Waterless Urinal - Saves an estimated lts per year - per urinal! The rationale for exploring opportunities in the water and sanitation space is also driven by our wish to work with in improving operational efficiency for instant reduction in water leakage, continuity of water supply, improve revenue collection, water conservation audits and solutions valves and hydrant audits , meter management programme new meter installation, repairs and replacements of domestic and bulk water , pressure management, pipe replacement, retrofitting and commissioning, non revenue water assessments etc. Compliant or potable water is produced within a 24 hour cycle, resulting in; increased plant capacity compared to the conventional treatment methods, which takes 6 to 8 days to treat water and still fails compliancy, decrease in electrical consumption, as the usage electricity of our raw water treatment system requires one third of electricity consumed by the conventional treatment.

VAG's journey from a traditional manufacturing company to a modern solutions provider has surely not gone unnoticed. Product Registration Register your product to extend your free support from 30 days to 90 days. The Council seeks to:

Our aim is to design practical sustainable systems, which is area and terrain specific, rather than cut-and-paste systems which is not necessarily suited for the conditions they are implemented. Home Shop. It helps governments to ensure the responsiveness of key economic areas with sectoral monitoring.