A wider region, around this core, has been designated "peripheral zone of the National Park", so that its managing and exploitation to be done so as not to adversely affect the core's protection. The following legislative decrees apply to offenders of the law: Argo Phaeacian ships.

Hidden categories: With the temperature rise that followed, the ice melted and the streams that were created swept away large quantities of crushed rock in the lowest places, forming the alluvial fans , that spread out all over the region from the foothills of the mountain to the sea. Currently there is a unique archaeological park of hectares, with the ancient town and the sacred places of worship, outside its walls.

The left limb is the peak named Mytikas or Pantheon. Obchod bez povinnosti. It informs their visitors about geology, archaeological sites, mythology, monasteries, plants, animals and other subjects affecting Mount Olympus.