When Dreyer prepared the listings, he used all three observations to obtain the position of NGC , but only Swift's observation for NGC , hence the difference in their positions. World Crispin Hellion Glover is a multifaceted American artist.

Japan Revealed focuses on the unique balance in Japan between the seasons and life, and keeping old traditions alive in a modern world. Supporting sustainable fisheries. Malaysia , Taman Melawati , Kuala Lumpur.

Sport and Outdoors. Some of the subjects of the documentary include an Aboriginal man trying to follow his ancestors' old ways, a professional swimmer, a jackaroo or cowhand , and a fence builder working on the continent's longest single fence. This episode revealed the young nation's determination and tough nature, while focusing on Australia's marvelous ancient cultures that contain the nation's beat and the traditions of some of Australia's oldest indigenous populations, as well as the country's modern achievements.