The Software is restricted from being used for the design or development of nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons or missile technology without the prior permission of the U. Personalized SafeSearch Voice Search. You may use our trademarks to accurately refer to our products or services, as long as such references are appropriate and consistent with our trademark guidelines.

The new key is generated and displayed in a pop-up window. Follow the steps here to get an API key.

Any attempt to transfer or assign this Agreement without such written consent will be null and void. To set any desired key restrictions optional , select Restrict key , then follow instructions on the page to set the restriction. Upon the expiration or termination of the Evaluation Period, i all licenses granted under this Section 14 for such evaluation will cease, and ii End User will immediately return the Evaluation Product to Imperva and destroy or erase any intangible copies of the Evaluation Product, and certify in a writing signed by an officer of End User and delivered to Imperva that all such copies of have been returned, destroyed or erased.