic in Castile, stimulated by the Cardinal Cisneros. Bismarck stubbornly refused to listen to Georg Herbert zu Munster ambassador to France , who reported back that the French were not seeking a revanchist war, and in fact were desperate for peace at all costs.