It plays closer to the typical RPG than the other titles. Push the Limits Technical wonders that creatively max out what each console's capability. Secrets sit around every corner, and the sense of satisfaction you get when you backtrack to a previously-inaccessible location once armed with the right skills is unsurpassed in all of gaming.

Skyrim was among the first games to be announced for the Switch back in January. The Switch version is easily the definitive version of the game though, bringing not only with it the Switch's signature handheld play, but also a new 'Funky Mode' that lets you take control of Funky Kong, a returning character who is just that little bit faster and able to leap just that little bit further, making a very challenging platformer a tad easier for the smaller cheeky monkeys in your family. The original game was tightly designed and well-balanced, and while the sequel makes some minor tweaks to the gameplay, the same Nintendo charm is still present in spades.

If you're part of this group — the folks who enjoy the relaxed pace of a digital farm life — then "Stardew Valley" is the game you've been looking for. And upon their death, again the player controls the heir. Games like "Axiom Verge" are helping to restore that status.