Scammel, a manufacturer of heavy and industrial vehicles. Based on Vashti's descent from a king who was responsible for the destruction of the temple as well as on her unhappy fate, the Midrash presents Vashti as wicked and vain. Heavily bombarded, usually by artillery.

The film's then-futuristic costume designer, Rudi Gernreich , also made an acting appearance on Batman and, in one two-part episode, Otto Preminger, himself, portrayed another of the show's recurring villains, Mr. Die Kameraführung ist etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig und erscheint manchmal auch recht willkürlich. A pie sandwich.

Of or having the characteristics of diarrhoea. Also shitload. An effect similar to seeing a series of stills as when viewed under a stroboscope, but when under the influence of LSD or another hallucinogen.