Pour les articles homonymes, voir Rami homonymie. And these pentacles do consist either of Characters of the good spirits of the superiour order, or of sacred pictures of holy letters or revelations, with apt and fit versicles, which are composed either of Geometrical figures and holy names of God, according to the course and maner of many of them; or they are compounded of all of them, or very many of them mixt. I command ye absolutely by their power and virtue that ye come near unto us, into our presence, from whatsoever part of the world ye may be in, and that ye delay not to obey us in all things wherein we shall command ye by the virtue of God the mighty One.

Magical Formulae, p. En voici une, avec quelques variantes courantes.

Le nombre de cartes en main est de 14 certaines variantes donnent un autre nombre de cartes, par exemple 13 cartes pour le rami Corse. Shephard , Tilings and Patterns , W. Then taking your ring and pentacle, put the ring on the little finger of your right hand; hang the pentacle round thy neck; Note, the pentacle may be either wrote on clean virgin parchment, or engraven on a square plate of silver and suspended from thy neck to the breast