Vocal tracks are played similar to games such as Karaoke Revolution where the player must match the pitch and the pacing of the lyrics to score points. Oktober Europa In , Activision announced the first new title to the series in 5 years, Guitar Hero Live , released in October

Activision Publishing chief executive Mike Griffith, in response to questions about Activision's approach to the Guitar Hero market, noted that Guitar Hero continues to outsell the Rock Band series in both number of sales and revenue, with consumers continuing to buy the separate games on the market, and considered the market acceptance of the multiple games as validation for their model. Bring On the DS".

BY Michele Debczak. In addition, the games support virtual implementations of " hammer-ons " and " pull-offs ", guitar-playing techniques that are used to successfully play a fast series of notes by only changing the fingering on the fret buttons without having to strum each note.