I called my ISP when I noticed the server down, they said there was an error on the screen about a low mbuf setting, and the server wasn't responding to keyboard input, they then rebooted it to see if they could get to a login prompt, and they got the same message, they then booted it into single user mode, and did get it to a prompt, but Afraid. An attempt was made to do an initial sync off the live binary files to minimize downtime, however that seemed to load the server down to the point of being unresponsive anyways, so it made sense to shut down the web and database server all together, which made it go about 10x quicker.

The heel is the part of your foot in the back. Such a case will now raise an internal notification.

Still evaluating the changes, but I think things are in reasonably good shape now. The problem was somewhat short, and random, but I'm sure several have noticed it, I know I have.