Could only better where it BongMeister It's just the media here makes it feel like that, and the fact that you can't wipe your bottom without it being on CCTV somewhere. Rather that buy a new one as the corporate overlords would have us do, or indeed to fully replace the zip DoomMeister will repair the missing tooth using his awful sewing skills and a piece of a cotton bud Q-Tip. Examples of these beverages include lime juice, lemon juice, and cranberry juice.

Apply a small amount of the mixture to the infected tooth. I have healed a kidney infection very rapidly with probiotics as this is what the body is designed to do — ie flood the infected area with good bacteria as I understand it. Amoxicillin will also help, as will swishing often with warm salty wat and the over the counter mouth rinse called Biotene.

Consult a doctor once you get an appointment. Quick question though: