Le Cellier Caesar A Canadian favorite with Iceberg Vodka, Clamato juice and seasonings 1 part Iceberg Vodka, 3 parts Clamato juice, dash of Worcestershire Duffy's sauce is the real thing if you can find it , dash of Tabasco, pinch of salt and two pinches of ground celery seed. If you have trouble getting the cream to float, try pouring over the back of a spoon.

Shochu Lichiko shochu served on the rocks or blended with hot water the traditional Japanese way. Terrific reminder — Ginger Syrup is a Must. Egg White.

Ruffino pinot grigio. Here in NY you can find many brands of ginger beer, including some great ones that are made in the USA, as well as those imported from Australia or the UK. Appears in my Collections.