Once 2 of the 3 set items are equipped everything changes with the introduction of the 25 - 75 cold damage. I would consider the following gears the minimum to run, you can always add sockets to your helms for additional bonuses to you and your merc. Sorceress Builds.

Should you find an item which does provide the cannot be frozen bonus e. Should you find end game items with high strength bonuses, you can potentially make do with base strength under Maxing out the mastery of your choice should be the priority as it will add sufficient amount of attack rating and damage to take you through Normal difficulty without much trouble.

Due to your fast attack speed, crushing blow is going to be very strong against bosses, and who wouldn't want deadly strikes doubling their damage every so often? Though there are definitely powerful enough one-handed maces and axes in the game, the number of these weapons is quite low.