They remained German-crewed and under German orders. The —04 design retained traditional triple-expansion steam engines, unlike Dreadnought. The only realistic prospect for sinking submarines was by catching them on the surface, and Q-ships were an effective method of doing this.

This improves stability by preventing liquid sloshing from side to side when the vessel rolls. Sir John Fisher's Naval Revolution. Mined on starboard bow by the forward submerged flat around , immediately flooded, ship began to list and settle by the head, made for Tenedos and water continued to rise, reached there with difficulty an hour and a half after the explosion, anchored on north side of island; 3 officers, 31 ratings and 1 civilian contractor lost including every man in the forward flat killed, wounded taken off in a cutter during the journey to Tenedos.

The Turks reported she drifted into Morto Bay and sank there about da - now partly salvaged, lays in Tuesday 23 February